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I’m in the middle of editing the sequel to THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE, which will be titled, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING, so I’m posting about this brand new release early. It will be available in digital format at tomorrow, and in digital bookshops.

MY FAIR LADDIE is a tale set in Savannah, GA, in present times, with a Pygmalion storyline. But instead of a wretched young girl and a dignified older professor, I used a wretched young guy and a dignified older professor. It’s interesting how the dynamics change with two gay men. These differences astounded me while I was writing this book. And I’ve even incorporated a few interesting surprises that have never been done before.

Young Wilbur Munroe doesn’t know a soup spoon from a salad fork. He speaks with a quirky combination accent of British cockney and southern redneck. And although he makes his living working as a manual laborer for wealthy people in Savannah, he dreams about a much better life than what he’s known.

Dr. Harlan Henderson is a world-famous teacher of applied linguistics. He’s spent most of his life studying and writing about the differences between regional and social class dialects. And in his spare time he enjoys the company of rough, working class bi-sexual men who never put emotional demands on him. At thirty-nine years old, the last thing he’s looking for is a life partner.

But when young Wilbur trips over an urn filled with pomegranates at one of Harlan’s infamous Savannah parties and spills pomegranate martini on a Georgia senator, Harlan’s life changes forever. Though his first instinct is to fire Wilbur, he’s mesmerized by Wilbur’s wretched accent and his bold spirit.

When Wilbur returns the next day to ask Harlan to teach him to speak well and turn him into a perfect gentleman, Harlan is willing to take on the challenge. Though Harlan’s best friend bets Harlan can’t do this, Harlan forges ahead anyway. He moves Wilbur into his home, works with him night and day, and refuses to stop until he sees results. Only he doesn’t notice Wilbur is falling in love with him. And by the time he does, it just might be too late.

Do these two completely different gay men from opposite backgrounds have what it takes to make a life together? And will Harlan ever be able to put his huge ego aside long enough to listen to what Wilbur is trying to tell him?