What Happened To Ryan Field Ravenous Romance Books In 2016?

What Happened To Ryan Field Ravenous Romance Books In 2016? 

Although I never really counted them officially, I think I had about 45 books pubbed with e-book publisher, Ravenous Romance. I get a little confused sometimes, but I do have all this written down in files. Plus, over the last two years I’ve asked Ravenous if I could have the rights of certain books reverted so I could indie publish them myself. And the publishers at Ravenous were always more than happy to honor my requests.

In case you’re wondering why a lot of my Ravenous Romance titles have disappeared, I thought I would post something short about it here in the blog. Within the next month or so, they’re all going to disappear. And that’s because Ravenous has been good about the reversion of rights. I recently had all the rights from all Ravenous books reverted and I’ll be re-publishing them in 2017 with my own imprint. Some might be sold to another e-publisher, but as of this moment most will be re-published with Ryan Field Press.

If you recall several of my previous posts about indie publishing that date back to 2012, this is one of the reasons why I started Ryan Field Press as a very humble venture. It’s still a very humble Venture.

As an author I’m also a business person. And my latest little venture is going to be publishing a full length, 60,000 word novel, on Amazon. The title is “Chase of a Lifetime,” and it’s m/m erotic romance. It’s also a very humble venture. I’m not expecting to be the next Joe Konrath and I’m not expecting to blow anyone out of the water, so to speak. I’ll be thankful for however many copies of this book I sell and I’ll be here to answer any questions readers have.

Indie publishing has given me a chance to publish an anthology like The Women Who Love To Love Gay Romance, and it’s given my books with e-publishers who have gone out of business a permanent home. When the e-book boom ended, and e-book sales leveled out, many of the start ups in e-publishing went out of business. It’s still happening, and it’s happening with some of the biggest e-publishers of the 2000s.

I’m not getting into the reasons why so many e-publishers are shuttering. I’m only talking about the books I’ve had published with e-publishers over the last fifteen years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with excellent e-publishers who have always paid me on time, kept me working, and given back the rights to everything when it was time. I have no complaints with any of them. My experiences working with all e-publishers, including Ravenous Romance, have been nothing but positive. In fact, I miss working with them all.

This isn’t an official announcement about Ravenous Romance. I want to make that clear, because I’m not qualified to do that. This is ONLY about me, and it’s about my own books. The absolute truth is that I have no idea what’s happening with Ravenous or what they plan to do. Although the Ravenous web site seems to be down, I only know what’s happening with my books. I’ve always had positive experiences working with Ravenous, but now it’s time to move forward. I’ll keep posting updates about each one of my Ravenous Romance books that is re-published in the next year, and some of these books might be sold to other publishers. If anyone has any questions you can e-mail me at the address on my sidebar.

Valley of the Dudes

Ryan Field Press; Steve Jobs Video; Russian Sports Minister Wants Calm

Ryan Field Press

I’ve been seeing chatter all over the Internet about how authors are starting their own publishing houses…and when I use the term publishing house it is for lack of a better term…and it’s created a lot of questions and curiosity, which is perfectly normal. So I thought I would explain what I’m doing with Ryan Field Press, and what my immediate goals are at this point in time.

To back track, I ventured into indie publishing almost two years ago with the Chase of a Lifetime series because I was curious about it and because I wanted to see what it would be like to have complete control over my work. I also have over twenty years experience. However, I didn’t predict this situation. This past spring I posted about one of my e-publishers shuttering its doors, which left me with over thirty orphaned back listed titles. Fiction I had worked hard to write and edit, some were historicals that had taken a great deal of research. I could have shopped them to other small e-presses, but after the experience of one small e-press closing with only on month’s notice I decided to take advantage of my experience in publishing with Ryan Field Press and re-release the back listed titles on my own. And although I had not predicted I would ever be re-releasing these back listed books alone, it is what it is and small e-presses are not always run the way I would like to see them being run.

In other words, when you submit your work to a publisher…any publisher, large or small…you don’t expect your work to disappear a few years after the books have been released, and after all that hard work. Especially with e-books, because they just disappear into cyberspace. But it happens. In my case the publisher got sick, but hadn’t thought ahead and hadn’t set up a business plan in case of illness. And sometimes that’s just called life and you do what you have to do. This time I chose to indie publish the back listed titles alone. I know that I can trust myself without a doubt. If I get sick, I have people I can trust to continue what I’ve been doing. That’s called running a business and having a business plan.

