THE GHOST AND MR. MOORE, Release Day, and Just in Time for Halloween…

I just saw that THE GHOST AND MR. MOORE was released on today. I did a preview post for the book, and today I’m linking and adding the back cover copy. As I said in the preview post, there are a couple of interesting Halloween scenes in this one that take place in Provincetown, MA. And Halloween in P’town is a lot of fun, trust me.

When a famous child actor, Dexter Moore, leaves Hollywood and moves to Provincetown, MA, with his daughter and his longtime housekeeper, he doesn’t expect to find that his new house is haunted. And especially not with the ghost of a strong, virile young sea captain who looks like Hugh Jackman and makes love like no other living man Dexter has known.

But Dexter must deal with more important things than ghosts. He soon discovers that his ex-partner lost all his money in a bad investment and Dexter is forced to go back to work. So he reluctantly agrees to do an intrusive TV show, where he is followed with cameras for three months. If he doesn’t, he’ll have to sell his magnificent new home and move back to Hollywood.
In order to make the TV show more interesting, Dexter’s new best friend gets him involved in a heated town dispute. The new president of the chamber of commerce wants to cancel a town tradition and start something new, and half the town is against him. But Dexter doesn’t get involved with this for the TV show or ratings. He’s only interested in helping people and saving an important fundraiser from being canceled.

While all this is happening, Dexter slowly gets to know the ghost of handsome Captain Lang. He’s the only one who can see and hear Lang. They make passionate love together, they spend long hours talking about Dexter’s strong feelings, and they start working on a series of books about Captain Lang’s notorious adventures at sea that will ensure Dexter’s financial future. But when the books are finished and the two men finally admit they are in love, how will they reconcile their feelings with reality?

The Provincetown Dunes…

I write about the dunes in Provincetown more than once in HE’S BEWITCHED. And that’s because, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no place more beautiful on the east coast. It’s not easy to get there. You have to trek through wet sand, small rocks, broken seas shells and sea grass for what feels like miles. And you do it on foot. You have to walk around the plants for environmental reasons, which makes the walk even harder. And it’s usually done on hot summer days when the sun is shining in full force. But I’ve also walked all the way out to the light house on cold January days. And it doesn’t matter what time of year I do it, because it’s always worth the effort. So I thought I’d share an excerpt from HE’S BEWITCHED from one of the scenes that involves the dunes.

A few minutes later, they locked their bikes to a public bike rack on the side of the road. It was already jammed with other bikes. Men passed by them and crossed through an uphill path that led to the unmarked entrance of the dunes; it was a shortcut. You could walk from Herring Cove Beach, but most guys cut across from the path. When the backpack was over Rhys’ shoulders, he reached down and held Brett’s hand. Then he pulled him to the path and they headed out to the dunes behind three young guys who kept turning back to stare at them.

They both wore athletic shoes. The sand was deep and soft and awkward. You had to watch for broken shells and stones. When you stepped down your feet tended to slip and slide and you had to concentrate on your footing. Brett hated walking in deep sand, and that’s why he didn’t go to the dunes very often. He wished he could have snapped his fingers and gone there without walking, but Rhys didn’t seem to mind at all. His long, athletic legs crossed through sand and stones effortlessly; he held Brett’s hand the entire time without missing a step. Brett had to practically jog to keep up with him. He didn’t want to complain, but his legs felt like they were tied to cinder blocks and he thought he looked like a donkey stuck in mud.

When they finally reached the ocean, Rhys suggested they climb to the top of the dunes and search for a private area. (Brett wanted to stop and rest; his feet were killing him.) There was a long, flat beach on the other side of the dunes, but Rhys didn’t want to sit with everyone else. So they continued walking toward the lighthouse at the end, passing small, private areas that resembled pods where other men had settled. The sun was hot, but there was a breeze coming from the bottom of the cape. The sage green grasses blew toward town; they were careful not to step on the precious, endangered plants.