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Chase of a Lifetime: Preview

Being that “Chase of a Lifetime” will be released this week, fingers crossed because we’re still working on Amazon formatting to make sure it’s right, I figured I’d post a quick preview of the contents. This is from Chapter One. I’ll post more samples after the book is pubbed.

And, in case I didn’t mention any of this, COAL is:

A full length 60,000 word gay erotic romance novel, not a short story or novella.

It’s a .99 e-book that will only be released in digital format at this point.

I did sign up for the Amazon lender program.

Here’s the preview. This is from a pdf and formatting with google blogger often gets mixed up, but I think I adjusted all the formatting errors:

When the pilot announced the plane would be landing in Dallas soon, the man
sitting to the right of Jim Darling leaned over and grabbed Jim’s knee. He did this in a friendly way, with a smile and a joke about how he hated landings and take offs.

The poor guy didn’t have a chance to leave his hand on Jim’s leg for longer than a
second or two, because Jim’s entire body jerked and slanted the instant the man touched him. Jim turned fast, flung the guy a startled glance, and clamped his knees together.Then Jim pressed his palm to his throat and tried not to gasp out loud. He’d been listening to the theme from The Titanic on his phone and hadn’t expected to be touched by the man next to him.

Jim and the guy exchanged confused glances. The guy shrugged and moved so far
away from Jim his left shoulder wound up pressed to the window. Then he buckled his
seatbelt, faced the window, and didn’t look at Jim again.

Jim sat back, buckled his seatbelt, and sighed without making a sound. He rested
his head against the seat and clenched the arm rests until his knuckles turned white. He pretended to look up at the ceiling, but stole a few sideways glances at the guy. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, he wore a dark expensive business suit, and he had thick brown hair that had been styled in an expensive salon. Jim wanted to say something; he didn’t want the guy to think he’d been offended by this gesture. He’d been cruising Jim since they’d boarded the plane in New Jersey. And Jim hadn’t reacted to a single friendly gesture or comment he’d made. At the very least, he should apologize so the guy wouldn’t get the wrong idea and think Jim had rejected him. But the guy looked as if he were so far out of Jim’s league it wouldn’t have mattered one way or the other.

When they’d first sat down next to each other, the guy looked Jim over and said
Jim reminded him of the musician who was the front man for the popular rock group
Maroon 5, Adam Levine, only with lighter hair. Then he started making small talk about how much he hated flying so often. He said he worked in sales for a large pharmaceutical corporation and he didn’t have a choice. He joked about living out of a suitcase and eating too much fast food. He even made small self-deprecating jokes about one night stands and gay bars, casually informing Jim that he preferred men. He kept the conversation light and open so that Jim could jump in at any time and share his own story. But Jim just smiled and sat there staring at the back of the seat in front of him nodding and saying, “Ah well, isn’t that nice.”

It wasn’t that Jim didn’t want to talk to him. Jim took it as a compliment when the
guy said he reminded him of Adam Levine with lighter hair. Other people had said that
recently, too. Jim just didn’t know how to talk to good looking men, especially good
looking men who seemed to be flirting with him. Although people told Jim he looked
good all his life, he’d never believed it completely. He’d recently started getting his hair cut at a better salon, working on his body, and wearing better clothes. The transformation he’d made his last year in college seemed to stun most of the people who knew him. And he hesitated to react to the attention.

Jim had always wanted to be six feet tall and he’d never grown the extra two inches. He’d always wanted thick dark hair; the only way for him to get that would be to dye his sandy brown hair. He often dreamed about having bulging muscles and washboard abs like guys in magazines. He could eat anything he wanted and always maintain a thirty inch waist. He’d never been embarrassed about the size of his penis. But his nose went slightly crooked at the bridge, his brown eyes were a little too small, and his ears stuck out a little just like Adam Levine’s. And when he sat next to guys like this salesman who looked like he’d always wanted to look…perfect…he tended to lose his voice.

He was also an almost twenty-one year old virgin, which didn’t help his self confidence. He’d had plenty of chances to have sex with other men. He’d said no to more guys than he could count. For some reason he couldn’t explain men were always making advances toward him, especially since his recent transformation. He often wondered what they saw that he’d missed. But sex with other men seemed so complicated and dangerous; he needed more time. He worried about sexually transmitted diseases, he wanted to get to know a man before he hopped into bed with him, and everyone else always seemed so much more experienced than he did. A good deal of the time he imagined himself having sex and not knowing what to do once it started. This anxiety alone made him break out in sweat. So he wound up not having sex at all, waiting for the right man to come along that would sweep him off his feet and teach him how to do it right.

When the plane landed in Dallas, Jim and the guy who had been sitting beside
him parted in the airport and Jim knew he’d never see him again. Jim went to baggage
claim, gathered his luggage, and loped out of the airport to meet his father out front. He spotted his father’s long black Mercedes sedan behind a silver mini-van filled with screaming kids, but his father wasn’t driving. A middle aged woman honked the horn and climbed out from behind the steering wheel.