Former Gay Porn Star Ryan Idol Gets Stiff Sentence

Former gay porn star, Ryan Idol, got a stiff 12 year sentence this week for bashing a woman over the head with the lid of a toilet tank a few years ago.

A Sacramento judge handed down the prison sentence on September 26, more than a year after Idol’s conviction. The sentencing was delayed to make way for a motion for a new trial, which was rejected.

I met Ryan Idol in the nineties backstage at a night club in Philadelphia after he did a strip show. He was part of a group of gay porn stars that became very popular during an interesting time in the adult entertainment industry. It was a time when people were watching videos and DVDs in the privacy of their own homes. Before that, the only way to watch adult entertainment was to go to a movie theater (ick) or figure out how to work a super 8 movie projector (too much work). It was also a time that was pre-Internet, so the adult entertainment was limited to videos and DVDs. And a few porn stars made names for themselves because it was the right time and the right place. Ryan Idol, along with other stars like Sergeant Swan and Joey Stefano, were others.

As a side note, I was sorry to hear this about Idol. When I met him at the height of his career he seemed like a nice guy, and was probably one of the best looking men I’ve ever met.