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It’s World Naked Bike Ride Time Again; A Lot of Babadooks At Pride; Gay Men Who Are Not Identifying As Gay Anymore; Straight Married Father Creeps The Toilets

It’s World Naked Bike Ride Again

There’s something about this one that fascinates me. And if you go to wiki commons where a lot of the photos are free to share legally you’ll find I’m not the only one. There are quite a few photos of previous World Naked Bike Ride events posted over there, without censorship.

The World Naked Bike Ride is a clothing-optional ride that happens every June. Founded in 2004, bikers from all corners of the globe gather to ride together en masse on human-powered transport to “deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world.”

You can check this out here. The photos posted are, of course, SFW on this site. But if you do a search for this over at wiki commons you’ll find the real photos. It’s not sexual either. It’s simply about enjoying nudity in public. There’s a difference. Unless you’ve been to a nude beach it’s not easy to understand this. But after the first ten minutes of being naked in public it’s just like anything else.

A Lot of Babadooks At Pride

I often think that P.T. Barnum was right when I see things like this. I posted about how The Babadook is quickly becoming a “gay icon” last week, and now I’m seeing that people who went to Pride events actually dressed up as The Babadook.

I guess you can get people to do anything if you put the right spin on it. I’ve seen the movie The Babadook. I made a point of seeing it last week after I posted about it. And frankly, I just don’t get all the hype, especially with respect to gay culture. I didn’t see one single thing in that movie that related to being gay, or dealing with gay culture.

Well, judging by some of the looks we witnessed at this year’s Pride festivities, he’s certainly well on his way. On the heels of a slew of new Babadook jokes that have made their way onto the Web this month, several Pride revelers decided to don their very best Babalewks.

Here’s the rest, with photos of people dressing as The Babodook, proving that there certainly were a lot of Babadooks at pride this year, and THEY showed up in many forms.

Gay Men Who Are Not Identifying As Gay Anymore

I don’t have any links to this, but I’m curious about it. Over the weekend I saw people who were genuinely promoting Pride events with their hearts and souls. They passionately believed in what they were doing, they have pride in Pride, and they can’t wait to share their excitement. It was nice to see them celebrating how far we’ve come, without hate or any hidden agendas. It was nice to see the genuine, honest support from the heteronormative community, too.

I also saw people who normally couldn’t care less about Pride events or anything LGBT related posting about it on social media. They do it for different reasons, to get people to think they care because it makes them look good. As disingenuous as that sounds, I get that, too. At least they’re doing something positive even if it doesn’t come from the heart. Some people don’t see anything wrong with exploiting a minority for their own personal gain. Mostly, Hollywood.

But what really surprised me were the posts and comments I saw on social media this week from openly gay men who claim they no longer identify as gay. I saw a lot of them, too. From what I gather it’s for political reasons…although I’m not totally sure about that either. And now I’m wondering if this is going to start trending, too. Especially as the political climate continues to devolve into nothing more than insult for insult. And these are all openly gay men who have always supported equal rights and everything that being gay stood for.

Straight Married Father Creeps the Toilets

Before I get into this, I left my own comment on this article.

  • Ryan Field

    I know it shouldn’t matter whether he’s married to a man or a woman. He’s a creep no matter what. But I think it’s nice to point out these little details now that same sex marriage is legal.

Someone else mentioned this detail in the comments. I hate when they say a guy is married and let us naturally assume he’s married to a woman.

Rant over.

This is creepy…

35-year-old Brent Hachborn says he didn’t mean to cause any trouble when he set up not one, not two, but three different spy cams in the men’s faculty bathroom at the James Hiller School in Ontario. He was only satisfying his latent bisexual urges, his lawyers argued.

The recordings were made between April 2015 and February 2016. Hachborn, a married father of two, was employed as a teacher at the school. Eventually, he was promoted to a vice principal position at a nearby school, but we would return to James Heller often to collect the tapes. 

