FREE Excerpts Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance; Miss Richfield in Philly

Women Who Love to Love GR Release Day

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Today is the release day of my recent anthology, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. When I began this project last January and put out the call for submissions I knew it wouldn’t be a fast book to release. In other words, I wanted to take my time, gather the right stories and authors, and put together a book that will hopefully be entertaining and interesting for everyone. Each story has a strong plot, and each one is markedly different from the other. I’ve already written several posts about the book as things have cropped up since January, and here’s a link to most of them.
In celebration of the release day for The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance, I’d like to post a few excerpts from some of the stories. I still don’t have a link yet to Amazon because it takes a while for the book to go live. But I will update when I get one very soon.
From Changing Curses by Li Blaine
By the time she turned sixteen, new carts buckled and broke the instant she placed her hand on them. By eighteen, each and every horse she mounted stumbled and became lame. At twenty-three, the weather found her and dried the fields. Crops withered during the harvest and streams flooded during the winter. The village was near starvation when Ilya finally set off alone. The sandy mountains of the outland became her home. Food was scarce and weight fell from her bones but still she lived. For years, she watched from the dusty hillside as life returned to the community, knowing she’d been to blame for what they had suffered.
From The Facilitator by Tilly Hunter 
I work from home, drawing up designs for fancy dress costumes for a movie merchandising company. Jake is staying at my apartment temporarily while he looks for a new place. But the way things are going, he’ll be moving in with his fella Will before long. I’ll miss the company, but I’ll be glad to stop hiding my romance books. I don’t know why I hide them, really. I’m sure I wouldn’t if they were straight-up erotica, but they’re not. Generally they’re kinky man-on-man smut; sometimes with fangs.
From The Courage to Jump by Oleander Plume
Lucy Larson was the pen name of one Brenda Suggins, age thirty, graduate of Merck County Community College, with a certificate in interior design. Which wasn’t even worth the paper it was printed on since the closest thing she ever came to an interior design job was working in the drapery department at Sears. Instead, Brenda was a bank clerk by day and the secret writer of gay erotica by night. Her latest series, Brothers of the Crescent Moon, was very popular among young gay men, but lately, even more of her readers were heterosexual females. Reading about the exploits of two hot, long haired, muscular werewolves really got some women hot. The latest book in the series was highly anticipated and had already sold two thousand copies in pre-sales.
Lucy started writing erotica for fun, then at the urging of an old boyfriend (who later turned out to be gay) she sent one of her short stories to a publisher and her career took off from there. Of course only Lucy’s publisher and her old boyfriend knew about her secret life. She kept it well hidden from friends and relatives. She couldn’t even imagine the reaction she would get from her mother if she knew she was writing about gay sex. No, she could imagine and it was pretty ugly.

Miss Richfield in Philly

When I saw this on my local Philadelphia news channel last night I figured I would share with links. For those who don’t know who Miss Richfield is, he’s a well known female impersonator I first saw about twelve or thirteen years ago in Provincetown at the Crown and Anchor, and I’ve been following his act ever since. I don’t typically follow that sort of thing unless it’s something I think is really good. And for me that sort of entertainment is only good when it’s done with camp, satire, and is so over the top you know you’re not supposed to take it seriously. All you’re supposed to do is have fun watching it. It really is an art.

In any event, there’s a new TV commercial out where Miss Richfield is marketing toward the LGBT community to visit Philadelphia. The first time Miss Richfield did this was in 2004.

“Ten years ago, Philadelphia was proud to officially ‘come out’ as a gay-friendly destination when we invited LGBT travelers to visit,” said Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of GPTMC. “With our new commercial, we’re going beyond our history roots and reiterating our invitation, celebrating both the city’s evolution into a premier destination and the LGBT community’s progress over the last decade.”

