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Abercrombie and Fitch’s Misguided Pride Tweet; Philadelphia Adds New Colors To Pride Flag; Texas Could Lose 2018 NFL Draft Because of Trans Bathroom Debates

Abercrombie and Fitch’s Misguided Pride Tweet

In what appears to be an effort to exploit Pride and sell more rainbow merchandise, Abercrombie and Fitch tweeted out a few things that set off a firestorm on Twitter.

As part of a collaboration with the Trevor Project, Abercrombie and Fitch teamed up for a campaign called Made For Love.

As promotional material, the fashion brand tweeted quotes from employees about Pride, as well as a link to the rainbow merchandise.

One tweet read: ‘”The Pride community is everybody, not just LGBTQ people.” – Kayla, merchandiser.’

People on Twitter did not respond well.

You can check it out here. The A&F tweets have been deleted, but someone took screen shots.

Philadelphia Adds New Colors To Pride Flag

If you didn’t know what all the colors of the pride flag represent, this one is interesting.

The iconic rainbow flag was designed by the late Gilbert Baker in 1978. Originally having eight colors, hot pink and turquoise being removed due to the lack of availability of those dyes, the now-famous flag consists of six colors. Red to represent life, orange to represent healing, yellow to represent sunlight, green to represent nature, indigo to represent harmony, and violet to represent spirit.

But Philadelphia is looking to make the flag have eight colorful stripes again – this time with the addition of black and brown.

There’s more here.  There’s a video, too. I don’t see anything wrong with it, but if you read the comments you’ll see that not everyone agrees.

Texas Could Lose 2018 NFL Draft Because of Trans Bathroom Debates

The transgender bathroom issue is something I’ve seen popping up all over and I don’t think it’s going to disappear any time soon.

Dallas may lose the chance to host the 2018 NFL Draft due to political debates surrounding transgender bathroom laws.

The Dallas Cowboys are among 22 cities pitching to host next year’s Draft, which comes with coveted investments.

But an anti-trans bathroom bill, expected to be debated in July this year, may put the NFL off the Texan city.

There’s more here. 

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How The Babadook Became A Gay Icon; Russia’s Putin On Showering With A Gay Man; Nico Tortorella Talks Openly About Uptight People; The Cher Broadway Musical

How The Babadook Became A Gay Icon

If you don’t know anything about The Babadook, you might find this interesting. Evidently, he’s the newest gay icon. I have a feeling you’ll bee seeing a lot more.

Now, a boring heterosexual’s interpretation of The Babadook is that the monster is a devastating manifestation of grief: Even as we learn to survive traumatic loss, it lives on as a part of us. How literal! Meanwhile, gay Twitter and Tumblr advanced a much more elegant theory of the Babadook, which is that he’s a gay man. It all started back in October with this discussion on Tumblr. A true critical tête-à-tête:

There’s a more detailed explanation here. 

Russia’s Putin On Showering With A Gay Man

This supposedly comes from an interview that Putin did with Oliver Stone.

Stone then asked Putin whether he would shower next to a gay man in a submarine.

‘Well, I prefer not to go in the shower with him,’ Putin said.

‘Why provoke him?

‘But you know, I’m a judo master.’

Putin reportedly laughed while giving his answer.

Stone interviewed Putin for his upcoming four-part documentary called the Putin Interviews.

Here’s the rest. It gets even scarier than this.

Nico Tortorella Talks Openly About Uptight People

I’ve only read about Tortorella in articles like this. I don’t watch TV shows like Younger, and I’ve never seen him do anything else. But now I’m curious about him. He certainly seems to be passionate about what he believes to be true. And you can’t really blame him.

‘People are so fucking uptight about love. Love is supposed to be one specific way. You’re supposed to get married and have kids and that’s it – oh, and you’re probably supposed to marry the opposite sex. That just isn’t the case for so many fucking people.’

You can check it all out here.  I agree with him.

The Cher Broadway Musical

This is interesting. It was announced this week that they’ll be doing a musical based on Cher’s life. Evidently, Cher approved it and she’s giving it her blessing. From the way it sounds, it’s going to be along the lines of Jersey Boys, except with a lot of Cher’s music.

