Hot Italian Footballer Fabio Ceravolo; Your Constitutional Right and Kinky BDSM; Gay Adult Film Star Mike Dozer and Rape Sentence

Hot Italian Footballer Fabio Ceravolo

There’s not much going on in gay news lately, so here’s a link to photos of Italian Footballer, Fabio Ceravolo.

The comments, of course, are entertaining and exactly as you would expect them to be.

Here’s the link. 

It’s SFW, too.

Your Constitutional Right and Kinky BDSM

This article is about how a judge ruled in a case involving BDSM.

A federal judge in Virginia has ruled that Americans do not have the constitutional right to engage in BDSM sex. In Judge T.S. Ellis’ decision in John Doe v. The Rector & Visitors of George Mason University, et al, he cited and dismissed previous Supreme Court rulings on sodomy laws and same-sex marriage and instead used a case about physician assisted suicide to bolster his ruling.

This is actually about a straight couple, and it gets far more complicated than I’m willing to get into regarding anything legal on this blog. You can check the rest out here. 

Gay Adult Film Star Mike Dozer and Rape

Gay adult film star, Mike Dozer, who goes by the stage name, Christopher Steele, pleaded guilty to rape charges and he received a 17.5 year  prison sentence. The victim was a 14 year old boy.

Dozer met the boy on the hookup app Jack’D three years ago and was believed to be aware of the boy’s age prior to hooking up with him. He was arrested in December 2013 on federal charges of statutory rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse and aggravated indecent assault.

Here’s the story, with a photo of Dozer

He also confessed that he exposed the victim to HIV without telling him ahead of time and there’s a separate trial for that going on

The comments…well…you can see what they’re like for yourselves. What bothers me most about the comments is that some idiot is wondering why a 14 year old is on an adult site, instead of worrying more about a full grown adult man raping, and then exposing a kid to HIV. As if there is any plausible excuse possible in the universe to make this horrible man look better.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Rancho Mirage

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What Karl Lagerfeld Hates; Pornster Rylan Knox Found Dead; More Bill Cosby Accusations

What Karl Lagerfeld Hates

I actually like Lagerfeld designs…especially the men’s cologne. And frankly, I think when you’ve reached the age of 81 years old (or however old he is) you have the right to hate whatever you want, to diss whomever you want, and say whatever you want without thinking twice, whether or not you are Karl Lagerfeld or the guy who owns a small grocery store on the corner.

These presumptuous little PC pricks wrote this article, with this list of things Lagerfeld hates, don’t seem to agree.  

Now, the folks over at Four Pins have compiled a comprehensive list of all the things Mr. Lagerfeld hates. And to the surprise of no one, it turns out he hates pretty much everything. Or maybe it’s just that he has really, really, really high standards.

And here are several of the things Lagerfeld hates.

 “That’s the last thing I want. I hate all children.” 

  “I hate New Year’s Eve! I think it’s terrible.” 

 “I hate sloppy footwear. What I hate most is flip-flops. I am physically allergic to flip-flops.” 

 “I hate selfies…don’t use your film for an ugly purpose.” 

And there are more here. 

I’m growing fonder Karl Lagerfeld. 

Rylan Knox Found Dead

This is another one of those times I have to question all of those uplifting articles I see all the time about how carefree and fun working in porn actually is. Time and again, we read these trumped up stories about how great porn stars have it, and then we read something like this.

Rylan Knox, a popular adult film performer, has been found dead of an apparent suicide. Knox died after hanging himself in his boyfriend’s apartment on April 29. His body was found later the same day.

You can check the rest out here. 

Very sad, indeed. 


More Bill Cosby Accusations

This really doesn’t fall into any of the categories of what I normally would post, however, I find it’s growing more important to support women and women’s issues. Rape and rape culture is a big issue for women, and these allegations about Bill Cosby don’t seem to be disappearing in spite of the fact that he denies all of them. I don’t think there’s ever been anything quite like it this, which alone makes it newsworthy.

Now there are two more women speaking up, one of whom worked with Cosby on his 80’s hit TV show.

In a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred in New York, Lili Bernard and Sammie Mays shared their allegations against Cosby. Lili, who appeared in an episode of the final season of “The Cosby Show,” claimed that she was drugged, raped and threatened by Cosby while he was mentoring her in preparation for her appearance as “the zany and very pregnant Mrs. Minifield.”

According to Bernard, Cosby was initially comforting and welcoming to her, complimenting her on her various skills.

“After he had won m complete trust and adoration he drugged me and raped me,” Bernard said in a statement Friday.

There’s more here. 


Amazon review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Very Fun Story! April 30, 2015

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The Rainbow Detective Agency is owned by two gay men – Proctor Gamble and Blair Huntingdon. Proctor is 36 years old and was once a male swimsuit model. The case they are working on now involves a C List celebrity/model named Isaac Luke. He’s a closet gay and also has a very rare physical affliction. He has worked in the past for a designer named Lion Hewitt and has also been personally involved with him.

Isaac is kidnapped and Lion Hewitt hires The Rainbow Detective Agency to find Isaac and to keep the physical affliction from becoming public knowledge. It all turns out to be fun and games until poor Isaac finds his luck has ran completely dry!

The playful banter between Proctor and Blair was a lot of fun and they remind me of Oscar and Felix on the Odd Couple. They are passionate men so you can expect to read quite a bit of steamy scenes with these two. Both, Proctor and Blair were very excited to get acquainted with Isaac and see his special package ( so to speak).