In the new 30-second spot, titled “Miss Richfield’s Selfie Tour of Philadelphia,” the flamboyant Miss Richfield 1981 embarks on a Philadelphia tour, visiting landmarks all over the city while snapping photos of herself-and some new buff friends-along the way. While wearing her red-white-and-blue, she starts at Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell; runs the Rocky steps yelling “Yo, Adrian!” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; admires the views along the Schuylkill River; dines alfresco over food and wine; dances at a crowded nightclub; and finally, collapses onto a hotel room bed.
You can read more here. And this is a web site for Miss Richfield on Word Press. We live between New York and Philly and know both cities fairly well. There’s really a lot to do in Philly, and it’s always been gay friendly for those who are single, those who are couples, and those who would like to be a couple.  

Release Day: Silicon Valley Sex Scandal; Thierry Pepin Full Frontal Nudity

Release Day: Silicon Valley Sex Scandal

This book release took a little longer than we’d predicted, but it’s finally been released and here’s the link to the publisher’s web site. I’ll post more links as they become available (amazon link)…but the book will be sold in all/most places where people shop for e-books by the end of the weekend.

I was talking with a friend the other day about guiding readers to publisher web sites, and I’ve stopped doing this because of what I’ve seen with the reading habits of friends and family. In other words, most of the people I know shop for e-books on Amazon, Kobo, or places like, and I think the reason they do that is because it’s the most convenient way for them to shop…especially my mom who is in her seventies and likes things simple. So if you do buy this book and read it, or any of my other books, I hope the place where you did buy them was the best possible place, and most convenient place, for you to shop.

I really had fun writing this book. I love where it’s set, in and around Cupertino, CA, a place where I think I could actually live if I didn’t live here in New Hope. In fact, I think that entire area of CA is one of my most favorite places in the world. I even love all the vintage Joseph Eichler homes that are now selling for way more than anyone ever expected. I also mention Eichler homes in the book.

Here’s the blurb, and I’ll post an excerpt over the weekend that hasn’t been published anywhere.

 Shannon Winn is known as the world’s most capricious gay billionaire and the owner of the world’s safest, coolest social media web site, When Shannon meets a guy named Terry on his own web site, he considers it fun and games, not looking for a relationship.

And that’s because Shannon already has an open relationship with his personal assistant, Justin. Although they aren’t committed to each other, Shannon’s not looking to meet anyone else for love. This bad boy just wants to fool around with Terry and forget all about him the next day.

It’s unfortunate for Shannon that Terry doesn’t realize this, because after their first and only time together Terry not only falls in love with Shannon, he begins to stalk him and imagine them as a couple. In the course of one week, Terry follows Shannon’s every move, showing up unexpectedly and seducing Shannon with great success.

When bad boy Shannon finally realizes the fatal mistakes he’s made with Terry, and he knows for certain he’s really in love with Justin, it just might be too late for them. Will Terry’s crazed infatuation with Shannon ruin Shannon’s chances of true love with Justin? And will delusional Terry finally snap and kill them all?
Thierry Pepin Ful Frontal Nudity
After I posted about the multi-talented male model, Thierry Pepin, last week I did some digging and I found that he’s broken the double standard for male full frontal nudity, too. Personally, I think this is a good thing because there is this double standard all the time where we think nothing of full frontal female nudity but always shy away from male full frontal nudity.
I won’t post the photos here for copyright reasons, but you can check them out here at this web site, and here’s a link to a photo shoot Pepin did that I think is more artistic where he’s modeling a line of high end underwear for Undergear. I know most people will think this sounds silly, but when I see models like Thierry Pepin modeling sexy clothing or underwear I always find it more erotic than when I see them completely nude.
Here’s what I posted about Pepin earlier this week. I think he would be the perfect cover model for a book, but he’s probably way out of my price range. And if I ever saw him in person it would probably be one of the few times in my life I was rendered speechless.

New Release: Fangsters…Kevin Bacon Full Frontal Nudity

They decided to push up the release date of my new gay romance, “Fangsters,” to this week, and I’m posting links to it as the links start coming to me. Right now, you can find out more about it here at Here’s the Amazon link. And here is a link to the publisher’s web site.

This book was published by, and it’s going to be the first in a series of erotic romance novels featuring vampires. I’ve already posted a good deal about this book, and you can read more about it here. I published an excerpt that’s not one of the excerpts at any of the places where the book’s being sold. And I’ll probably post another one soon.