Cher is Broadway bound.

Well, the story of her life is – with three actresses playing Cher at different points throughout her life.

The longtime gay icon took to Twitter to confirm the news: ‘Just got off phone w/writer & director of musical. There will [be] performance in theatre with actors, dancers, singers!! It’ll [be] on Broadway 2018.’ 

You can read more about this one here. I think it’s a smart move on Cher’s part. The article doesn’t state whether or not she has any input, but I would imagine they aren’t going to do or say anything Cher doesn’t like.

I can’t help but wonder what the other so-called gay icons are thinking right now, especially The Babadook. 

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Gay Bears, Otters, and Pigs; Gay Tops Checking Out Their Own Bottoms; Slamming Mayim Bialik For Sharing Her Views On Monogamy

Gay Bears, Otters, and Pigs

This is part of gay culture, too: don’t judge.

It’s about unusual T-shirts with various themes that represent certain segments of gay culture. And I think they’re interesting.

Silber Fuchs NYC is a family business created by Denis and Donald (pictured, left to right), both of whom were born and raised in NYC. (The name is “silver fox” in German and pronounced “silber fooks.”) Their goal is to “create fun, slightly naughty designs,” several of which are featured below. We asked Donald to wax poetic about Pride, and his answers may shock you.

You can see some of them here.

Gay Tops Checking Out their Own Bottoms

Okay. This one you can judge.

The ubiquitous Davey Wavey invited a handful of self-described “tops” who claim they’ve never “taken the time to take a mirror and go down between [their] legs and really take a look at [their] own behinds.” And here are the results.

Here’s the rest.  Don’t miss the conversation about buttholes on the comment thread.

Slamming Mayim Bialik For Sharing Her Views On Monogamy

First, I think it’s important to point out that Mayim Bialik has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA, not to mention some excellent acting credits with stellar TV shows. So she’s not an idiot.

Bialik recently posted a video on you tube where she discusses open relationships and monogamy, and one of those writers who do not represent all gay men decided to slam Bialik in this article to which I’m linking below. And what’s really even more amusing than his argument is the way people responded to him in the comments.

I’m not even going to bother excerpting anything from this one. But you can read all of it here.

Here’s one of the reader replies in the comments…

Mayim Bialik continues to prove she’s incredibly intelligent and wonderful. Keep hating.

Frankly, I tend to agree with Bialik on this one. But whether you want to be monogamous or not is a personal choice and no one should ever judge what someone else believes.

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Track Athletes Come Out As Gay; Sean Hayes Is Proud Of Gay and Queer; Gay Man Who Fled Chechnya Speaks Up

Track Athletes Come Out As Gay

This is a nice article, but I did want to mention something first. I’ve seen people on social media wonder why they always add “as gay” after they mention coming out. That’s because people are coming out these days as lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and even asexual. It’s not only gay men who “come out.” There are others, too, that fall under the LGBTQ umbrella. I don’t think that’s being too PC. It’s just being accurate.

With that said…

Justin Rabon and Brad Neumann are athletes representing the University of Minnesota’s track team.

They are also both gay and have been together for more than two years.

You can read more here. There are some nice pics, too. With all the vituperative news these days, I wish there were more stories like this.

Sean Hayes Is Proud of Gay and Queer

Here’s another example of what I was talking about above. Sean Hayes is proud to have the words gay and queer associated with his name. Personally, I’m only proud to have the word gay associated with my name. I’ve always been proud to be gay, but I don’t identify as queer. But that’s simply a matter of opinion and I respect the way Hayes feels. I respect and understand anyone who wants to be called queer. It just don’t want to be called that. So it’s even more important than ever to associate people with how they identify.

Sean Hayes begins the revival of Will & Grace as an openly gay man.

But that was not the case during the show’s initial eight-year run – something Hayes has major regrets over.

‘You know, I never really understood – nor took the time to realize – the impact I didn’t have by keeping my life to myself,’ Hayes writes in an essay for Billboard.com for LGBT Pride Month. 