In spite of my frustrations, many positive things came from this experience. For those who follow this blog I’ve written a post as each book has been re-released. Best of all for readers, I was able to price these books at .99 instead of 2.99 or higher, which is what they had been priced with the publisher. I even left the original covers, in spite of wanting to change them, so readers would not get confused and think it was something new in case they’d already purchased it and read it. I had issues with contests I’ve run because readers have already read the books offered in the contests and I’ve had to go back and forth with them until we found a book they hadn’t read. And most people remember book covers…I hope.

This hasn’t been simple, mainly because the books were already pubbed and re-pubbing is harder than pubbing something original in a tech sense. Logos have to be removed; permission has to be granted from Amazon; proof has to be provided and triple checked that I’m the author and I own the rights because the book is already in the data base. But it’s also been worth the effort because now I know these books will always be around and I’ll always hold the rights. No one can ever come to me again and tell me, “that’s it, your books won’t be for sale anymore next month because I got sick.” At least not in this case, or with my indie pubbed novels I’ve released in the past two years. I can’t predict the future of other small e-presses, but I have learned to expect anything in life. And I wanted to be prepared this time with my back list.

I’ve also been posting about a new release I have this month, an anthology titled, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. This book will be pubbed with Ryan Field Press, and I will maintain control over this book…which ultimately means I won’t be going out of business and the book will be around as long as I’m around, and my heirs are around. The same thing goes for past Ryan Field Press releases, and all future Ryan Field Press releases. In the same respect, the authors who contributed to The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance will retain their own rights at all times. This means they are free, according to the contract, to shop and sell their stories, or self-publish their stories, as stand alones whenever they want.

At this particular time, I have no intention of acting as a small publishing house with Ryan Field Press, or as a small e-publisher. If this changes in the future, I’ll announce it. But right now Ryan Field Press is a business vehicle that I’m using to indie publish my own back listed books, a few new releases, and the occasional anthology. In the future, I might get into e-publishing *services* because I think there’s a need for affordable e-publishing services that aren’t scams. I will be doing this with one of the authors that contributed to The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance, and this author will retain all rights and I will not be acting as the publisher. I’ll be the e-publishing service; the author will maintain all control. I also think we’ll be seeing more authors do things like this in the future, because having that basic sense of security is extremely important.

And, my advice to anyone signing with any small e-press right now would be to find out about the future and where you will stand in case something happens. In other words, make sure they have a long term business plan in case of illness or death or run out of funds (or get bored), and if they don’t make sure all rights revert back to you if they shutter and fold. You want your books to be around for a long time, not just a few years.

Steve Jobs Video

Last night a friend sent me this Youtube link to a Steve Jobs video that was supposedly put together by Apple. It’s really very nice, and one of the few tributes I’ve seen to Jobs that says it all in a short amount of time.

You can get there from here  I didn’t see a share for blogger.

Russian Sports Minister Wants Calm

In what sounds like it could be hidden concern that the LGBT community just might gain enough support to actually boycott the Olympics thanks to Russia’s laws that highly discriminate against LGBT people, the Russian Sports Minister, Vitaly Mutko, wants us to all calm down.

Mutko said “the athletes can come and compete” and the chase for medals should be their primary concern.

“This is a sports forum,” he said. “This is a sports festival and we have to talk only about it.”

I don’t know what he’s missing about why gays are so passionate about these anti-gay laws in Russia, but he’d better come up with something better than that, because this is about a lot more than a sports festival. And when Russia passes a law that states they can lock LGBT people up just for being gay, we’re getting into quality of life human rights issues and I think that trumps a sports festival. And if this were any other minority I wouldn’t even be discussing this now. Can you imagine if Russia decided to treat people of African descent, or Jews, the same way they are treating gays?

“I don’t have the feeling there is a problem whatsoever,” IAAF President Lamine Diack said. “There is a law that exists. The law has to be respected. Some things have to be respected. We are here for the world championships.”