Here’s the rest. You see what I mean about how they used the word “married,” as if there are no married gay men with two kids. I know it’s a tricky one because it shouldn’t really matter. But somehow it just does.

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

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The "Sassy" The Real O’Neals Cancelled; London’s Secret Gay Past; Sex With Men Helps Him Have Sex With Women

The “Sassy” The Real O’Neals Cancelled

I don’t know what it is about the word “sassy” that irritates me sometimes, but it may have something to do with the fact that it’s a word often used to describe something by people who aren’t very clever…when there are no other words left. Kind of like “peppy.” And, oddly enough, one of my all time favorite books was titled, Cold Sassy Tree, by Olive Ann Burns. Cold Sassy Tree is one of the most wonderful books ever published. If you haven’t read it, you’re missing a fantastic reading experience. And I think the word sassy works perfectly with that book because there’s nothing contrived or fake about it. In the right context, sometimes there is no better word.

In any event, I digress. Here’s more about the world of peppy, “sassy sitcoms” from good old Hollywood.

Bad news in the world of sassy sitcoms: The Real O’Neals has been cancelled by ABC after two seasons.

Despite its loyal fanbase, the show ranked as the station’s least watched comedy last season. Until next time, Noah Galvin.

There’s more here. It’s actually a link that talks about a lot of other TV shows, including these new Will and Grace episodes everyone’s talking about. I don’t have time…literally…to watch any of it so I can’t comment.

London’s Secret Gay Past

If you’ve ever wondered about gay culture and gay history (I have) prior to the late 1960s, here’s something you might enjoy.

Obviously, gay people have existed since the beginning of time. But little is known about just what it was like to be homosexual 100 or 300 or 500 or 1000+ years ago. Until now.

 Peter Ackroyd’s latest book Queer City: Gay London from the Romans to the Present Day offers up some surprising revelations about London’s secret gay past dating all the way back to the Roman age. 

Check it out here. The comments are mixed. But don’t take them all seriously. One person commented that the author is straight, which isn’t true. I’ve found that the best way to decide between what’s fake news and what’s real is to distinguish the difference between a journalist and an idiot.

In all fairness, here’s a link to wiki about the author.

I think I may have to get this book myself. When I’m writing fiction, I prefer to read non-fiction.

Sex With Men Helps Him Have Sex With Women

Here’s one from the bisexual camp. I love hearing from them because we so rarely do.

Lewis Oakley is a proud bisexual man and he’s not apologizing for it.

“I’m not gay, I’m not straight, I’m a bisexual man,” he writes in a new column for Esquire. “I’ve had sex with men, women and long lasting relationships with both. Personally, I have no preference.”

For Oakley, sex, in general, is “amazing,” regardless of who it’s with. Though he admits he gets his best sex tips from other men. 

Here’s the rest. There are comments, and they are all over the place. I don’t think anything can spark a heated conversation with a group of allegedly tolerant gay men better than someone stating they are bisexual and they like women, too. It’s interesting to see those tolerant gay claws come out (smile).

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Caitlyn Jenner As President; Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks Gets Even More Attention; Joe Jonas and Nicki Minaj In Sassy-Sexy Video

Caitlyn Jenner As President

It’s hard to know where to begin with this. It’s kind of confusing because it’s coming from an LGBT news web site, and it’s throwing shade at someone who is openly transgender and might think about running for President. Now, to be totally realistic, I don’t think America is ready for an openly gay person as President, let alone a transgender. There’s still so much silent passive aggressive discrimination against all of us. 
So why would a gay news publication knock down an openly transgender person who clearly gets knocked enough by everyone else, including her own community? Do they think Caitlyn might be harmful to the LGBT community? Did she kill a kitten? Last time I checked I didn’t see any other openly transgender people with the kind of profile and background that Caitlyn has, so it’s not as if there’s another trans person running against her.  
I’m honestly not sure I get that kind of logic…if you can call it logic. It’s hard to find any tolerance or diversity here. When trans people talk about their discrimination I’m starting to understand that a lot better. 
Did you catch that, folks? Caitlyn Jenner is “looking into” running for office. That sounds frighteningly similar to when Donald Trump said he was “seriously considering” a run for president back in 2014.

