Review for Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby

Joyfully reviewed wrote a nice review for THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S SECRET BABY I wanted to share. I like how they mentioned certain things I wasn’t sure would be mentioned in reviews, especially the part about “all the foibles of heterosexual living.”

I don’t do these things by accident. Though I want to show love, romance, and erotica, I also want to show how gay couples aren’t that different from straight couples… other than the fact that gay couples can’t leaglly marry on a federal level (sorry, had to sneak that point across one more time this weekend).

Huge thanks to Lisa over at Joyfully Reviewed.

Here’s the link, and here’s the review:

The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby by Ryan Field
The Virgin Billionaire series, Book 3
Ravenous Romance
Contemporary M/M
ISBN: 978-1-60777-384-9
Reviewed by Lisa

Lovers Jase Nicholas and Luis Fortune are settling into their ‘non legal’ married lives in New York. Jase continues to run his billion dollar empire while still working on new inventions. Luis is slowly building a name for himself modeling in print ads. He may not earn much compared to Jase’s money, but it’s enough for Luis to have spending money and not sponge off his partner. Every holiday they fly to Alaska and visit the Nicholas family, every time it’s harder for Luis to leave.

They have good friends in the city and there’s a couple living in Bucks County who are friends of Jase. Luis isn’t crazy about Josh and Roland, but he does love the countryside there. In fact, Luis discovered property he’s fallen in love with. Cider Mill Farm has a dilapidated house, a decrepit barn, and beautiful acres of land. Luis plans to surprise Jase with the property on his birthday. However, there’s a much bigger surprise waiting for Jase on his birthday. A lawyer and a little boy named Hunter…Nicholas. This is one special day the lovers will never forget.

The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby adds another enjoyable storyline to a rich and sexy series. All the foibles of heterosexual living are brought to bear on Jase and Luis with entertaining results. From extremely embarrassing sexual situations to hot one on one fun between Luis and Jase, sensual variety is explored. Fans of this series will love this latest chapter as we watch Jase and Luis’ emotional growth as a couple. This can be read as a standalone story, but new readers are sure to fall in love with them and want to read the previous books too. The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby has all the drama and laughter of any couple’s lives with twice the inventive sex. A feel good story with an erotic twist.