Hurricane Sandy: Prince Harry in New Jersey Today

It seems like ages ago I posted about Hurricane Sandy and all the devastation it caused here, and I thought it would be nice to follow up with this piece about Prince Harry visiting the New Jersey shore today and checking out how people there have rebuilt their lives since last October. We’re still cleaning up here, in New Hope, Bucks County, which is about fifty miles from the shore, from the high winds that took down so many huge trees.

“He is so cute. He came in with that white shirt and red hair, and he just exceeded all my expectations,” said Brianna Marchal, 19, of Manahawkin, during his second stop. “The crowd literally grew three inches when he came by because everyone was on their tip toes, trying to get a picture. We had four devices going at the same time, trying to get pictures of him.”

He seems to capture the emotions in people few other royals are capable of doing, in a way that reminds me of Princess Diana. And I think he would still capture those same emotions even if he wasn’t a prince.

But most of all he made them feel good. These people were devastated and they are still working to rebuild their lives.

“We appreciate Harry showing care and support during such a difficult time for our family and community,” said her aunt, Becky Guenther.

You can read more here.

Double Standard for Men and Women: Prince Harry Speaks About Nude Photos

I posted about the double standard that I thought went down between the Prince Harry nude Vegas photos and the topless photos taken of Princess Kate sunbathing last year. In that post, I mentioned how no one was concerned about Harry’s privacy.

Prince Harry recently said this:

 “I was in a private area and there should be a certain amount of privacy that one should expect. Back at home, all my close friends rallied around me and were great.”

He says more, here.

When Prince Harry’s nude photos were revealed to the world, no one thought about his feelings or whether or not his privacy had been invaded. They still don’t.

When Princess Kate’s topless photos were made known, it was decided to respect her privacy and not print those photos anywhere. Poor dear girl. I guess she forgot the entire world watches every move she makes when she whipped off her top.

While I agree that it was right to not print the photos of Kate and to respect her privacy, I don’t think Harry’s privacy was respected at all. And from the articles I’ve read so far since he’s decided to speak about it, I still don’t see anyone claiming his privacy was invaded and that those photos of him never should have been pubbed.

And that’s a fascinating twist on the double standards that still exist between men and women. It’s okay to stalk the guy and post all the nude photos of him you want…almost as if he deserves it…but don’t dare touch the poor helpless woman and post topless photos of her.

Interesting take on privacy, too.

What Actually Defines a Twink?

What actually defines a twink can vary as far and wide as to what attracts one person to another. I find Prince Harry extremely attractive, but I’m sure others would disagree with me. And that’s normal, because there are no rules for attraction.

You’d think that it would be simple to define a twink, but it’s not always like that. For instance, one night last summer I was with a group of guys and we were arguing about when “twinkdom” ends. I think you’ve ended you’re twink years at twenty-one. That’s just my opinion and a lot of the others disagreed with me. They seemed to think it was closer to twenty-five, a few said nineteen. But in spite of all this, one thing is for sure in a general sense: there’s a small window of opportunity, and you’re not going to be a twink for long.

It happened so fast for me, I didn’t even know it.

I know a guy in his seventies who thinks a twink can be fifty. So it’s all relative and it all depends on who is making the rules.

When I saw this article I figured I’d share; just to clarify what may or may not define a twink, and to offer an opinion other than my own. And, of course, all this is meant to be taken with tongue-in-cheek. I know a lot of people in their thirties and forties who do the same things that are listed below. There are 39 signs altogether; you can follow the link to read the rest.

What’s the true definition of a twink you may ask? Besides being the homosexual male’s youngest and most hairless sub-species, twinks have a couple of other traits and here’s a quick guide to determine if you can wear the twink badge of (dis)honor. You may be a twink if:

You’ve seen every cycle of America’s Next Top Model at least three times.

You worship Honey Boo Boo and mourn the loss of gay icon Glitzy the Pig.

A typical lunch is a can of Red Bull.

You wear Lady Gaga’s perfume “Fame.”

You can do makeup better than any star of Teen Mom.

You own a jockstrap but you don’t play sports.

You have a One Direction poster.

You respond to all of your tweets with a gif from RealityTVGifs.

You only talk to people who have iPhones.

You watch everything Bravo-related: re-runs of Kathy Griffin’s My Life on The D-List, the Real Housewives, Watch What Happens Live, and Flipping Out.

You’ve had sushi at least once this week.

The Double Standard of Prince Harry and Princess Kate in the Press

When Prince Harry got caught with his pants down last month in Vegas I didn’t hear anyone from the press trying to protect HIS privacy. The Palace made a short statement that basically said nothing, moved forward, and shipped him off on another tour of duty.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are in a position like Harry’s and you take off your clothes, the odds are someone is going to take your photo. He has nothing to worry about.

There’s also nothing wrong with Princess Kate taking off her top to sunbathe. I doubt most people care one way or the other. It’s done all the time in Europe.

But now the press refuses to publish her semi-nude photos and everyone seems to think that’s fine:

Media experts in Britain said concerns that Kate’s privacy had been invaded would likely mean the images wouldn’t be published by the country’s newspapers.

They won’t get published in this country, and if I was still an editor I would not be publishing them,” former News of the World executive editor Neil Wallis told BBC radio. “There’s absolutely no chance whatsoever that they will be published in this country.”

Maybe there are legal issues we’re not hearing about, but as it stands I can’t help thinking this rings of a double standard. And I’m not buying that security issue nonsense they claim was the reason for publishing the nude photos of Harry. They didn’t have to publish those pictures. What I’m seeing is a bottom line: that it’s perfectly fine to invade Prince Harry’s privacy and publish nude photos of him, but don’t touch sweet little Princess Kate and never publish photos of her topless.