I’d also like to state that aside from the vampire theme, this book has a new adult feel to it and I did that on purpose. I wanted the main characters to be new adults in their vampire clan in Northern New Jersey, where they are just beginning to take over the family mob business and they are just beginning their lives as vampires. A good deal of the storyline revolves around them going out on assignments that involve a certain amount of danger…even dangerous to vampires. Another aspect of the storyline deals with them beginning new relationships and moving into homes of their own.

And, unlike other series I’ve done in the past, at the end of this book you’ll find the first chapter of the next book in the series. I also think the cover artist nailed this cover. The two main characters, Anton and Digger, do look like this.

Here’s the book description as it would read on the back cover of a print book:

At a glance, Anton Pagano looks and sounds just like any other twenty-something. He lives in a mansion in northern New Jersey with his mom and dad, and he’s never had to worry about anything other than his wardrobe, his latest new car, and the secret love affair he’s been having for years. However, Anton has more than just the love affair to hide: he belongs to a Sicilian vampire mobster clan that migrated to New Jersey in the late 1800s.

When Anton’s dad, the head of their clan, decides it’s time for Anton and his vampire cousin Digger to get into the “family business,” Anton’s not all that excited about it. Until he meets a sweet, young human named Leo on his first night at work. They wind up spending the rest of the night together, but things get even more complicated when they bring Anton’s secret vampire lover into the picture a few weeks later.

After a bloody battle with werewolves, and the beginning of what Anton predicts will be an all-out war between two vampire mob clans in New Jersey, Anton and his secret vampire lover decide it’s time to consider turning Leo into a vampire so all three of them can be together for eternity. But thanks to fate, nothing is as simple as it looks, and they wind up doing the one thing they ever wanted to do to Leo as a last resort.

Kevin Bacon Full Frontal Nudity

I’ve actually been finding more examples of male full frontal nudity than I’d imagined I would when I first started posting about the double standards in films with regard to full frontal.

There is a link below to a few images of Kevin Bacon in the film, Wild Thing, which I didn’t see. The web site to which I’m linking mentions that the blogger isn’t a fan of Kevin Bacon but that the photos are hot. Well, you can imagine my impression of the photos, because I’m a HUGE fan of Kevin Bacon with or without clothes.

It’s also an interesting shot, from a film POV. It’s not a direct full frontal image. It’s been shot through a shower door in a less obtrusive way. But it’s clear enough to see everything, and it’s more than apparent Kevin Bacon is NOT one of those actors who has anything to worry about when it comes to full frontal. He owns that scene, so to speak.

You can get there from here.

Release Day: "With This Cowboy I Love So Freely"

Tomorrow is the release day for “With This Cowboy I Love So Freely” and I wanted to post something about it tonight because I know tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I might not have time to get to it until later in the afternoon. Or, I might forget all about it until two o’clock Saturday morning, which usually happens.

As I posted earlier this month, this is a collection of all the gay western love stories I’ve written for so far.

Here’s a link. Here’s another. I will update and check links tomorrow evening to be sure they work. And as usual, the book will be sold at most outlets where e-books are sold, from B&N to TLA Gay.

Thanks again to cover artist, Dawne Dominique, because I really love what she did with this one.

In this collection of Ryan Field stories that is focused on erotic cowboy love, the gay romance and emotion isn’t overlooked either. In “A Life Filled with Awesome Love” set in 1959, young Travis finds the cowboy of his dreams through an ad in the back of a rodeo magazine. In “Something for Saint Jude,” the main character finds his passion, but he had to take a cruise to discover it was in his backyard all along. And then there’s poor Noah in “Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy” who falls in love with a married Cowboy and he doesn’t know where to run when the wife finds out. One story is slightly quirky, and the love and emotion is focused more on positive self-discovery than finding a man. And then there’s a New Adult story in “Cowboy Howdy,” where two young guys from different parts of the country meet and fall in love their first semester in college. This is a book of true love in its finest form, and the ability with which to love freely and openly. In a world where love is the only thing that promises a happy ending.

