Matt Damon and the Bachelor Clooney’s 3 Million Dollar Ad; Seacrest FB Poll on 50 Shades Actors

Matt Damon and the Bachelor Clooney’s 3 Million Dollar Ad

The other day I heard them talking about this on a morning show on TV and I earmarked a search to get more details. I read more, here. Aside from Matt Damon making 3 million dollars, which comes out to about $150,000 per second, the elderly actor, the bachelor George Clooney, is also in the ad but I didn’t see anything about what he was paid.

The article states Damon usually turns down commercial ads. You have to wonder, though, whether or not that’s about integrity or the fact that no one’s been dumb enough to meet his price until now. I really don’t mean to be snarky about this. Most people, including me, wouldn’t turn down that kind of money. But I posted a short time ago where I linked to something that stated Charlie Hunnam was only supposed to get paid $125,000 to play the part of Christian in the 50 Shades movie (I double checked the link and it’s still only $125,000). And now Damon’s getting 3 million for a coffee ad that will be aired in the UK, not the US.

The ad focuses on Clooney’s ­famous charm and irresistibility, showing him being snubbed by an attractive woman who would rather drink her coffee alone. “George Clooney’s inside,” she yells, causing a mob of women to chase after the actor and leave her in peace.

Then, in a shorter complement to the ad, Clooney uses the same ploy to enjoy his own coffee, drawing the frantic females’ attention to the presence of his old friend Damon.

Isn’t that rich, all you “frantic females” out there. Clooney’s famous charm. The bachelor Clooney isn’t hawking his convoluted politics now, he’s hawking coffee. I’m sure he’s not worried about his health insurance being canceled. I wonder if he even checked out the government healthcare web site.

Aside from how blatant this all is during a time when most people in the US are scrambling to figure out how they are going to pay for health insurance after the recent cancellations thanks to the so-called affordable health care act, I can’t help but remember all those old TV sitcoms where Hollywood yanked our proverbial chains and gave us head trips where dumb sitcom characters would actually turn down commercials and money because they didn’t like the product. The Golden Girls did this once with a pizza commercial where Sofia hated the pizza so much she refused to finish the commercial based on principle. That’s right. Poor as a church mouse but she said no to the money because she had principles and integrity. It’s an old tired trope in TV sitcoms geared to fuck up our heads. Makes me wonder if the bachelor Clooney and Damon who is so good at playing gayface actually drink that coffee themselves.

In any event, you can read more here if your stomach can take it.

Seacrest FB Poll on 50 Shades Actors

This afternoon I noticed Ryan Seacrest post an update on Facebook asking his followers about what they thought of the cover of Entertainment Weekly that depicts the actors who will play the leads in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation, and the comments were more than entertaining. In fact, I couldn’t stop reading them after posting so much about the film over the past year.

Here’s a link to Seacrest’s FB update, with comments. 

One person commented this way:

 And the girl who plays Anastasia looks old and too pale in her skin. You’d imagine someone who had a clumsy look to her, but still attractive. This would ideally be Ashley Green or Blake Lively.

The rest of the comments seem to take the same tone. Others state they would have preferred Matt Bomer or Charlie Hunnam for the male lead. Most would have preferred anyone but who was chosen.

Should be interesting to see how this movie does when it’s released.

Forbes Promotes Gay Shame; Mean Girls Racism Big Brother; American Idol Racism Lawsuit

Forbes Promotes Gay Shame

I often talk about how shame plays such a huge part in the lives of gay people. And even though we’ve come so far in the past few years that same brand of shame still continues with publishers like Forbes. And the kind of shame I’m talking about now isn’t something that always registers as quickly as it should…I would bet most of the people who read what happened this week with Forbes and the President of Ireland didn’t even pick up on it.

According to this article in Huff Po, Forbes published an article about the President of Ireland and they said he was gay in the article. They were wrong. The President of Ireland isn’t gay. But instead of just posting a simple retraction, Forbes posted a fucking *apology* to readers, not the President. They will allegedly contact the President of Ireland in private and apologize to him for calling him gay. Obviously, they feel the need to go out of their way because he’s not gay.

 The article, posted Tuesday by Ireland-based blogger David Monagan, called Higgins an “acknowledged homosexual.”

Higgins, a poet and intellectual who supports gay rights, was elected as Ireland’s ceremonial head of state in 2011. One candidate he defeated, Sen. David Norris, is Ireland’s foremost campaigner for gay rights and famously open about his homosexuality.

It’s important to pay attention to the way this is worded. Forbes called him an “acknowledged homosexual.” That phrase itself is an insult, like “practicing homosexual.” But they didn’t call him a car thief, a murderer, a bank robber, or a rapist. They didn’t call him anything that should have warranted an apology. They said he was gay. All they had to do was retract what they’d done and move forward. No apology needed, because gay isn’t something negative and it isn’t a crime.  

