NetFlix Gets Gayer; Fighting HIV In India With Valentine’s March; They’ll Pay You Watch Porn

NetFlix Gets Gayer

I posted about this last week, but here’s more about the Ryan Murphy deal with NetFlix.

In a New York Times report Tuesday, it was revealed that the deal is worth up to $300 million.
While ACS: Versace is still gripping audiences each week, and his next project, Pose, hasn’t even aired yet, Netflix and Murphy are already teasing two new series.
Here’s more.  He’s had a long run so far. Much longer than most have had in TV. 
Fighting HIV In India With Valentine’s March
India’s government recently ignored its anti-gay laws to allow this march to fight HIV. The new openly gay prince is working to help LGBT people there. 
Having set up the Lakshya Trust, the prince and numerous volunteers are working to give out thousands of condoms and help provide support to people who are HIV positive.
Around two million Indians are HIV positive.
Here’s the rest.  There are a few pics that show how hard everyone’s working.
They’ll Pay You To Watch Porn
Here’s another one of those start up concepts that’s based on bitcoin. Only this time it’s with porn. 
So how can Duncan afford to pay people to watch porn?
Well, he’s created his own currency. There are now a million Vice Tokens – or VIT. And like Bitcoins, they are a cryptocurrency or virtual currency. Essentially this means the currency is stored as bits of code online, rather than bank notes in a vault.
You can check this out, here. Aside from the obvious about this new kind of currency, I just don’t see how they’re going to compete with free porn sites like porn hub and xtube. But it will be interesting to see if this catches on. 
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Trump Administration: New Transgender Policy; Woman Mistaken For Transgender At Walgreens Bathroom On Sunset Boulevard; 10 Olympic Guys Take Of Their Clothes

Trump Administration: New Transgender Policy

This link is about a new military policy for transgender people that the Trump administration plans to announce sometime this month.

The plans were revealed in an order from the US District Court for Maryland, which had been ruling on a discovery motion for the government to turn over information relating to the policy.

It’s a long piece and it gets into a lot more detail. It’s worth reading.

I’ll post more as it comes in.

Woman Mistaken For Transgender At Walgreens Bathroom On Sunset Boulevard

A Walgreens employee told a woman she couldn’t use the bathroom because the employee thought the woman was a trans woman. The woman was not a transgender person, but she was told she looked “too masculine” and she couldn’t use the bathroom.

 She did not fight to use the female bathroom and instead used the stall in the male bathroom.

“This was very humiliating,” she explained. “I felt extremely uncomfortable.”
Her complaint was not followed up to Walgreens, and so she reached out to ACLU and staff attorney Amanda Goad sent a letter to the company explaining that California law “protects every person’s right to access restrooms based on their gender identity in workplaces, schools and business establishments.”

Here’s more. Walgreens has updated its bathroom policy to be trans friendly.

I think it’s interesting that it didn’t happen in a small town somewhere in a “red” state. This happened in California, on Sunset Blvd. Which means it can still happen anywhere.

10 Olympic Guys Take Of Their Clothes

Here’s one where Gus Kenworthy is pretending to be innocent.

 Watch below as ten U.S. Olympians — including Gus Kenworthy and a bobsledder — seductivelyawkwardly strip while testing out some cheesy lines (spoiler: there are many variations on “coming first”):

You can check it out here. It’s all in fun: don’t judge.

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75,000 US Teens Face Conversion Therapy; Gay Dating App Wants to Stop Dick Pics Shallow Preferences; Guy Benson Says He’s Not A Self-Hating Gay

75,000 US Teens Face Conversion Therapy

This number is staggering. And, this is also another reason why I feel so strongly about protecting gay kids, and why I don’t stop talking about movies like Call Me By Your Name where there is a barely legal 17 year old teen having sex with an older man. Kids in general, but especially gay kids, seem to be the most vulnerable these days in many different ways. And that bothers me.

This bothers me, too.

More than 75,000 teens aged 13 to 17 in the United States will face conversion therapy before adulthood. The information comes from a study by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law.
UCLA is a university located in Los Angeles, California. They provided the study to GSN.

You can check it out, here. It is a fascinating detailed article you should read. The numbers get even more intense, with respect to adults who’ve already had conversion therapy. They also get into laws preventing conversion therapy, which seems to be the only way to stop it. Because I highly doubt common sense is going to work.

Gay Dating App Wants to Stop Dick Pics Shallow Preferences

I’m not so sure how this is going to work. I really don’t know much about this topic because I’ve never used a hook up app. I’m married. Married people don’t do that (well, most). But it should be interesting to watch what happens.

