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NY Mayor Bloomberg Refused Extra Pizza; Cherry Soda Cowboy Rant

Evidently, someone has a sense of humor, or they really didn’t want New York Mayor Bloomberg to have an extra slice of pizza. Maybe it’s a combination of both. He went into a pizza eatery recently in Brooklyn called Collegno’s Pizzeria and the owners flatly refused to serve him more than one slice of pizza.

According to this article, the owners did this in protest to Bloomberg’s proposed ban on soda where he wants to limit the portion size of how much soda we as free Americans can consume. But when you read more, and you see the exchange between Bloomberg and the owner, I really think they care about poor Mayor Bloomberg’s health and they don’t want to see him eating too much pizza, so they set their own limits on the amount of pizza he should consume the same way he wants to tell us how much soda we can consume. In doing this, they are helping him to eat in a much healthier way. And you can’t argue with that.

Only Bloomberg was not amused:

“I’m sorry sir. We’re serious,” Benito insisted. “We’ve decided that eating more than one piece isn’t healthy for you, and so we’re forbidding you from doing it.”

“Look jackass,” Bloomberg retorted, his anger boiling, “I fucking skipped breakfast this morning just so I could eat four slices of your pizza. Don’t be a schmuck, just get back to the kitchen and bring out some fucking pizza, okay.”

“I’m sorry sir, there’s nothing I can do,” the owner repeated. “Maybe you could go to several restaurants and get one slice at each. At least that way you’re walking. You know, burning calories.”

So, Mayor Bloomberg, a man used to getting his way partly because he’s worth 27 billion dollars, left in a huff and went down the street to a rival pizza shop.

Frankly, I haven’t had a slice of pizza in years. I don’t drink sugary soft drinks or soda. I don’t eat cake, ice cream, or pie. Once in a while I’ll have a cookie, but never more than one at a time. I basically stick to the theory of the Atkins diet, which I’ve been a fan of for many years. And I rarely eat carbs at all unless I don’t have a choice or I’m really, really in the mood for them. In fact, I’ve found I can live without things like potatoes and pasta and sugary things very well. My one weakness is chocolate, and always in moderation.

But in the same respect I don’t tell everyone else how to eat, or what to eat. Tony does not follow this diet like I do and I would never ever hold that against him. Because how much someone eats, or what someone else eats is none of my business. And if I’d been the owner of the pizza place where Bloomberg stopped I would have done the exact same thing. This need to control our food and drink transcends politics and puts freedom at a different level for me. When you start to tell people what they can and cannot eat you’ve crossed a line and you’re putting my freedom at risk now. I would much rather see people educated about food so they can make their own choices based on information. And I don’t think that’s impossible to do to get people to eat better.

So in my own little protest about this I wrote a short story titled Cherry Soda Cowboy and released it on Amazon as an indie e-book. It’s erotica set in the future…about fifty years from now…where we are actually living in a society where sugary soft drinks like soda are illegal, and cherry soda is one of the most premium sodas sold on the black market. That’s right. Soda is being sold fifty years from now like illegal drugs are being sold right now. I know there will be some who don’t like this, and I respect their opinions. But I also did this with what I hope is a sense of humor to show how ridiculous things can get when the government starts to tell us what we can and cannot consume. In other words, I’ll be the first to agree that a lot of food is bad for us, but don’t take away my freedom to eat it. I feel the same way about legalizing pot.

I know this is a little thing right now compared to all the huge issues we have going on. However, when you start to add up all these little things they begin to accumulate and you wind up with less freedom than ever. And billionaire zealots like Bloomberg, who don’t even practice what they preach when it comes to eating healthy foods as you can clearly see from above, only get more control in the end.

Right now the proposed ban on soda is being held up in court. Unfortunately, I have a feeling Bloomberg’s going to get his way eventually and my story, Cherry Soda Cowboy, will one day be more than just futuristic erotic fiction based on my imagination. And, soda will most likely be illegal.