Thankfully, Jenner suggested that if she does run, it would probably be for Congress, not the White House. Of course, plans can always change. 

Here’s the rest. You never have to wonder why. If you really want to see some transphobic comments, go to the very end and read what people left.

Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks Gets Even More Attention

I didn’t think this post would start out as a “things I don’t get” post, but when I saw this one I couldn’t resist. And, frankly, I REALLY don’t get this. This guy…Jeremy Meeks…is a convicted felon and people are still drooling over him.

Now pay attention, closely. They’re throwing shade at Caitlyn Jenner, but they are fawning over a convicted felon.

If you saw him in a lineup, you’d say, “Officer, that’s him — the man who stole my heart.” And the precinct would collectively roll their eyes and wish you hadn’t come.

I don’t think I would say that, but I can’t speak for everyone else.

You can read the rest here. Meeks is now a professional model and he signed with an agency. And in case you’re wondering why he’s a convicted felon, he was arrested in what they call a gang sweep. He’s been dubbed “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area” by police.

And if you think this is confusing, just check out how people commented.

Again, you never have to wonder why.

Joe Jonas and Nicki Minaj In Sassy-Sexy Video

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but as a gay man what am I supposed to find sexy about Joe Jonas and Nicki Minaj kissing? It’s about a straight man and a straight woman. I might find it romantic, even touching, but sexy? And yet I’m linking to a gay news press with this one, too.

Joe Jonas and Nicki Minaj get entirely sassy-sexy with one another in the new vid for DNCE’s “Kissing Strangers” video.

Maybe because they get “sassy sexy” it makes a difference? Maybe because everyone knows “sassy-sexy” with a straight couple is hotter to gay men than just plan old sexy?

Again, I’m a little confused.

In any event, here’s the rest. And you can find out, in case you’ve always wondered, just what sassy-sexy really means.

One person left a comment, and he/she made me feel so much better. At least I’m not the only one who’s confused.

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Man Claims She Choked To Death Giving Him Oral Sex; He Made Her Listen to Loud Gay Sex; Going Shirtless Always Works

Man Claims She Choked To Death Giving Him Oral Sex

This one is really out there. I would imagine there are scientific ways to determine this one.

A Florida man charged with murder in the asphyxiation death of his 60-year-old girlfriend is mounting an unusual defense that hinges entirely on his purportedly outsized male anatomy, which he now wants entered into evidence.

Richard Henry Patterson, 65, of Margate, was arrested in November 2015 on a charge of second-degree murder for allegedly choking to death 60-year-old Francisca Marguinez – a claim he never denied.

Here’s more. He claims it happened another way.

He Made Her Listen To Loud Gay Sex

This one resonated with me because I’ve seen things like this happen. I knew a Philadelphia Main Line attorney once who did things like this, and more. There was one New Year’s Eve party at his home where I looked at Tony and said I was never going back there again. And I didn’t.

“What Ms. Gagnon did not know, and could not possibly anticipate, is that the price she was asked to pay in exchange for this experience would require her to partake in the sexual predilections and illegal activity of her boss,” the lawsuit states.

It then alleges Seligman, whose clients include James Franco and Kirstin Dunst, forced Gagnon to work from his apartment one time so he could have his doctor come over and give him Botox injections. During the appointment, Seligman purportedly told the doctor, “I want your d— in my face” and “Oooooh you’re so sexy.” 

There’s more here. The allegations only devolve from here. I’m not going to judge this one because good jobs are hard to get.

Going Shirtless Always Works

I’m not judging this one either. I’ve used plenty of shirtless models on book covers for obvious reasons. I don’t always do that, but people like to objectify good looking men who aren’t wearing shirts. It’s become so common in our culture we don’t even think twice about it anymore.

One Direction’s Liam Payne is finally poised to release some solo material, following in the footsteps of every other member of the band.

