Weird Penis Stories; Weird Vagina Stories; Redback Spider Bites Dude’s Penis On Toilet

Weird Penis Stories

Every now and then I come across a link with some of the most unusual penis stories I’ve ever read, and this is one of them.

Don’t read this page before lunch. In fact, make sure that you are not digesting much of anything, because below I have some of the strangest penis (and one testicle) stories that you’ll ever run across. 

This is one page that actually hurts to write, but at least after reading some of these stories, you’ll be shopping for a Kevlar cup and treating the Little Man downstairs with a little more respect.  These stories will also make you appreciate your own penis, regardless of size, color or national origin.  In fact, it will make you appreciate just having one!

You can read them here. I never knew there even was such a thing as testicular death. But there you are. 

Weird Vagina Stories

In order to avoid being called a misogynist, I figured I’d better give equal time to weird vagina stories. And as you would imagine, there are at least ten weird vagina stories in the article I’m linking to now…like vaginal Kung Fu.

Anami, an intimacy coach who teaches, among other things, “vaginal kung fu,” is a believer in the power every woman holds between her legs and has set out to prove it. She has travelled around the world, tagging Instagram photos with #thingsiliftwithmyvagina, demonstrating her unique abilities and seriously impressive vaginal muscles.

Anami’s work is no joke – strengthening pelvic muscles can lead to better sex, stronger orgasms and can also ward off incontinence.

You can read about them all here.

Redback Spider Bites Dude’s Penis On Toilet

If you’re like me and you despise anything spider related, this one isn’t going to be easy to read. A construction worker in Australia went to one of those portable toilets on his break, and when he sat down he was bitten on the penis by a poisonous redback spider.

According to a story in the Adelaide Advertiser, paramedics rushed to the scene but the victim got to the hospital on his own.

“He somehow managed to get alternative transport to hospital,” an ambulance spokesman says.

The victim was treated and later discharged, the BBC writes.

This is one reason why I never use portable toilets, ever, anywhere. I also check for spiders everywhere I do go.

Here’s the rest.  

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