Rainbow Awards Update

The Rainbow Awards are in full gear now. And here’s some info below I just received in a FB message. Follow the links for more info.

Subject: Rainbow Awards: Cover Contest – Round 1 – Slot 4
The Most Voted covers of Round 1 – Slot 3 were: Cast the Cards cover by Nathie
Choosing cover by Anonymous

The winner of the ebook giveaway is:

stormcloude Ebook Giveaway: Tabitha Dulla – Like Heaven and Hell, kindly offered by Circlet Press

– you will vote only 1 time for each slot of 50 covers; in round 1 there will be 20 slots for a total of 1000 covers; 400 covers will pass to round 2, 200 to round 3, 100 to round 4 and 50 to the fifth and last round.
– in parallel with the poll, a special jury will vote the covers; the jury is composed by: Debra, Dylan Rosser, Jack Mackenroth, Jesse Archer, Julie, Max Rhyser, Mitzie, Tammy.
– you can vote as many covers as you want but no more than 25.

All the 50 covers are saved here:


and here is the poll:


I suggest you to open the covers page in a different window and check the covers you like in the poll.

Enjoy and please, fair play!

Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards…2011

I know it seems as though The Rainbow Awards just ended. But as usual, time passes much too quickly.

I just read an e-mail from Elisa Rolle, which she sent out to all the judges from the 2010 Rainbow Awards to let them know she’s already starting to plan for 2011.

I’m looking forward to judging once again. I love this award and I wouldn’t miss participating in it for anything. The main reason I love this award is because everyone is allowed to participate: there are no restrictions at all. There are no limitations and no hidden political agendas.

Another reason I love this award is because Elisa allows authors to submit e-books, which is not only current, it’s a fair thing to do. When I consider my own reading habits in the past few years, I haven’t bought or read more than two or three print books since 2008. And I don’t intend to start buying more, now or ever again. I have, however, purchased more e-books than I can count. My new reading device of choice is the Kobo e-reader. And I find it interesting that any publishing award nowadays would not allow e-books.

It costs nothing to enter a book (or books) in The Rainbow Awards. And compared to a few other awards, this is a great relief to the authors. The last time I entered an award, which will remain nameless, for gay fiction that wasn’t the Rainbow Awards, it cost me over one hundred dollars when I was finished adding up the cost of snail mail, buying the print books (publishers don’t give them out for free), and sending in an entry check.

I’ll post more about Rainbow Awards: 2011 in upcoming posts. But start thinking about it now, and start following Elisa’s blog to see what she posts so you’ll know ahead of time.

And, best of all, I’ve always thought Elisa was making publishing history with this award. And who wouldn’t want to be part of that?