No. We don’t have to respect that law. And I’m taking this to mean screw everything else, even human rights, because world championships are more important. There are some people who just shouldn’t say anything at all. This is the sort of thing that can get worse in time if we don’t do something about it now. The world ignored Hitler for far too long, and millions of Jews were locked up and killed as a result. Shame on us all if we ever let anything like that happen to anyone ever again.

Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance Anthology

I wanted to update the information on Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance Anthology in a post of its own instead of linking it with other posts today. If you haven’t read about this, you can check it out here. This was the actual call for submissions page.

Submissions are now closed, and I have received some excellent stories from some very talented writers. I will be finishing up a project I’m working on for German Publisher Bruno Gmunder this week, and I’ll be getting back to everyone who did submit within the next two or three weeks.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit to this anthology. There’s some great stuff here, for lack of a better phrase. I think it’s going to be a great book, and I’m still focused on a summer release date. More to follow soon.

And, just so it’s clear. This is fiction. This is pure fiction written by, and about, women who love to love gay romance. Someone mentioned to me there’s another book out with a similar title and I checked that out. That other book is non-fiction, and it deals with why women love gay romance. My anthology is fiction written by the women who love gay romance…who actually fantasize about gay romance. So the two are completely different books. And as far as I know, no one has ever written or focused on a collection of short stories written by women who love to love gay romance. They’ve written gay romance stories with gay characters in anthologies, but I don’t think they’ve actually added women into the romantic stories as viable characters interacting with the gay characters. If I’m wrong about that, someone please let me know and I’ll retract it.

Call For Submissions: The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance

This is a call for submissions for an anthology I’m going to be putting together myself, with Ryan Field Press, that is focused on the women who love to love gay romance, with women in the storyline. As far as I know, no one’s done anything like this before. There was a good non-fiction book released, I think, last year about it. But I haven’t seen any fiction at all. And if there is one out there floating around, this one will be different.

In any event, I’ve wanted to do this anthology for a long time and I hesitated about pitching it to publishers because I wasn’t sure how they’d react. And I also wanted full control over what goes into this book. There were several things that led me to do this, one of which was when a reader sent me one of her gay romance fantasy stories she’d had published on Amazon. I loved it. And then my best friend of twenty years, a woman who also loves to read gay romance, actually mentioned she wished there was a book out like that and I’d never even discussed this with her. I had that proverbial “Ah-Ha” moment.

So I decided to see what would happen if the women who love to love gay romance were allowed to forget about everything, with abandon, and just write what they want with absolute freedom. And I’m taking the route of old publishing in the sense that I’m in no rush to get this book released. As you’ll see from the deadline below, I’m offering plenty of time for anyone that is interested in submitting. I’ve edited anthologies for publishers before, and I’ve been in more than I can count over the years, so I have enough experience to know that no one should ever rush a writer.

And, I’m only going to be editing and publishing this book. I’m not actually going to be in it. I want to read other voices for a change.

Call for Submissions; Ryan Field Press: “The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance”

It’s no secret there are more than a few straight women who love to read gay romances, and the audience seems to be growing. I’m looking for the most heartfelt stories about the women who love to love gay romance on the planet. The call is open to everyone, men and women, straight and gay. New writers are encouraged to submit, and readers who always wanted to write fiction are even more encouraged to submit. Established authors are also welcome. But new writers don’t get hung up on grammar and writing because all that can be edited. I’m looking more for great stories about fantasies the women who love to love gay romance have always dreamed about telling. Pen names are fine, and absolute discretion is also something I will respect and take very seriously.

The focus of each story should be at least about one woman (could be more than one) who finds herself involved in a situation either related to gay romance or connected to gay men…or the woman could find herself in a situation where she’s actually part of a gay romance. Think fantasy; think about what you’ve always wanted to do while reading a gay romance and write your own story about it. And don’t hold back. There are no rules this time. It’s fiction, it’s fantasy, it’s escapism in the truest form. It could be a short story based on a favorite fanfic novel. Or it could be fanfic based on something you’ve read and loved. It could be steamy and sexy or emotional and tender. The erotic part is up to you. Or it could be a short story based on a private fantasy you’ve always had about gay men but never had the chance to talk about openly. The only request is that it should be original and never published before.