He just posted a teaser of his upcoming single/video to Instagram — and when we say teaser, we mean it’s like 3 seconds of footage (albeit shirtless). 

You can check that out here. I also think photo shop has a great deal to do with the popularity of shirtless men.

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40 Gay Men Saved In Chechnya; Facebook Blocks Thai Users From Content; Trevor Noah and Insensitive Tweets About Gays

40 Gay Men Saved In Chechnya

There’s a brave Russian LGBT network that worked hard to save 40 gay men from what’s been happening in Chechnya with gay concentration camps. They can’t be praised enough for this.

After launching the helpline, the woman said many of the men have been afraid to call.
“Since the very beginning, the first people who contacted us … were terribly scared, they were not even sure if we [could] be trusted [or] if we were going to kill them,” she said.

The woman added that the Russian government is not giving them any support and is ignoring them as they are an LGBT organisation. 

There’s more here. I’d like to know where the outrage is for this. It wasn’t even trending on Twitter.

Facebook Blocks Thai Users From Content

According to this article, Facebook censorship is in the news again. It’s not the first time Facebook has done something like this and I doubt it will be the last.

Facebook users in Thailand are currently blocked from seeing a video featuring the country’s king floating through a German mall wearing a crop top and hanging with one of his mistresses.

Vice reports the video was banned because Thailand’s government finds it insulting to the king. 

Here’s the rest. Facebook has admitted doing this, but you can see the video on Twitter. If you ever wonder why a lot of people like me prefer Twitter over Facebook, this is one of the reasons.

Trevor Noah and Insensitive Tweets About Gays

Long before this particular incident happened, I blocked Trevor Noah from my Twitter feed because I didn’t think his jokes were clever or funny. At the time, I didn’t even know who he was, and frankly I still don’t really care. But this made the news and I’m linking because it shows some of the hypocrisy we are dealing with these days.

This is what Noah said, in his own defense.

“I know, like many people, I haven’t always been the most open-minded…growing up in a country where I was told gay people weren’t people,” he admitted, obliquely referencing controversial tweets that came to light in 2015. “Everyone can change if you just listen. It’s scary, but it’s not as scary as the journey most of the people in this room have gone through.”  

You can read more here and check out his insulting tweet. Even that apology is not very clever. It reminds of the way a certain politician who shall remain nameless claimed they had “evolved,” on the gay marriage issue instead of apologizing for being wrong. I’m tired of hearing evolved. I’m tired of excuses. Tell us you’re sorry, that you were a douche, that you were wrong, and then we can forgive you. But leave the excuses at home.

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Debra Messing Wants to Make America Gay Again; Two Gay Men From New Hope, PA Traveling Across America With A White Poodle

Debra Messing Wants to Make America Gay Again

Please keep in mind that just because I post things like this, I’m not necessarily thrilled about them. As far as I know, and I am an openly gay man last time I checked, no one has taken anything away from me yet. I still have my gay card.

I also like to think that Debra Messing’s heart is in the right place, but she’s missing a few pieces to the proverbial puzzle about gay men and how diverse they are. You can’t blame her for that. Evidently, no one told her.

With that said…

Debra Messing has a message for America and she’s not afraid to shout it out loud and proud.

When the Will & Grace actress accepted her GLAAD Excellence in Media award, she said: ‘It’s time to make America gay again!’

You can read the rest here. There are no comments. I guess Messing wants the world to go back to the 90s when she was making tons of money and gaining tons of fame while promoting every gay stereotype there is. Or maybe not. I really don’t know. It’s hard to tell what someone means when they are coming from such a huge place of privilege.

Frankly, I’d like to make people like Debra Messing think twice before they speak. Or at least speak to a variety of gay men before they speak. But what do I know?