Aside from unsolicited dick pics, apps like Grindr also promote issues of racism, ageism, fat shaming, and femme shaming among the gay community. To combat these issues, Chappy introduced a pledge for its users: basically, don’t be an asshole. If you don’t find someone attractive, simply swipe left.

From what I gather, a lot of guys are getting sick and tired of nothing but dick picks and negative shallow preferences. They’re looking for something that’s more real, and this particular hook up app seems to want to give it to them. Today I blocked a group of gay guys on Twitter for sharing a photo of barely legal teens posing naked. So I think there could be a market for something like Chappy.

Here’s the rest. 

Guy Benson Says He’s Not A Self-Hating Gay

I’ve never been quite sure what that term meant…self-hating gay. Or, as I’ve also heard, self-loathing gay.

In any event, here’s why Benson is defending himself…

In the video, which was released earlier this week, 32-year-old Benson defends his identity as “a Christian, a patriotic American, and a free market shrink-the-government conservative who also happens to be gay.”
“When it comes to my political beliefs, my orientation is only one part of the story,” Benson says. “It’s not the totality of who I am.”

Here’s the rest. There’s a fascinating comment thread. Not joking. I learn more there than from the articles sometimes.

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Call Me By Your Name and White, Straight Privilege; ALL GAY Cast of Boys In the Band; James Franco Is No Weinstein

Call Me By Your Name and White Straight Privilege

I’ve posted about the barely legal 17 year old boy angle that has garnered criticism for the movie, Call Me By Your Name, and I’ve posted about the critics who point out that Call Me By Your Name is anything but a gay film or a gay romance, but this review is something a little different.

Narcissism is Elio’s problem but it is also the film’s failing. Instead of powerfully exploring gay passion as in this year’s Paris: O5:59 and God’s Own Country, Guadagino’s movie is regressive. It harkens back to a pre-Stonewall sensibility in which closeted emotions are inflated due to an out-dated, introverted and mostly inept sensibility.

I think that’s a pretty accurate description. You can read the rest here.  There’s more, including a clever comment about the title.

All Gay Cast of Boys In the Band 

There was as time when the only gay content out there was a play like Boys In the Band. I’ve seen the old movie several times, and it’s fascinating to watch. It’s the essence of gay culture, then and now. It’s intense, it’s real, it’s dialogue and character driven. It shows you what life was like. Once you start watching you can’t stop. 

Here’s an example…an example that straight people will never fully understand.

“What I am, Michael, is a 32-year-old, ugly, pock-marked Jew fairy, and if it takes me a little while to pull myself together, and if I smoke a little grass before I get up the nerve to show my face to the world, it’s nobody’s goddamn business but my own. And how are you this evening?”

The play is being revived, with an all gay cast that includes some of your favorites. 

The 50th anniversary finds a lion’s den of gay actors at the helm of the classic bitch-fest: Jim Parsons, Zachary QuintoMatt Bomer, and Andrew Rannells. Co-stars will include Robin de Jesus, Brian Hutchison, Michael Benjamin Washington and Tuc Watkins. The 50th anniversary production will be directed by Joe Mantello at the Booth Theatre.

You can read more about this, here. There’s an excellent trailer. I really want to see this. But mostly, it’s nice to see gay people taking control of their own culture for a change. 

James Franco Is No Weinstein

This is an interesting link to more information regarding the allegations made about James Franco. And right now they are only allegations. I don’t believe in jumping to conclusions when it comes to something as important as this.

Two women who have accused “Disaster Artist” star James Franco of inappropriate behavior appeared on “GMA” this morning, where one said the actor “created exploitative environments” but is “absolutely not a Harvey Weinstein.”

You can check it out here. You have to read it all. I’d like to know one thing. Just who defined what is and is not considered “inappropriate behavior?” Because if there is a set definition for that, I’d like to see it.

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Aaron Hernandez Book Bisexual Rumors; Pig Inspired Menswear Collection; Shirtless Nick Jonas Pics

Aaron Hernandez Book Bisexual Rumors

There’s a new book out by James Patterson about Aaron Hernandez that looks interesting.

the NFL-star-turned-convicted-killer who committed suicide in his jail cell last year and sparked bisexual rumors for allegedly leaving a note for his…

You can read about it here. 

Pig Inspired Meanswear Collection 

I have to admit that this even stunned me a little. And it takes a lot to do that. However, it’s a form of expression that is focused on fetish, which I believe is valid.

Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck premiered his 2018 fall menswear line called “Worlds of Sun & Moon” this week and it was a gangbang of latex, hazmat-inspired tops, bottoms, mascs, er, masks, hoods, gloryholes, and pigs.

I don’t want to sound too elitist here, but when I see people on social media complaining about fashion events like this it gets on my nerves a little. They don’t expect you to wear these things. It’s a creative expression of art combined with fashion, in a metaphoric sense…not literal.

Here’s more. 

Shirtless Nick Jonas Pics

Just because it’s Saturday, and because Nick Jonas seems like a nice guy, and because he doesn’t post anything toxic about politics. And we haven’t seen him around for a while.

Perhaps feeling his fans and followers had become too docile and complacent in recent days, Nick Jonas decided to rile up the troops by posting a shirtless pic to Instagram. No warning. No foreshadowing. And in the blink of an eye, we awake to a whole new world — one that includes one more shirtless photo of Nick friggin’ Jonas.

You can check out the pics here. Jonas is always SFW.

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Tom Daley Nude Photos Leaked Online; Cisgender,White, And Gay; Rose McGowan Blasts Hollywood Fakery; Why Barbara Meier Didn’t Wear Black

Tom Daley Nude Photos Leaked Online

They’re saying that Tom Daley is experiencing distress over this. Poor Tom. My heart is breaking.

The tabloid reports the selfies were taken while Daley was involved in a “secret relationship” back in 2016 and feature him “posing naked in his bedroom.”

And you think you’ve got it bad.

Here’s the rest. 

Cisgender, White, and Gay Not Cool Anymore

I have to agree with a lot of this. It’s about challenging the perfect gay male, with the perfect gay male body, and the perfect white gay male background. 

There’s an Instagram account called Hoscos under fire now because of its lack of diverse content. And they’re not apologizing for it. 

Here’s an excerpt describing Hoscos, from an investigative piece, by Mic. 

If you like your men with a little grunt in their dumbbell curl, or if you are a lover of somewhat exposed derrieres, entirely exposed derrieres, naked men contemplatively staring out on a mountaintop or couples whose bodies are so similar in definition you’d swear there was some sort of genetic mutating at play, then Hoscos is an account you might consider tapping.

There’s more here. I happen to like diversity in men, and I think most gay men do, too. I wish I were allowed to post nude photos of men here (not porn; just artistic nudes), only google and Facebook would censor that. But if I could, they would definitely be diverse. 

Rose McGowan Blasts Hollywood Fakery

I haven’t always agreed with McGowan, but this time I’m leaning in her direction. I also like the fact that she’s not afraid to voice her opinion about anything…in spite of the consequences. McGowan is going up against a lot of “old boy” power here. 

Actress Rose McGowan said Sunday that it was “Hollywood fakery” for actors to wear black to the Golden Globes as a way to protest sexual misconduct. 
McGowan, an actress and activist who has accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her, criticized the awards show in an impassioned Twitter exchange with Asia Argento, another alleged Weinstein victim.
You can read more here. It’s going to take a lot more than wearing black dresses to put an end to the kind of sexual harassment both women AND men have been dealing with in Hollywood.
Why Barbara Meier Didn’t Wear Black
Barbara Meier didn’t wear black to the Golden Globes and she’s been taking heat for not following the proverbial herd. But she explains it here. I don’t know a lot about rape culture, but I do know you never blame the woman (or man) for what they wear. 
 “A lot of women will wear black tonight to support the Time‘s Up movement. I think this is a great and extremely important initiative! Nevertheless, I decided to wear a colorful dress tonight,” she wrote. “If we want this to be the Golden Globes of the strong women who stand up for their rights, I think, it’s the wrong way not to wear any sexy clothes anymore or let people take away our joy of showing our personality through fashion.”
Good for her. Here’s the rest.  

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Ejaculation Facts; GAY Couple Kicked Off Plane; Thai Men Whitening Their Penises

Ejaculation Facts

Here’s a guide to facts about ejaculation.

There’s a lot of information covered in this article, but here’s just one fact…

Sugar ants will go after the fructose in your jizz rag, whereas grease ants are there for all your tasty proteins.
And if this is new to you, the internet has been fascinated with cum hungry ants for quite some time.
Gay Couple Kicked Off Plane
Here’s a story about two guys getting kicked off a plane, but they weren’t sure why.
‘They never gave us a clear answer on what we did that made sense to our experience. And we do wonder, given the political and social climate, if it was homophobia. And indeed, can only remember breaking those “social norms”.
There’s more here. It’s a strange tale. 