This is a chance for everyone who has ever read gay romance to do what they’ve always wanted to do with a gay romance. The storylines are infinite and because it’s pure fantasy there’s no wrong way to do it. Don’t worry about what you think I want. Worry more about what you have always wanted to do. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to seduce a gay man, then write about it and submit it. Contributors will be paid a one time flat fee of $25.00. Word count could range from 3,000 words to 7,000 words, but don’t hold me to that. If a story is 2,500 words and I love it, I’m including it.

If you’ve never been published it’s a good chance to start building publishing credits. If you’ve always dreamed about getting published at least once, and you’re not interested in a writing career, this might be perfect for you to see your name in print just once.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at: rfieldj@aol.com. And put “The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance” in the subject line of the e-mail. If you don’t hear back from me within a week, e-mail me again in case the first one went to spam or I missed it.

Deadline date for this is May 1, 2013. And I’m looking at a summer 2013 digital release date.

Publisher: Ryan Field Press

Additional Guidelines:

All stories should be submitted as Word Docs, with all contact information, including pen names if they are applicable. Also include a 50 word bio.  

Please double space, indent paragraphs, use New Roman, and 12 pt font. No double spacing between paragraphs. Quotation marks for dialogue and ***** for scene breaks.

Standards apply: No Incest, rape, underage characters, or bestiality.
You may include more than one story.

Editor Information:
Ryan Field is the author of over 100 published works of LGBT fiction, the best selling Virgin Billionaire series, a pg rated hetero romance that was featured on The Home Shopping Network titled, “Loving Daylight,” and a few more works of full length fiction with a pen name. He’s worked in publishing for twenty years as a writer, editor, and associate editor. His work has been in Lambda Award winning anthologies and you can reach him at rfieldj@aol.com

Recent Publications and Something New for Next Year

It’s been incredibly busy since September, and I’m not talking about getting through hurricane Sandy and living for over a week without power. I actually worked during that time with my computer plugged into our generator for five hours a day. Then we would plug the generator into other things, like heat and TV to get through the rest of the long dark nights. I love my Amish friends, but I wasn’t cut out to be Amish. I need all the modern conveniences that are available.

In any event, I’m posting this list of recently published works for readers, and to keep myself organized. If I didn’t do this, I would spend most of my time working, writing new blog posts, and not paying attention to what’s been published. And I know as a reader I like to check out author blogs and web sites for more information. And I figure I’d better do the same thing.

In the Chase series, Ravenous Romance published the third book. The first two books in this series were published by Ryan Field Press and they are still for sale for .99.

Chase of an Adventure: Fifty Shades of Gay

The most recent from Loveyoudivine, is this one. It’s a quirky love story with a transgender character I’d wanted to write about for a long time. It’s more of a story about finding self-love than true romantic love. I think the plot summary on Amazon makes it clear.

That Cowboy in the Window

And I self-published this one with Ryan Field Press. This, for me, is a gay romance, with plenty of schmaltz and what I hope is a little humor.

A Sign from Heaven Above

I have a new book coming out with Ravenous Romance very soon titled THE IVY LEAGUE RAKE. I’ve posted about it here.http://ryan-field.blogspot.com/2012/11/cover-preview-billionaire-ivy-league.html And after that the next book in the Billionaire Bad Boy series will be THE WALL STREET SHARK. I just submitted that one last week and I have no idea when the publication date will be.

And, of course, there’s the non-fiction book I’m in about the novel FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. The release date for this one is November 20th. I’ll post something tomorrow about it.

Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey

If there are any questions, feel free to e-mail me. All e-mails are treated with discretion and always will be. And, as we wind up this year I’ve been thinking about getting into something new. In 2013 I’m going to start looking for authors that I can publish under Ryan Field Press. I can’t go into any details right now because it’s too soon to do that. But just like all my self-published ventures so far, this will be a humble experience that I hope will give a few new authors a chance to get published without having to get into self-publishing themselves. I will be posting more about this in the future. I’ve learned a lot about indie publishing in the past year, from formatting to distribution, and now I’m ready to move forward with other authors who might be interested. I’m not sure how this will be focused yet with regard to genre, but I can say that I will most likely be looking for New Adult Fiction with lgbt characters…but not necessarily lgbt fiction. I think it’s time to incorporate lgbt characters into more mainstream novels. It’s time everyone started reading about them.