Oh wait, here’s what I know…

Two Gay Men From New Hope, PA Traveling Across America With a White Poodle

Tony and I recently purchased a rental property in Palm Springs, CA, which meant we had to go out there and do some really serious renovations…fast. We didn’t have much time, we wanted to get the place ready to rent quickly, so we did many of the renovations ourselves. We also travel with our dog, a little white rescue poodle, because we don’t believe in boarding or pet sitters, and the best way for us to do that was to drive cross country from New Hope to Palm Springs. It was also the most convenient and economical way to go. It’s about a 40 hour drive, roughly 3,000 miles.

The comment by Debra Messing sparked this part of today’s post. I’ve been planning to write something about our trip to Palm Springs, but I’ve been really lazy about it. This is my own first hand experience as a gay man. I’m not getting paid by anyone to write this, I’m not getting any awards or praise from any activist organizations, and I have no reason to lie.

Even though we’ve both traveled the US, and Tony traveled (everywhere) regularly on business, we never actually took a road trip across America. I don’t count driving up to Vermont or Provincetown because it’s a day trip from New Hope and we don’t stop for the night anywhere. Basically, we’re used to New York or Philadelphia. New Hope is a suburb of both cities and that’s our home turf. Our entire lives revolve around east coast liberal cities where most people don’t care if you’re gay, and to be honest we weren’t sure what to expect while we were driving through some of the more conservative states in America.

In order to take the most direct route from Philadelphia to Palm Springs, we drove out to Ohio on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and dropped down to the old Route 66 once we hit Indiana. It was the most direct route to Palm Springs and we wanted to get there and get to work. Keep in mind that Palm Springs is one of the gayest places on earth…even gayer than New Hope. So when I say we were apprehensive about traveling through so many conservative states I’m not joking around.

However, here’s one of the main reasons I didn’t post anything about the trip sooner.

Our first stop for the night was Indiana, Mike Pence territory. When we went to sign in at the front desk of the hotel we’d booked, the guy at the desk was gay, he welcomed us to Indiana, and treated us as if we were any of his other regular hotel guests. Nothing out of the ordinary happened there. And I found the nicest little restaurant not far from the hotel…owned by a gay couple.

Our second stop was Tulsa. I’d heard a few things about Tulsa and frankly I was worried. Two gay men traveling cross country with a white poodle isn’t exactly inconspicuous. However, when we checked into the hotel in Tulsa, they couldn’t have treated us better if we’d been in Provincetown. In fact, there’s so much attitude from the gay people who work in Provincetown I felt much more relaxed in Tulsa. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Our third stop was Albuquerque. It’s a wonderful city and I think I could live there if I had to. I fell in love with it the minute we got inside the city limits. And again, nothing out of the ordinary happened there either. Nothing to report.

We could have driven straight through to Palm Springs from Albuquerque, but we wanted to arrive in Palm Springs early in the day on March 1, so we stopped one more time in Kingman, Arizona just to kill time. It’s a small town, but absolutely wonderful. The people, the little restaurants, and even the local drug store. Again, nothing out of the ordinary happened. We were treated just like everyone else and no discrimination whatsoever.

We stopped several times over the course of the road trip just like everyone else in America. I found the best fudge ever in “Ozarkland.” I had to get a few of those touristy “Route 66” items they sell in all the gift shops. We also stopped for food, snacks, gas, and at rest areas, and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Of course we weren’t wearing signs on our backs that said we were gay, but we both wore our wedding bands and made no attempt to hide the fact that we are gay.

So the main reason I didn’t post anything sooner about this cross country road trip is because…nothing out of the ordinary happened. As a writer I feel a little guilty now posting this because it’s so boring. Of course Tony thought I was driving too fast and he gripped the handle over his head and screamed a few times…but nothing out of the ordinary happened.

I do know there’s still a lot of discrimination out there, and I do know first hand the world for gay people can be difficult at best sometimes, but I also know that two gay men with a white poodle can take a cross country road trip through America and not experience any discrimination whatsoever. So I’m not sure what Debra Messing is talking about when she says she wants to make America gay again, but I do know that I personally experienced a good deal of America this year and I met some of the most wonderful people ever in some of the least likely places.