Here is a list of stories in the book. The book is about 50,000 words in length, and the stories range from 5,000 words to 12,000.

Cowboy Howdy
Missing Jackson’s Hole
Kevin Loves Cowboys
Something for St. Jude
That Cowboy in the Window
Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy
A Life Filled with Awesome Love

Release Day: A Life Filled with Awesome Love; The Importance of Cars in Fiction

Today is the release of “A Life Filled with Awesome Love.” You can find it here at the publisher, or here on It’s going to be in most places where e-books are sold, but I know it’s already up on these two already. The other photo below of the 1959 Lincoln is here for a reason. I wanted to show how I think it’s important sometimes to get into descriptions of cars in more detail in fiction.

In the early 90’s there was a novel published by author Mona Simpson…half sister of Steve Jobs whom he didn’t meet until later in his life…titled, “Anywhere But Here.” They also made the book into a popular film. I loved both book and film. But the thing that drew me to the novel at the time was that there was a photo of a big Lincoln Continental on the book cover. That might sound silly to some, but this was a new novel by a debut author and that cover caught my eye and I bought the book for that reason. At the time, I knew nothing about the author. Since then, they’ve redesigned the cover and the Lincoln is gone….a shame and pure cover fail. In the film they used an older Mercedes instead of a Lincoln and that spoiled the story a little for me.

In a recent book I read by Debbie Macomber, there was a long cross country road trip. And even though I liked the book, in spite of the fact that I wanted to push one character off a cliff, I was disappointed that Macomber didn’t get into any detail at all about the car they would be driving across country. Basically, it was described as a rental car. But no actual details, and I have a feeling I know the reason why. With the exception of Mona Simpson, because the Lincoln was so important to the storyline, I find most women authors (and maybe readers) don’t care all that much about cars. A car is a car. It’s something that provides transportation. And unless there’s something vital about that car to the storyline (Anne Tyler does this well) most never mention much about cars at all. There’s nothing wrong with that on the surface.

But the thing is, men love cars, especially gay men. I know one gay publisher who blogs and writes about his vintage car collection all the time. I have so many gay friends in antique car clubs I can’t even count them. And every year around September there’s a huge parade of gay men driving their vintage cars up and down Commercial Street in Provincetown. And Tony and I are no exception. In the past twenty years we’ve had two Jeeps, four Mercedes, Two Jags, and we’re thinking about a Mini Cooper right now. I’m always on the hunt for the prefect vintage Lincoln. I’ve never had a BMW, and I want one. I could go on, but you get my point. Men love cars.  In fact, because a lot of gay men don’t have kids and all the expenses that go along with kids they can afford to indulge in things like cars. And they do.

And I’m always left so disappointed when I’m reading a novel that doesn’t at least give out the smallest details about a car. Men do think of cars as more than just transportation. In some ways cars define us to a certain degree. Not completely. I’m not that shallow. But there is something to it. The personality of someone who drives a Prius is most likely going to be very different from the personality of someone who drives a big Cadillac Escalade. And I think that’s important in fiction, too.

I’m not saying a car in a novel has to be described down to the last fiber. But at least name the make, year, and model. As I stated earlier, Anne Tyler did this well in one of her books where she gave the MC a vintage Stingray (with the divided rear windshield), and that small detail made the character, and it helped move him forward in the plot of the story, too, at the end of the book.

I’m not saying only women authors ignore cars in fiction (obviously Tyler and Simpson didn’t, so don’t get the wrong idea). I’ve seen male authors do it, too. But in most cases, like with Macomber’s book, it would have added another layer to the story for men…and women…who happen to think little details about cars are important. As a side note, I love the cover for “A Life Filled with Awesome Love.” But if I had self-published this one, and I had been designing the cover on my own with full control, I would have focused more on the 1959 Lincoln that’s mentioned in the story. I don’t know if readers notice this, but the covers I’ve designed for my self-published books are vastly different from the ones designed by the publishers. “A Sign From Heaven Above”is a good example. I designed that, without a cover artist. And I made that pick up truck stand out for a reason. I made that guy look like he was praying for a reason.

