E-Book Buying and Product Details…

I know I harp about this sometimes, but I do think it’s important that new people…customers…who are just now discovering e-books take the time to read every single product detail they can while shopping for e-books.

Even if you buy your books on Kobo, or Amazon, or anywhere, please take the time to shop around the web first to read other product descriptions so you know what you are buying. I buy a lot from amazon. I love amazon. But I get better book excerpts from allromanceebooks.com.

And just recently in this post, I talk about how one of my own book descriptions was rewritten and I had nothing to do with it. There’s nothing wrong with the new description. It’s basically a condensed version of what I wrote. But when you check out author web sites…and I’m talking about all authors, not just me…you’re going to get so much more information about the book you’re buying.

I’m not talking about the storyline details. I’m talking about basic product info, so you know whether or not you’re buying a short, a medium, or a long digital book (e-book). It’s up to authors and publishers to get this information out there. But as a reader, when I’m buying e-books for pleasure, I make sure I know exactly what I’m buying.

And never hesitate to contact an author directly. I know some won’t respond; they are far too grand. But most, including me, will get back to you quickly.

New Release: BABYCAKES

My new short story e-book, BABYCAKES, was just released today. As I said, it’s a short story, and I’ll put as much product info below as I can find. And, this isn’t a romance. It’s erotica. But there is a happy ending and potential for possible future relationships.

I hope readers know how important it is to check product info out. I harp on this all the time, but it’s mainly because when I’m buying books I find such little information out there. I have two Kobo e-readers, the one with e-ink and the Kobo Look Book. I love them both. But the product information on the Kobo book site leaves a great deal to be desired.

The info below was taken directly from allromanceebooks.com. I’m usually happy with their product info…and most product info on publisher web sites. You can also check out an excerpt here.

By: Ryan Field Other books by Ryan Field
Published By: loveyoudivine
Published: Jun 09, 2011
ISBN # 5043_1044
Word Count: 5,341
Heat Index Price: $2.00
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc), Rocket, Epub

Categories: Erotica Gay Multiple Partners
Although adorable Nate has missed out on a lot of fun because he’s been dealing with his ailing mother and his demanding job most of his life, he finally gets a chance to enjoy himself. After his mother passes away, he books a trip to one of the oldest rainforests on the planet in Australia and he meets a very interesting young man in sexy short pants his first day there. The young man talks Nate into booking a private tour of the Daintree Forest, and then he promises Nate it will be a tour he’ll never forget. The next day when Nate meets the young man outside his hotel and Nate sees there are two more attractive young male tour guides going along with them, Nate isn’t sure what to expect. But he finds out soon enough when they take him to a dark, secluded section of the forest, ask him if he likes bananas, and then show him what three big strong Australian men are all about.

Reader Rating: Not rated (0 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating: Not rated
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Product Information: The Virgin Billionaire Series…

Since I’m now posting more product information for all my books and short stories, I figured I’d better post this information about The Virgin Billionaire series, too. Sometimes it’s difficult to get all the facts out, and authors and publishers get busy and tend to take things for granted.

I’ve had a few e-mails from readers asking whether or not the books in the Virgin Billionaire series could be read as stand alones. In other words, would someone have to begin with the first book in the series and then read the others consecutively.

And the answer is no. Though each book follows a pattern in the series, each book can also be read on its own. You don’t need to read the first book in order to “get” the fifth. It helps, but I try to make quick explanations in all the books with back story, without getting too long and stopping the story. Also, there are no cliffhangers at the end of the books; no teases to get readers to buy the next book.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to continue to e-mail me. All e-mails I receive are treated with privacy and absolute discretion. You won’t wind up getting spammed.