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March 4 Release: JOLLY ROGER – A Different Kind of Pirate Story

Previous posts about pirates here have been about book pirates. This time I’m writing about old time pirates who sailed the high seas. Jolly Roger is a short story, with, I hope, a great deal of tongue in cheek humor. And while it’s not exactly a typical romance, there is a happy ending and there is hope for a future relationship between the two main characters.

Did I mention this is a short story e-book? If I didn’t, I’ll mention it again so no one gets confused and slams me on amazon because they thought they were getting a full length novel. It happens, and I always feel bad (not badly…you do that with your hands) for the ill-informed.

But I should warn all you historical types (you know who you are, AB). If you’re looking for a history lesson in an erotic romance, this isn’t the book for you. While I did check out certain historical facts, I’ve also embellished, because, let’s face it, too much history tends to induce yawning and this is supposed to be fun. If you’re not, however, a historical type and you’re looking for something with a racy plot and some kinky pirates, you might be in luck.

Here’s the info from the publisher’s web site:

The Untold Story of Jolly Roger, a Pirate Who Either Left Them Guessing or Begging for More…

From the origin of his name to the ways he spent his free time, Jolly Roger had always been able to fool them all, including the best historians. And though there were indeed rumors about Jolly’s favorite way to pass the time, only the strongest and the best men ever knew for sure whether or not those decadent rumors were true. Captain Hargrove was one of those men. On a warm night on an exotic island, Hargrove discovered what all the rumors were about, when Jolly Roger dropped his pants and pulled off his shirt. As Jolly’s handsome young crew members stood watching, Hargrove found something he’d needed for a very long time, something the women in his life had never been able to offer. Left with no defenses and no way to turn back, his only choice was to grab Jolly by the back of the head, yank him to the ground, and plunge into the most memorable night of his life, with his fists braced for battle, his chest heaving, and his pants around his ankles.