In this story, “A Life Filled with Awesome Love,” a 1959 Lincoln is featured. I don’t get into much about the car. But I did think it was important enough to the storyline to add that small detail and to ask the cover artist to work the Lincoln into the cover. I’m sure she did her best, and if you look closely you’ll see the word “Continental” there (under his arm :). You might have to strain a little, though. The one MC is meeting the guy he’s going to live with for the first time and he’s not sure about him. But when he sees the guy drive up in a l959 Lincoln, it eases a lot of his fears. As it turns out, the car does not completely represent this character, but it does give the other character something to hold on to in the beginning of the story.

In any event, I don’t think it was life or death for Macomber to go into more detail about the car in her book. I liked the book anyway…even though that one thing disappointed me. But I do think that when writing about men, and gay men, it is important to take cars into consideration. And if the gay male character is one of those earthy vegan simple boy types who doesn’t care about cars, that’s important to mention, too. It explains something important about the character’s personality. And it’s a detail I often find left out of most novels. Think Jonathan Franzen. He usually mentions a car or two and with that one little detail we get a better image of the character.

Here’s the blurb for ALFWAL. It is a vintage story and it is a cowboy/western. I’ll post more excerpts in the future. This one is longer than most of my short stories. It runs about 12,000 words, which I think is a little too long for a short story. But this time it called for it.

It’s 1959 and young Travis Swanson discovers that living in the same small Montana town where he grew up is suffocating. So he devises a long term plan to get out of his situation and change his circumstances, but there aren’t that many options for men like him and he has to settle for the best thing that comes along. In his case, this comes in the form of an advertisement at the back of a rodeo magazine. He answers an unusual ad for a ranch hand job in Western Montana and finds himself communicating with a cowboy named O’Dell Johnston. After a series of letters pass between them Travis decides to take the job and move into O’Dell’s house. But he soon learns that although some things are better than he expected and O’Dell is an articulate lover, some things just don’t make sense. And Travis is not sure he can live with a man who has so many secrets, won’t install central heat, and rarely ever discusses his past…a past that includes the mysterious deaths of the two young ranch hands before Travis.

New Release: The Ivy League Rake…Bad Boys of Harvard Yard

“The Ivy League Rake” is the first book in the Bad Boy Billionaire series I’ve been working on for Ravenous Romance. As a series, the concept is focused on full length stand alone books with different characters. The book after this is “The Wall Street Shark,” and I’m working on “The Vegas Shark” right now. It’s been a challenge to take the traditional romantic concept of “rakehell” and apply it to a modern gay romance. Those who have known or dated these bad boy rakes will know what I’m talking about.

The part of the “rakehell” concept I find most interesting is how we always want to change them and turn them into the perfect men. In reality most of us know that’s never going to happen, and yet we still try time and again. But in fiction, where anything can happen, sometimes there are happy endings.

Here’s the plot description:

Elroy Donahue, the spoiled heir to a billion dollar ice cream fortune, must get a degree from Harvard in order to gain control of the family fortune. Thankfully, what he lacks in academic skills he makes up for in looks, personality, and a deep seated desire to get what he wants no matter how he has to do it.

Then humble Kyle Sparrow comes along and changes everything. Kyle’s an excellent student, he’s grateful to be at Harvard on an academic scholarship, and he’s never been promiscuous. When Elroy discovers Kyle is his new roommate, he immediately begins to figure out ways to seduce him.

But Kyle isn’t like the other guys Elroy has known in the past. He wants love; he craves emotion. For the first time in his life, Elroy is not only rejected, he’s forced to examine his careless lifestyle and take responsibility for his actions. The harder he tries to do the right thing the more he fails.

Will Elroy’s thoughtless attitude discourage Kyle? Or will Kyle turn out to be the only man on the planet who can transform this billionaire bad boy into the man he knew he could always be?

The book will be released today sometime, but I’m not sure exactly when. And when I get links I’ll update this post. But “The Ivy League Rake” will be on Amazon and all other retail web sites where e-books are sold as soon as possible. As a sidenote, after publishing four e-books on my own, I now understand why it’s sometimes difficult to get a set time for an e-book launch. Some web sites take longer than others, and you’re never really sure.