There’s more here.

Gay Man Who Fled Chechnya Speaks Up

Here’s a story with some substance for a change. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m more than interested in learning first hand accounts of what’s happening in Chechnya.

Azmad said he at first managed to escape to Moscow, before being allowed to move to France last week, where he is now intending to seek asylum.

‘At home, I didn’t know calm and tranquility.’

He said gay people in Chechnya live in constant fear and that few take the risk of meeting up with others online. He spoke of one young man who was found naked and bound after being raped and then killed.

‘Gradually, gay people began to disappear. It was systematic.’

Here’s the rest. As I said, this is a first hand account from someone who has lived this nightmare. At least we’re getting this information. But I want more.

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Larry Kramer’s Novel "Faggots"; Sex Expert Says Ditch Grindr and Go Out Gay Cruising; Did Walt Whitman Pose For Risky Nude Photos

Larry Kramer’s Novel “Faggots”

I know absolutely nothing about this novel by Larry Kramer, so this is a learning experience for me, too.

All his writing, including his screenplays, his controversial novel, Faggots, and even The Normal Heart, is at its core about the pursuit and potency of love. The poignant secret hiding in plain sight is that Larry Kramer is a romantic.

You can check that out here. It’s much more involved.  The comments read more like short book reviews…some loved it some hated it, which is the best any writer can hope for.

I’m going to get a copy of Faggots and read it myself now. I don’t always agree with Kramer on everything, but I have absolute respect for him and for what he’s accomplished.

Sex Expert Says Ditch Grindr and Go Out Gay Cruising

There’s this sex expert that seems to think cruising in public is something all gay men need to experience. One of the things he’s missing is that cruising in public, as it has always been known, was only a means to an end because gay men couldn’t meet each other in public like straight people. I think a lot of that is changing now, and not just because of hook up apps. I know gay people who meet in ordinary places like the supermarket now…or on the beach…and they start dating just like straight people. So that need to lurk and cruise around in dark, dangerous places where it’s illegal and you can catch almost any STD is losing ground for more reasons than hook up apps.

Cottaging, cruising, visiting the tearooms, or whatever you want to call it often takes place on college campuses and in shopping malls, parks, and rest stops on the highway. You can also find guys cruising on beaches, wooded areas, on the street, and in adult bookstores.

 He believes every gay man ought to give cruising a try once in their life.

“When you’re ready to try something a little more exciting,” White writes, “put on some loose shorts or tight jeans, and head to a local cruising spot.” 

You can read the rest here. I’m not disagreeing with this sex expert. I’m just saying I think the world for gay men has changed so much for the better in the past 10 years there’s no need to do anything illegal anymore. ..unless you don’t have any other options. And I know some of you don’t. I’m not judging that.

Did Walt Whitman Pose For Risky Nude Photos?

Last week it was Walt Whitman’s birthday and I saw many tweets about it. It trended for a long time. However, I think I was the only one who actually tweeted about the fact that many claim Whitman was gay. And that he had a lover named Peter Doyle. And people on Twitter responded well to my tweets. So I found this article even more enlightening.

To mark the occasion, Whitman superfan Hugh Ryan at Broadly has been poring over what appears to be a series of seven nude black and white photographs of a man who bears a striking resemblance to the great American poet.

The photos, labeled simply “Old Man,” were taken 141 years ago by famed artist and photographer Thomas Eakins (July 25, 1844 – June 25, 1916). They depict a slender man (with just a slight ponch) with a long white beard fully naked from several different angles: full-on, in profile, and from behind. 

There’s more here, with a link to the actual photos. I’m not going to speculate on this one.

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Mr. Leather Was Bullied; Pastor Accused Of Beating the Gay Out of Him; Gus Kenworthy Cries About Coming Out

Mr. Leather Europe Was Bullied

I guess this can happen to anyone. It even happens in gay relationships.

“In 2001, I found myself in a relationship with a man who could only be described as a malevolent bully.”

