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The third book in my Virgin Billionaire series was just released today, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S SECRET BABY. It’s a full length novel, it can be found on the publisher’s web site ( and all other web sites where e-books are sold, and here’s a link to the web site. I usually link there because I think they give the best product description all the way around.

The interesting thing about this book is that I brought back two characters from a novel I wrote about three years ago, PRETTY MAN. The two main characters, Roland and Josh, in that book were deeply in love but had a more open sexual relationship than characters in my other books. But that didn’t mean they were any less in love. A lot of people didn’t think they loved each other enough, though, so I wanted to bring them back for a few short scenes in this latest virgin billionaire book and show readers they did, in fact, continue with their relationship and they are still thriving as a happily married couple.

To make it even more interesting, the one main character in this third book, Luis Fortune, actually isn’t too fond of Roland and Josh’s open relationship and he’s sometimes very vocal about it. My goal was to show that gay relationships, just like hetero relationships, are not all the same. Not by any means. And not all gay men are going to get along with each other just like not all hetero people are going to get along. Not all gay men hang out with straight women and shop. I find it amazing how this fact is often overlooked in most gay romance…and gay fiction…so often. It’s like all gay men are lumped into a category everyone wants to believe is real, and that’s not the case. Believe it or not, there are gay men who are conservative republicans and often remain silent about this because they fear they will be ridiculed. So I try to show an objective difference whenever I can. And, once again, I draw from my own experience as a gay man and from watching and listening to other gay men I know.