Thai Men Whitening Their Penises
I have no idea why men are doing this in Thailand, but it seems to be a trend. 
In the unusual procedure, Lelux Hospital in Bangkok uses a laser to whiten the private area.
It’s said to be very popular with gay men, with the majority of patients being LGBTI people between the ages of 22 and 55.
Here’s the rest.  There’s also a procedure to whiten the vagina, too.
You’ll want to read the comments. 

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Facebook Censors and Bans More Gay Content; Court Rules Against Oregon Bakers: Gay Wedding Cake; Gay Magazine Mailed Without Second Cover

Facebook Censors And Bans More Gay Content

Most people don’t realize that Facebook has a long history of doing things like this. You have to understand that there’s nothing democratic about Facebook…or any social media for that matter. They all censor and they all pick and choose the content they want to show. Social media is not about free speech, it’s more about free enterprise. And once you learn that you’ll never have a problem with social media again…or, you’ll have fewer problems. You can never be totally sure. 
Earlier this month, 32-year-old Fan wrote an essay for Vice China about his experience participating in a adult film shoot back in 2013. Much to his surprise, the article actually made it through China’s heavily monitored, uber-strict media censors. Then, much to his shock, the article was quickly yanked down by Facebook.

Court Rules Against Oregon Bakers: Gay Wedding Cake

This isn’t about how you feel, or your emotions, or even what you believe. This ruling sets a standard for future cases like this that could involve anyone. Who knows? Maybe one day a lesbian baker will refuse to bake a cake for a devout Christian. Although I’ve never seen that kind of hate happen, it’s still a possibility. If  a lesbian discriminates against a Christian, I’ll be the first to support the Christian. 
For me it’s about discrimination, plain and simple.For me, this isn’t about religion or sexuality or free speech. This is about people in business offering services to the public and not discriminating against anyone. No one should walk into any business anywhere and suffer any kind of discrimination. 
I believe in the process, and the court ruled this way on purpose…
The Oregon Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld a $135,000 fine against two Christian bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.
The case began back in January 2013, when Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of the since-closed Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery just outside Portland, Oregon, cited their religious beliefs when declining to make a wedding cake for Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer.

Gay Magazine Mailed Without Second Cover
This is also why I’m happy with the court ruling above. Not too long ago gay magazines were sent out with second covers that hid the gay content. 
“For many years, our readers wanted privacy,” explained Phelps. “Sure, cost came into it, but we polled our readers in April, and asked the question [about removing the second cover]. A majority of readers said absolutely – it’s a waste of plastic.
“People just aren’t as concerned about their privacy in terms of their sexual orientation as they once were,” Phelps continued. “They actually would prefer it that way.”
You can check that out here. It’s an older piece, but I wanted to post about it to show the many ways gay people have had to deal with discrimination and how they’ve had to protect their privacy. No one is more guarded than a gay person. Yes, even today. 
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Male Full Frontal Nudity IMDb; 50 Best Male Full Frontal Nude Scenes; Reality Show Bromans and Male Full Frontal Nudity

Male Full Frontal Nudity IMDb

If you’re sick of the double standard in TV and movies when it comes to the lack of male full frontal nudity, IMDb actually has a page that lists the most current films with male full frontal.

You can check that out here. I honestly don’t know how accurate it is, but I would imagine it’s okay. I think they update these things often. It’s also SFW.

 50 Best Male Full Frontal Nude Scenes

I haven’t posted anything on male full frontal in a while, so here’s something that’s current…or at least relatively current

Hollywood has never been particularly fond of male full-frontal scenes in film or television. Although famous women occasionally bare it all for a role, men rarely strip down for the camera. Our friends at Unicorn Booty discovered a hidden gem buried in the Huffington Post archives. The article is titled Male Full-Frontal Nudity Supercut: Which Stars Have Bared It All?, and it features a compilation 50 celebrity cocks caught on film. The video was produced by Amber Genuske and Oliver Noble, and it was definitely worth the effort.

Here’s the rest.  SFW. 

Reality Show Bromans and Male Full Frontal Nudity

I rarely link to this web site, but this piece is interesting. And these things always seem more interesting in other countries. 

Bromans, a new UK reality show, transports sexy couples back to Roman times for the chance to win £10,000 (over $13,000).
On the show, the bro-y beefcakes and their girlfriends live together in a house and do as the ancient Romans do — which, of course, means parading around completely naked!
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