And, the road trip back to New Hope from Palm Springs was just as enjoyable. We stayed in basically the same cities, but in different hotels, and never once felt as if we were being discriminated against. We met other gay people all over America. I almost wish I had a deep, emotional discrimination story to share with you, but unfortunately, I don’t. Next time we drive out, and we will, if there is a discrimination story I’ll be more than happy to share it. Maybe Debra Messing will come along for the ride and learn a few things. She’s more than welcome, as long as she’s not a backseat driver. (Smile)

The photo above is the place where we stayed in Kingman, Arizona. A small town, but the nicest people ever. And, please excuse the casual way this post is written. I wrote it quickly and did my best.

Not All Gay Novels Have Sex

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What’s Going On With Healthcare; La La Land Is NOT a Romance; More On Stephen Colbert and Homophobic Comments

What’s Gong On With Healthcare

I normally don’t post about things like this because I don’t know enough about them in the first place. But I have seen so many people freaking out over healthcare recently, and I’ve seen so many misguided comments, I thought I’d post a link that explains more about the process in depth.

I know this article is slanted in one direction, and I’m not taking sides. I’m just like everyone else out there who is watching closely, hoping that my own healthcare doesn’t get more expensive…or change drastically. And my premiums (and Tony’s) have gone up in the last few years significantly. Most people I know are not only paying higher premiums with the ACA, they have outrageously high deductibles. The thing that scares me most is that it might get even worse with Trumpcare. In life, things can always get worse.

In any event, for those of you who are in panic mode right now (I was, too), there are still several more steps that need to be taken before any changes are made to the ACA. This is the next step…

TrumpCare now moves on to the Senate where it will need a simple majority to pass. There are 52 Republicans in the Senate, which means they can only afford to lose 2 votes. If it was hard for Republicans to pass TrumpCare in the House, we have the power to make it even harder for Republican Senators. There are also questions about whether all of the provisions in the House bill meet the stricter Senate requirements, meaning the bill will need to get changed further—or change the rules, which they will do unless they feel public pressure not to.

Either way, the Senate is unlikely to vote on the bill in its current form. One of the arguments House Republican leadership made to convince moderate Republicans to support the bill was that the Senate would temper the worst of it. But that is far from certain. Some Senators may be hoping for an easy out by only making superficial changes. That is why constituents need to push their Senators to answer to the full dangers of TrumpCare now.

You can read it all here in full. Read the last part, too. That sums things up well. Again, I’m not taking sides. I just thought this was the easiest explanation I’ve seen yet. And there’s very little out there that isn’t slanted in one direction or the other.

La La Land Is NOT a Romance

I recently saw La La Land and I loved it. I thought Ryan Gosling was fantastic, and I even liked the music. I’m not a big fan of musical comedy in theater, and I’d rather eat beets covered in dirt than listen to anyone sing show tunes, however, the music in La La Land was excellent. And I know I’ll be watching it again.

However, again, La La Land is not a romance. I’ve seen people call it that, but they’re wrong. I can’t go into detail without ruining the ending, but I just wanted to point out that this film is not a romance. And there’s actually a specific reason for that.

I’m only pointing this out because there are so many misconceptions about what a romance actually is. I might consider it a love story, but not a romance.

More On Stephen Colbert and Homophobic Comments

Here’s an interesting article where the gay press and Jim Parsons give Stephen Colbert yet another free pass for making what many are calling homophobic comments. The FCC is actually investigating what Colbert said. 

 Regardless, Colbert addressed the #FireColbert “controversy” during his opening monologue Wednesday night, acknowledging he may have been cruder than necessary, but stopping short of offering an apology.

The issue came up again when out Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons arrived on Colbert’s couch.

You can check that out here. There’s an interesting and divided discussion at the end. I’m going to recuse myself from this one from now on. I’m finding it more and more difficult to support anyone coming from a place of such huge privilege, and it’s clouding my objectivity.

Not All Gay Novels Have Sex

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