But the fact that they felt the need to issue an apology, as if there is something inherently wrong with being gay in a general sense, shows how Forbes and other media outlets are constantly promoting gay shame and most of the general public doesn’t even know it, including gay people who are still struggling with issues and not out of the closet. I know that’s the kind of article I wouldn’t have even noticed ten years ago. But now that I’m more aware of how the LGBT community is portrayed in the media, it’s like that proverbial slap in the face. And I think it’s time to start slapping back.

Mean Girls on Big Brother

One of the reasons why I’ve been watching the reality TV show Big Brother since it first aired about eleven or twelve years ago is because it’s interesting to watch how real people interact, and react, in a stressful situation where they are kept hidden from the world and they are competing to win a half a million dollars. Since I started watching BB, I’ve seen everything from people stabbing each other in the back to falling in love. It’s part of the game, it can be highly entertaining and amusing, and the gender politics is fascinating.

But I have never, not in all the years I’ve been watching, seen anything like what’s been happening this season. There is a group of mean girls that rivals anything that’s ever been produced in a film or a book. It’s worse than what I’ve seen in publishing with mean girl book review sites. And these women on BB aren’t just mean girls, they are racist and filled with hate. In most cases they don’t even know it. Here’s just a tip of what’s been happening with these mean girls. If you do a simple search for “Big Brother 15 Mean Girls” you will come up with tons of other articles and forums with people who agree with me. In fact, America got a chance to vote someone off this week, and they chose the meanest, racist girl in the house. Unfortunately, she figured a way out and she’s still there.

The plastics are up for eviction. And by plastics I hope you have watched the movie Mean Girls. Aaryn is Regina Goerge, Kaitlin as Gretchen Weiners and GinaMarie as the dumb Karen. Will the Queen Bee get stunned by getting voted out? Perhaps, this week has been fetch.

The most interesting thing this season about the mean girls and the racist remarks is that they’ve made hideous slurs against Asian Americans, and the host of Big Brother, Julie Chen, is Asian American. You have to wonder, first, how dumb can these mean girls be? So far, Chen has addressed the issue on her own TV show, but she’s been playing it cool every Thursday night during the live eviction show she hosts. And frankly, while I admire Chen for being professional and taking the high road, it’s getting a little frustrating. Even last night, Chen had a guest on the show who was a previous contestant, Jeff Schroeder. I’ve posted about Jeff Schroeder’s anti-gay remarks in previous seasons. And yet there he was last night, sitting opposite Julie Chen, laughing and joking around about some of the meanest, racist people I think I’ve ever seen on TV, and not a word was mentioned. His anti-gay remarks were never addressed aloud, and since then CBS has continued to promote him.

We’re living in interesting times now. And racism is a huge topic this summer, especially in the African American community thanks to Paula Deen’s racist remarks and thanks to the Zimmerman verdict. And for CBS to ignore what’s been happening on Big Brother with regard to the racism, and to welcome Jeff Schroeder on the show as a guest, is about as insulting to all minorities as what Forbes recently did to the LGBT community. I wonder if the mean girls will be invited back a few years from now if BB is still on TV.

I know Big Brother is only a game. I get that. I know people are expected to do and say things in order to win that they normally wouldn’t do or say in real life. But how far does it go? And how long will it continue before CBS mentions it openly instead of just skirting around the issue. This past week there was an interesting discussion between Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Walter’s was promoting her 20/20 special about the new royal baby, and Goldberg said she wasn’t interested in the royal baby. Walters smiled and continued to promote the 20/20 special. The next day I checked the ratings for the 20/20 special and they weren’t very good, so maybe Goldberg had a point? And if TV networks and producers think they can get away with the same thing they did twenty years ago, they’re in for a surprise. Most of us don’t care about the royal baby enough to watch a one hour special. But we do care about racism. And if nothing is mentioned about the racism on Big Brother at all this season, I have a feeling a lot of people like me won’t be watching Big Brother next summer.

American Idol Racism Lawsuit

Whether you agree with this or not, I thought that since racism is a huge topic of discussion right now I should post about it.

“American Idol” is being sued by 10 black former contestants, claiming they were kicked off the show in their respective seasons because of their race, TMZ was the first to report.

I used to watch American Idol faithfully, but then I noticed subtle forms of racism, especially with gay contestants and gay remarks. Simon Cowell used to find it amusing to refer to Ryan Seacrest with snide comments filled with gay innuendo, as if there was something comical…or shameful…about being gay. Cowell thought that was okay to do, and no one ever questioned him. Cowell is a straight man and like most straight men he has the power and the upper hand at all times. Seacrest who is also a straight man laughed it off and ignored the comments. That kind of gay pejorative was the reason we stopped watching. It just wasn’t funny to us, and that spoiled the entire show.

But this issue with American Idol is more complicated than other racial issues I’ve seen. There have been African American contestants who have won American Idol. And there was even a gay contestant who won. So it should be interesting to see how it plays out in court. Frankly, I hope they all at least win a settlement this time, just for the anti-gay comments Cowell used to make to Seacrest. Am I being too politically correct? Probably. But it has to start somewhere.

