I Found Hattie’s Hatpin in the Naughtiest Place!!

I’ve been subscribing to a magazine for a while that’s called “Reminisce.” It covers a lot of nostalgia pieces, with photos, of the twentieth century. I personally enjoy the old car photos and articles that get into provenance.

Every month there’s a contest held, and readers have to search for “Hattie’s Hatpin.” It’s not as simple as it sounds. Hattie’s Hatpin is basically an extremely thin black two or three inch line with a slightly rounded end. It can be anywhere in the magazine, hidden in photos that could range from vintage cartoons to old photos of couples on their wedding day. And a lot of these photos are dark…and black and white. Last month’s hatpin was hidden at the bottom of an old photo of vintage stainless steel pop-up cups, and you could barely…just barely…see the pointed end of the hatpin.

But I found it this month, and fast. In one of the naughtiest places. I’m not going to give away any spoilers, because I’m sure someone, somewhere, will google “Hattie’s Hatpin October/November,” and this blog post will come up. But I can give a few hints for those who still might be looking.

As I said, it’s not easy to find. A dirty mind might help you this time. And this month it’s even harder than ever, no pun intended.

Hint #1…It’s on an even number page where there are only two photos.

Hint#2…It’s hidden in a place where gay men and women might tend to look first.

Hint#3…The only reason I actually found it this month is because it’s in a place where gay men and women might tend to look first.

Hint#4…It’s hidden in a black and white photo this month.

Hint#5…The publishers might kill me for this, but it’s sort of hanging well in the photo, and in a very seductive place most people might not think of looking at first.

If these hints help anyone, feel free to e-mail me and let me know. I’m not sure if the editors had a sense of humor this month, or if good old Hattie’s Hatpin was hidden there on purpose. But I certainly didn’t mind. In fact, I found it faster this month than ever before.

"Chase of a Lifetime" on Kobo and ARe; "Reminisce Magazine" Now on Kindle Fire

In the next few weeks I’ll be working on getting “Chase of a Lifetime” distributed to other web sites where e-books are sold. Two of them will be the Kobo bookstore and Allromanceebooks.com. The reason why I haven’t distributed the book anywhere other than Amazon up until now is because I opted for the Lender Program with Amazon and I had to sign an exclusive with them for a certain period of time. I thought it was worth it, and I’m doing the same thing with my next Amazon release, “Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street.”

The price for “Chase of a Lifetime,” will remain at .99 at the other web sites, too. I’ve seen other indie authors do this and I’m not going to change it. My goals with COAL have been many, one of which includes learning indie publishing from the bottom up. And I don’t like the idea of charging one price on one web site and another price on another. If I were shopping for a book it would irritate the hell out of me. And all in publishing need to understand it’s about the reader.

On another note, I found this advertisement interesting. “Reminisce Magazine,” which I mainly read because I love the old cars and the stories about the old cars…gay men love their cars and toys, which is something I often find missing in a lot of gay romances these days. We even belong to car clubs and have social events that revolve around our cars. At least most of the gay men I know do this.

In any event, as you can see I still read “Reminisce” in hard copy, as I do with all of my magazine subscriptions. I haven’t warmed up to reading magazines in digital format yet, especially those where photos are important. But for those who are so inclined, here’s a link where you can find out more about “Reminisce” on Kindle Fire. I have to admit the price isn’t bad at all. And I’ll be rethinking my magazine reading habits next time my subscription needs to be renewed.