RIP, Leslie Esdaile Banks, Philadelphia Author

Leslie Esdaile Banks passed away this week. I heard about it when it first happened. I live in New Hope, Bucks County, PA, and it’s a northern suburb of Philly. So I keep in touch with a lot of local authors. I also have a great eye doctor near Penn Presbyterian, not far from U of Penn, and Ms. Banks didn’t live far from there. It’s a close community, and sad news like this spreads fast.

I haven’t posted until now because I was waiting for solid information and details. I hate putting anything down in writing unless I have all the facts and the reputable sources.

Here’s a link to Ms. Banks’s web site, and below is the announcement. There’s going to be a celebration of her life on Saturday, August 6th, at Smokey Joe’s Bar at the U of Penn campus on 208 S. 40th Street. I have a prior commitment that day. But it’s in Philly and I’m hoping I can get a chance to stop in later that evening.

My heart goes out to all her family and friends. And also to her readers. She’s going to be missed, both locally here in the Philly area and internationally.

Aug 2, 2011

It is with profound sadness that I announce that Leslie Esdaile Banks, our Queen literary passed this morning. I will share details of funeral arrangements as soon as they become available.

Adrienne King
Leslie Esdaile Banks FanClub

RIP Elizabeth Edwards

I first became a fan of Elizabeth Edwards through following her husband’s political career. And although I wasn’t a staunch supporter of his…or any other politcal figure for that matter…I did agree with him on most issues.

Then I read Elizabeth’s book and did become a staunch supporter of hers, both as a human being and a mother. And when I heard she passed today, I felt bad…for Elizabeth and her children. She was bright, couragous, and never stopped fighting for her family. She was a woman who deserved all the respect we can give her, considering how hard she battled cancer and for things I won’t mention in this post.

My heart goes out to Elizabeth’s family and good friends.

RIP, Carol McKenzie…A Great Author

I’m in shock. I just heard from an editor that M/M author, Carol McKenzie, lost her battle to lung cancer. I was a fan of her work, and I knew her through one of my yahoo writers groups, with

When Carol first mentioned she had cancer, I told her to e-mail me privately if she needed any support. I’ve been through cancer with family and friends, and I’ve seen enough to know how to offer basic support. I was hoping she’d pull through, even though I hadn’t heard anything for a while. I thought she had a good chance. Evidently, I was wrong.

Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail sent out by the publisher of

Carol is, and I suspect will remain, one of the most successful ebook authors of all time.

RIP, Carol.

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