Amazon Publishing; Penny Marshall Book; Madonna as BoyScout; Ryan Seacrest Break Up

The following article about Amazon Publishing and Penny Marshall’s book, My Mother was Nuts, dates back to 2011, but I wanted to do a follow up post since Marshall’s book deal was announced to see where Marshall’s book is and how it’s been doing. I haven’t seen much around, and I haven’t read the book myself. But I’m thinking of buying the kindle version this week. I have a heavy fiction schedule until this summer and I like reading books like this for pleasure.

Ms. Marshall’s memoir will be published as both a hardcover and an e-book in the fall of 2012. Terms were not disclosed, but an industry executive with knowledge of the auction said that Amazon paid $850,000 for world English-language rights. The executive said that was around $100,000 more than the next-highest bid, and that the price included an “Amazon premium” on account of the acquisition’s being a kind of trial balloon.

Despite being part of a bookselling powerhouse, the new imprint has a disadvantage when it comes to bookstore distribution for physical books, which still make up most of the market. Many independent booksellers, as well as bookstore chain and archrival Barnes & Noble, are considered unlikely to carry any Amazon titles.

It was huge news when it happened. I don’t have any facts to back me up, but I would be curious to see if they still consider Amazon at a “disadvantage” with regard to distribution, brick and mortar bookstores, and print books. Even though a lot has balanced out now with e-books since then, a lot of those “independent booksellers” and chains haven’t been reporting great sales, some have gone under, and I’m not sure if anyone cares whether or not they carry Amazon titles. The fact remains if I want the book, as a consumer, I don’t have to go to them. I can go to Amazon…for print or digital.

This is what other industry “veterans” had to say at the time:

 Other industry veterans pointed out that if Amazon overpaid for a less-than-stellar project, it would only make the new publishing imprint just like every other literary house in New York.

“They’re going to come to understand our business, and it’s going to be painful,” said one longtime publishing executive.

This is what I saw this morning on Amazon for Penny Marshall’s book ranking:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #29 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) .zg_hrsr { margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style-type: none; } .zg_hrsr_item { margin: 0 0 0 20px; } .zg_hrsr_rank { display: inline-block; width: 50px; text-align: right; }

Evidently, the book is still number one in three different categories. I don’t know how long it’s been there, or how well the book has done compared to other celeb bios pubbed by other large publishers. But when a book reaches this point, everyone involved with that book did something right.

Madonna as Boy Scout

The GLAAD awards were held last night and Madonna not only showed up in a quasi boy scout uniform, but she also made her feelings known about how she feels about the boy scout’s stand with regard to gays.

Dressed in an oversized Boy Scout uniform, Madonna took the organization to task for its policy that bans gay people from joining. “I wanted to be a Boy Scout, but they wouldn’t let me join,” she said during a 10-minute speech. “I think that’s f–ked up. I know how to build a fire. I can pitch a tent … most importantly, I know how to scout for boys.”

You can read more here. She also dives into a few other issues that frustrate her. I’m not sure this is the kind of thing that always helps the quest, especially for those gay people who aren’t as outrageous as Madonna and don’t particularly care for Madonna’s style. But at least she’s saying something and she gets points for that with me. What we need are a few more to speak up, in different ways.

Ryan Seacrest Break Up

Stop rolling your eyes. I know what you’re thinking while you’re reading this post. I’m just putting down the facts now. This is what I’ve read so far about the Seacrest and Hough break up. And no, I wasn’t born yesterday (smile).

Entertainment mogul Ryan Seacrest and his dancer-actress girlfriend Julianne Hough have reportedly ended their relationship.

I like Seacrest. I don’t know who Hough is, nor do I care. I’m sure she cares nothing about me. We’ll both live happy lives in spite of this.

The pair reportedly dated for more than two years. Seacrest gushed about Hough two months ago to TV-host Chelsea Handler, calling his then-girlfriend “phenomenal” and “the best part of each day.”

The source claimed their busy work schedules were challenging and that they’ve decided to live apart, People magazine reported.

There are a few comments from Hough, which you can read here.

What more can be said? As I stated above, I like Seacrest no matter who he’s dating…or not dating. But I do think it’s time he found a wholesome nice girl to settle down with (big smile).

Authors and Promotion: Seriously, Who Is This Guy?

Authors are told to promote themselves and their books all the time. It’s harder than writing a book and no one really has any set plan on how to promote well. I was recently told to promote more, and in the same breath I was told I was overexposed. What that means I do not know, nor do I care. I smiled and then dismissed it completely. And so far, I haven’t found anything concrete to share when it comes to promotion. You just do the best you can with the resources available to you, don’t spend a lot of money and get taken in by marketing scammers, and try to have fun doing it.

Here’s proof that nothing really works for sure when it comes to promotion.

When I saw this comment on social media,

“If I don’t know who this guys is, how out of the loop am I, on a scale from 1 to 10?”

followed by this photo,

and then followed by a lot more comments wondering who he is, I had to smile.

Considering that no one on the planet works harder to get his face out there than Mr. Seacrest, it’s sure proof that not ALL promotion and exposure works.