Here’s a short excerpt that won’t be published anywhere for free other than here. It shows how they develop a mutual sense of humor as they build their sometimes tumultuous relationship.

Kyle agreed to go shopping as long as they went to discount department stores where clothes didn’t cost a fortune. This passed Elroy by. If someone had offered to buy him new clothes he would have gone to the most expensive designer boutiques in Boston. When they walked into the discount store Kyle had chosen, Elroy looked around and rubbed his jaw. He’d never even been to a place like this. The people all seemed so downtrodden and dreary it depressed him. The lights were harsh, the floors scuffed, and the people who worked there wore name tags. For Elroy, these were stores people passed on their way to the good stores.
It turned out to be an education for Elroy. When he saw that most of the clothing wasn’t all that different from what he usually shopped for in more trendy shops, he went to work selecting simple classic things for Kyle. And when he glanced at the price tag for a pair of beige chinos and saw they were only twenty-five dollars, he scratched his head and said, “I just paid two hundred bucks for a pair of pants just like this in Boston.”
He wound up getting Kyle a few basic outfits he could wear anyplace without looking unusual, including a warm black pea coat and a few mock turtleneck sweaters. He would have bought him a few suits and ties and some formal wear but Kyle refused. He said he had no intention of going anywhere formal in the immediate future and when he did need something formal he would buy it himself. “I’m here to study and learn, not to run around trying to keep up with the most important social circles in Harvard,” was how he’d put it. So Elroy found solid colored polo shirts, faded jeans, and chinos without pleats. He didn’t mention this to Kyle, but he liked the way the chinos hugged his ass. They made Elroy want to bang him even more. Along with the outfits he bought for Kyle, he wound up buying six pairs of pants for himself because he couldn’t resist the prices.
While they were in the fitting room trying pants on, he offered to share a fitting booth with Kyle and help him change his pants. Kyle smiled and declined. But Elroy did have a little fun to Kyle’s chagrin. He couldn’t resist the temptation. Kyle had finished trying on pants and he was waiting for Elroy outside the fitting room. While he waited, in a store filled with other people browsing through racks, Elroy walked out of the dressing room wearing nothing but a pair of tight red boxer briefs in front of everyone. The underpants were so tight his junk resembled a sack of walnuts. Kyle’s back faced the fitting room entrance. Elroy walked up behind him in nothing but the red underwear, tapped him on the shoulder, and asked, “How do these look? Are they too tight?”
A woman pushing a baby stroller took one look at Elroy’s junk, turned around fast, and walked in the other direction.
Two young guys in hoodies stopped and gaped for a moment.
One woman in her sixties giggled.  
An older man with gray hair took one look at Elroy in the red underwear and licked his lips.
Another older guy carrying a man-purse tripped over his own feet and knocked over a necktie display.
Kyle turned and stared at him for a moment. With a deadpan expression, he looked Elroy up and down and said, “They make your penis look small.”
Elroy sent him a smile and said, “I knew there was hope for you.”

Release Day: Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey by Lori Perkins


Today is the release day of FIFTY WRITERS ON FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. It’s a book of essays, edited by Lori Perkins, on how 50 writers interpreted the bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Here’s some basic information about the book, and a few facts. I have an essay of my own in the book titled, “The Delicate Balance,” that is focused on the differences between how the novel was received by both reviewers who were familiar with BDSM and ordinary readers in the mainstream who weren’t.

Here’s the Amazon link for the Kindle version. It’s already hit #51 on the Gothic and Romantic bestselling list. And here are three reviews:

“Fascinating examination of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades trilogy … Love Fifty Shades or hate it, this engaging and eclectic read has a little bit of something for everyone.”
Publishers Weekly starred review

“Food for thought for readers eager to learn more about the series and the lifestyle it depicts.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Written by some of my heroes in the industry, including Judith Regan, M.J. Rose, Heather Graham, Sylvia Day and forty-six others, it offers a way to understand [Fifty Shades’] popularity and appreciate its impact.”
ForeWord Reviews staff pick

And… Here’s some info from the Smart Pop Books web site by Benbella Books, publisher of FWoFSoG.