I’m all for equal rights for women. And I say if you can publish the nude photos of the man, then you should be able to publish the nude photos of the woman as well. No more double standards for men or women.

You can read more about it here in this article:

Some Praise For Prince Harry Of Wales

I know I shouldn’t be posting superficial photos of the Prince, especially in these times of global intrigue. I should be posting something about Bin Laden. Or something about Shirley Maclaine’s new e-book I’m reading, “I’m Over All That.”

I know everyone’s probably tired of reading about the royal wedding by now…not to mention talking about certain hats I refuse to mention again on the blog.

At the very least, I should be posting something about publishing and books.

But I thought this photo was worth sharing. Oddly enough, I’m a bigger fan of natural photos like this one than I am of outright nude photos or porn. I like it when the photo leaves something to the imagination. And I don’t think this photo would embarrass the Prince at all.

I also think Prince Harry deserves some undivided attention for a change. I don’t know if the photo is real or photoshopped. Looks real to me, and since I’ll never actually meet his royal highness in person, it’s going to have to suffice.

Been Watching the Next Royal Wedding?

I have to admit, I’m a pathetic romantic when it comes to the upcoming royal wedding. I remember waking up at three in the morning as a kid to watch Lady Diana marry Prince Charles. And I’m sure I’ll be up again to watch William’s wedding.

I also enjoy getting a glimpse of Prince Harry. This guy is, in fact, probably the best looking royal that has ever taken a shower in Windsor Castle. And he seems like a nice guy, too. A real man; no pretense. And he looks capable of doing anything he sets out to do.

Here’s the latest I’ve read about the guest list.

LONDON — Soccer star David Beckham will be there with his pop star wife Victoria. Elton John is attending with partner David Furnish. And the Venerable Bogoda Seelawimala will be there too, probably one of the few guests at the wedding of the year wearing orange and burgundy Buddhist robes.

The guest list for the April 29 union of Prince William and Kate Middleton is still being kept secret, but details have begun to leak out, with some coming forward to say they are attending and the Mail on Sunday newspaper claiming to have the official invitation roster.

The palace dismissed the newspaper’s list as speculation Sunday.

It won’t be clear until the day how the royal couple has balanced the protocol demands that they invite statesmen, diplomats, religious leaders, politicians and the like with invitations to the people they really want to see, particularly the crowd they made friends with when they met and fell in love at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Kate Reardon, editor of high-society magazine Tatler, said many prominent Britons acted as if they didn’t really care about receiving an invitation while secretly checking the mail every day to see if the coveted embossed invite had arrived.

“Everyone’s been hoping,” she said.

The Mail on Sunday list describes an eclectic mix – everyone from fabulously wealthy friends of Prince Charles to a favored bartender and a yoga instructor from the Caribbean island of Mustique, long a hideaway for royals and rockers alike.

William and Middleton have showed their modern side by inviting a number of close friends, including some former sweethearts, the newspaper said.

The wedding is not technically a state event, which somewhat limits the protocol requirements applied to the guest list. But royal obligations still dictate that a large number of the 1,900 or so seats go to guests from the world of politics, not actual friends of the couple.

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The couple have also invited many guests from the charities they work with, and Middleton has used her influence to invite the butcher, shopkeeper and pub owner from her home village of Bucklebury.

Some guests, like leading religious figures, have to be invited because of the magnitude of the event, even if they don’t actually have a friendship with the royal family. Seelawimala, for example, has never met the couple, though he certainly hopes to when the big day comes. The head priest at the London Buddhist Vihara monastery has been invited primarily to show the royal family and the British government’s respect for Buddhist tradition.

“I’m very excited and a little bit nervous to take part in such a joyous occasion,” Seelawimala said. “I would like to meet them, but I know they may not have a chance to meet all of their guests.”

He does not plan to wear a business suit or tails, favoring instead his traditional religious robes, which are accepted, as are military uniforms.

Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks also plans to attend, his office said, along with other religious figures. It is expected that the list will include Islamic and Hindu leaders as well as those from other faiths.

Guest lists have a way of expanding. Prime Minister David Cameron, has been invited, of course – so it would have been bad form not to invite Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. The leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, can’t be left out or the royals could be accused of showing favoritism.

The Mail on Sunday said Queen Elizabeth II has invited 50 guests, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla chose another 250, the same number as William and Middleton invited, while Middleton’s family made another 100 invitations. Europe’s royal families, long close to the Windsors, are expected to be well represented.

Sarah Ferguson, former wife of Prince Andrew, has not been invited, but the couple’s two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, are on the list.

Some have declined invitations, including Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper – who is in the middle of an election campaign – and, reportedly, the King of Bahrain, whose country has faced serious unrest. Officials have declined to comment on his plans.

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were not invited and many other international leaders are also expected to be watching on TV, not from a seat at Westminster Abbey.

It is not clear if treasured Brits from the world of stage and screen – and pop music – will be on the list.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, said he does not expect stars like Sean Connery and Paul McCartney to be invited unless they have a real relationship with the royal family.

Elton John has been invited apparently because of his friendship with the late Princess Diana, he said.

“William is trying to do everything he can to honor his late mother at the wedding,” Little said, citing William’s decision to place his late mother’s engagement ring on Middleton’s finger.

“But really we don’t know much. A lot of it is conjecture at this point. And William is not very celebrity oriented. I think there will be a lot of faces at the wedding that we don’t know.”