The man he was with, King writes, was “emotionally, mentally and physically abusive and systematically broke me down over the next five years, to a point where my confidence was at an all-time low.”

You can check out the full story here. There’s a photo of Mr. Leather Europe. It goes way more in-depth.

Pastor Accused of Beating the Gay Out of Him

This one is about a guy who was beaten for over two hours after he left church one Sunday. The idea behind it was that they wanted to beat the gay demons out of him.

Now, the church leader who orchestrated the attack, 58-year-old Brooke Covington, is on trial. She, along with five others, is accused of kidnapping and assault. If convicted, she faces up to two years behind bars.

Fenner testified that he thought he was “going to die” as we was being choked by one church member while Covington screamed, “God said there is something wrong in your life!”

Here’s the rest. Brooke Covington claims Fenner never told her to stop.

Gus Kenworthy Cries About Coming Out

Gus Kenworthy is making news again and this time he’s talking about what it was like to come out of the closet. I get into this a great deal in my next book, tentatively titled, “Treading With Care.” I don’t think most people can even begin to understand what it’s like for anyone to come out…which is why there are still so many in the closet.

“And after a while I just realized that the pain of holding on to this lie and the pain I was having from being in the closet was actually greater than the fear of just saying f**k it and letting go and so I was just like, screw it, I’m gonna come out…The following season was my best year competitively. I didn’t miss a podium. The sponsors were all super supportive.”

You can read the rest here.  

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They Canceled "Sense 8"; Parents Outraged Over LGBT Yearbook Page; Body Cam Footage From Inside Pulse Nightclub Massacre

They Canceled Sense 8

They canceled the TV show Sense 8 and the interwebz are going berserk. Of course I loved that show and I’ve posted about it here on the blog several times, but that’s not the main reason why I’m a little frustrated over the cancellation. I can’t help wondering if it has something to do with the gay content…or rather, the way the gay content was presented to the public. Shows like this never seem to last, where shows that promote all the stereotypes seem to thrive. It’s interesting.  

Netflix unceremoniously canceled “Sense8” on Thursday, sending shockwaves through the Twitter community. In other words, fans were pissed.

Show producers took the high road about the bad news, posting the following on the social media platform…

Here’s the rest.  It’s actually one of the first shows where I’ve seen that kind of gay content, instead of the mash up nightmare they do on TV shows like Modern Family and Will and Grace. But I’m not totally surprised either. This is what happens to TV shows that portray gay people a different way…think Looking…and don’t follow the stereotypes, because they just don’t want to see it.

Go Hollywood, again.

Parents Outraged Over LGBT Yearbook Page

It always amazes me when I hear straight people say they don’t know why we have to talk about these things in schools, as if the only thing about being LGBT is related to sexuality. They have no idea there even is something called “Gay Culture.” They think anything related to LGBT is adult content, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The truth is most LGBT people know who they are at very young ages. I knew I was gay around 5 years old. Of course I spent the next 15 years trying to ignore that, but it would have made things a lot easier if I’d seen things like this is my high school year book.

Ealier this month, several parents were furious and disgusted to discover a yearbook page dedicated to Atasocita High School’s LGBTQ students. 

In order to be more inclusive, yearbook editors profiled four queer youngsters, who shared their experiences coming out over a rainbow-hued background.

Now, irate parents have been writing into Atascocita.com to threaten and insult the yearbook’s Editor-in-Chief, recent graduate Kyle Armour. 

It’s interesting when straight people talk about having gay things “crammed” down their throats. As if gay people don’t know what it’s like to live their entire lives having heteronormative things crammed down their throats every single day of their lives.  

You can check this out here

Body Cam Footage From Inside Pulse Nightclub Massacre

About 11 hours of body footage from what happened inside Pulse nightclub has been released. It comes with a warning.

Police in orlando have made public 11 hours of officer body-cam footage from the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub on June 11, 2016. 

49 people were killed when Omar Mateen opened fire inside the popular nightlife spot. 

ABC’s Nightline gained access to the previously unseen footage to use during an episode looking back on the attack one year later. 

You can read more here.  It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year.

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