Available November 20, 2012
E. L. James’ Fifty Shades trilogy has fascinated and seduced millions of readers. In bedrooms, in book clubs, and in the media, people can’t stop talking about it!
In Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey, 50 writers—from romance and erotica authors, to real-world BDSM practitioners, to adult entertainment industry professionals—continue the conversation.
Fifty Shades as Erotic Fiction
Erotic romance writer Sylvia Day speaks to the new opportunities the Fifty Shades trilogy has opened up for writers (and readers!) of erotica
Fifty Shades as Sexual Empowerment
Romance novelist Heather Graham praises the way the books encourage women to celebrate their own sexual shades of grey
Fifty Shades as Fanfiction
Editor Tish Beaty relates the process behind turning Twilight fanfic Master of the Universe into Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades as Pop Culture
Fifty Shames of Earl Grey author Andrew Shaffer compares Fifty Shades to sister-in-literary-scandal Peyton Place
  • Matrimonial lawyer Sherri Donovan examines the legalities of Christian’s contract
  • Master R of BDSM training chateau La Domaine Esemar evaluates Christian Grey’s skill as a Dominant (and offers some professional advice)
  • And a whole lot more!
Whether you loved Fifty Shades of Grey, or just want to know why everyone else does, Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey is the book for you.

Release Day: Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street

“Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street” was released late last night…it takes more than twelve hours to upload e-books to Amazon for publication so I’m never really certain the exact time it will be for sale.

This book is different from anything I’ve done before because it gets into light BDSM…nothing too strong…and it’s more serious on many levels. It’s not a parody of anything and the two main characters who meet and fall in love share not only a strong bond but something else they didn’t know about until after they first make love.

Here’s the link. It’s a .99 e-book, and below is all the information from the Amazon product page. For those who don’t “get” file size info with regard to book length (I honestly don’t get “305 KB” and I wish Amazon would speak in English sometimes) the book is a full length novel and contains 58,000 words.

I always like to buy the book myself when it’s released to see what customers are going to get. So far I’ve downloaded it to my iPhone and Nextbook tablet and I’m happy with the results. I will download to Kobo later today, but that’s a more involved process. The photo above was taken with my iPhone of my computer kindle app. For those who don’t know, you don’t need an e-reader to read e-books. Just go to Amazon and download the *free* Kindle app for pc and you can read kindle books on your computer. It’s probably one of the simplest things I’ve ever done, and I’m no tech genius.

Book Description:

In this 60,000 word full length novel, Jonah Sweet has a secret need to be dominated and punished, with whips and chains and leather cuffs. He also has a degree in puppetry from a good university, but can’t find a job and is still with his mom and dad in Queens. So he signs up for cooking school, hoping to learn a trade. But it’s nothing like he thought it would be and he winds up flunking everything from cutlery to hard-boiled eggs. The only other skill Jonah has is the ability to read other people’s thoughts, which he knows isn’t going to get him very far.

On the day of an important cooking exam, Jonah meets David Abernathy, the owner of the cooking school and a billionaire who owns restaurant chains, casinos, and real estate. The harder Jonah tries to impress David the worse it gets. But handsome David Abernathy sees something in Jonah. With no explanation at all, David sets Jonah up in an office, buys him a brand new wardrobe, and brings him into his unusual home on Delancey Street.

Though Jonah is stunned by all this, he’s even more stunned by the fact that he can’t read David Abernathy’s thoughts. But Jonah is in no position to turn any offers down. He takes the job in spite of David’s rude, nasty disposition and his erratic rants. From there they enter into an unusual relationship filled with light bondage and discipline and more love than either one of them could ever have imagined.

When David introduces Jonah to a little boy in a wheel chair and explains his past, Jonah only falls deeper in love with David. He discovers a gentle side of David no one knows about. But will intense love and exotic sex be enough to compensate for David’s complicated personality and his vicious need to control everything? And will Jonah be able to put up with David’s public outbursts and his violent moods?

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Publisher: Ryan Field Press (June 13, 2012)
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Language: English
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