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Oscar Pearce Full Frontal Nudity; Model’s Long, Huge Penis; Regretting That Penis Tattoo

Oscar Pearce Full Frontal Nudity

Here’s a story about Oscar Pearce and male full frontal nudity I thought was post-worthy. The author of the article I’m linking to now seems to agree with the same things I’ve posted on the topic. Mainly, why is male full frontal nudity always so taboo.

As a heterosexual woman I say it’s about time TV bosses took the balls by the horn and realised that — shock, horror — men get naked, too.

For decades, I’ve had to endure boobs and bush being flashed on screen because it’s “an integral part of the story”.

Yet, somehow, the story never seems that important when it comes to revealing male actors’ parts.

All us ladies get to look at is a few inches of chest hair or a six-pack. Why do directors think we don’t desire to see a real penis?

You can read the rest here, with images.  I think one issue with the entire topic could be that some male actors might not want to reveal what’s really going on down there, so to speak. In other words, men are often judged by penis size and if a man doesn’t quite measure up it could be damaging. There would be shaming. 

Model’s Suspiciously Long Penis

There’s a video out with a model named Shaun Ross, and his suspiciously long penis is creating talk on the interwebz. You really have to see this one to believe it…when he comes out of the water!

Ross stars in Braves’ new music video “Dust,” and if you can’t focus on the music, you’d be forgiven. The video captures a naked Ross emerging from the ocean, and the camera lingers on him through the money shot of his dangling dong.

And then you wonder: How could he fit into all those fancy clothes?

TMZ was on top of this one, pardon the bad pun, and you can read the rest here. 

There’s a video, too.

Again, you really have to see this one.

Regretting That Penis Tattoo

A guy in Ireland (I think) is now having some serious regrets about having a penis tattooed to his leg so it appears that a penis is falling out of his shorts.

“I regret it now more for my family’s sake. Since having the tattoo I can’t take my daughter swimming I could end up getting arrested or something, I have upset a lot of people I love. It is the worst thing I have ever done.”

“I have to be careful if I jump out of the van wearing shorts with this tattoo showing, I have to be careful who witnesses it as I could get into a lot of trouble, possibly sacked,” he said.

You can check it out here, with photos of the tattoo. I think he had it removed.

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