A very fun story! It reads like a smooth dream and the characters have a lot of energy, heart, and charm.

Rolling Stone: American Horror Story’s Incest, Bestiality, and Camp…

Rolling Stone on American Horror Story’s Incest, Bestiality, and Camp…

When I posted about American Horror Story’s most recent episode last week, I failed to mention the camp factor this season. But someone pointed me toward this article in Rolling Stone, and RS didn’t miss a beat. In fact, the entire commentary is priceless.

On Jessica Lange and the camp factor:

I usually tell them something along the lines of, “Long stretches of fabulous camp punctuated by lurid horror.” Most of that luscious camp is provided by Jessica Lange, which is why I cannot conceive of her leaving the show.

Lange has helped make the show a cult classic before its time and it often rivals films like “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” And I can’t help wondering if twenty years from now gay men of the future will be imitating Lange, verbatim.

On Incest:

While AHS’s horror tends to be violence-related, Coven conjured those moments in the most unexpected and unsettling ways. Like the incestuous Frankenstein abuse!

I just kept sitting there saying, “No, they aren’t going there. Tell me that didn’t just happen.”

And this part about bestiality just made me grab the arms of my chair:

Also, apparently she’s so desperate for love that she, well, she tries to lose her virginity to the Minotaur when he shows up to kill LaLaurie.
Yes, Queenie went out to the backyard to cruise a beast.

RS is being kind. There are some films where you remember exact scenes and for some reason they remain in your head forever. This scene, for me, will always be one of them. When Gabourey Sidibe, who plays Queenie, lifted her dress and shoved her fingers between her legs I knew I would never be the same again.

I still think that scene was out of character. I wanted to see Queenie show off her powers and tame the beast. I didn’t want to see her touch herself and bend over backwards.

The RS article goes into more detail about making babies witchcraft style, and discusses a scene where Lange kills off a character who is supposed to be the next “supreme.” And in the style of classic camp, heartless Lange tells the tongueless guy to remove the body from the living room because… “This coven doesn’t need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug.”

There’s not much taboo stuff left, so I wonder what’s next. They even covered rape in the first show. And forget about barely legal. The young women in the show are playing all underage characters.

In case you missed the link above, you can read the full article here.

Erotic Authors Strike Back; NYT Sex Issue Sans Romance Authors

Erotic Authors Strike Back

The title of the article to which I’m linking now is “Self-published Erotica Writers Strike Back,” but once again, that’s not completely true and the article is misleading on several levels. When large retail web sites where e-books are sold started targeting/censoring books for questionable content, they did begin with self-published books. But I know for a fact that e-publishers are now dealing with the fallout, too.

I hesitate to post anything more about that until I have more facts. However, I did receive an interesting e-mail from one of my publishers last week. And as usual, the books in question with the publishers are not books that would violate the concept of what’s considered questionable content…I hate to even go there, but questionable content includes things like underage characters, barely legal, incest, etc… The books I’m talking about have been targeted based on one word. In my case it’s the word virgin, and yet all the characters are legal age. These retail web sites are doing broad sweeps with search engines, and books with normally innocent words like virgin, boy, girl, or anything else that suggests something taboo are being censored and taken down.

This issue has now made the mainstream media, and even though the article isn’t completely accurate, I thought it was interesting that the issue has gone this far.

Daudelin called for Amazon to establish clear guidelines. She also posted Kobo’s new rules, which includes the following guideline: “Users may not publish written, image, audio or video content that promotes pedophilia, incest, bestiality, or sexual violence or force.”

You can read more here.

Frankly, I have no comment on the books with questionable content, for lack of a better phrase. That’s not my fight and I’m not personally willing to go up on a hill and die for books that do contain pedophilia or incest, or whatever. I don’t read them, write them, or want anything to do with them. They disgust me. My issue is this: don’t penalize other erotica authors who aren’t writing books with incest or pedophilia like I’ve been penalized just for one word or a title that gets caught and flagged in a search engine by some clueless idiot who doesn’t know any better.

NYT Sex Issue Sans Romance Authors

The New York Times Book Review did a piece called “Let’s Read About Sex,” and allegedly overlooked romance authors. As a result, author Sarah Maclean, who writes historical romance, replied with a letter to the editor:

Romance holds a huge share of the consumer market, with more than $1.4 billion in sales in 2012, so the omission is surprising. The lack of romance authors is especially glaring when one considers that each week, the mass-market, e-book and combined best-seller lists compiled by The New York Times include dozens of books from this far-reaching genre: historical, contemporary, paranormal, erotic and new adult.

You can read the letter in full here.

I’m not completely surprised they didn’t include romance authors…or gay romance authors. The most elite in the literary world typically don’t include romance authors in anything that even remotely resembles an academic piece. And this is in spite of the fact that if it weren’t for romance authors and romance novels the so-called literistic works the elitists do discuss wouldn’t have a fat chance in hell getting published because in many cases it’s romance that’s keeping many of them afloat these days. Think Fifty Shades of Grey and all the money it made for the publisher.

I’d like to see them try to survive waiting for Jonathan Franzen to write his next bestselling novel, because if all of publishing depended on the speed of the literistic like bird-watching Franzen who puts out a novel every decade or so we’d all be in trouble.

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