HSN Update, Ravenousromance.com and Malia Sutton

The HSN segments for ravenous romance aired on Monday and Tuesday. Holly Schmidt, one of the partners, did a great job on television and she looked wonderful. I know that Lori Perkins was working backstage and she worked hard helping Holly prepare for the segments.

My blogging buddy, Malia Sutton, author of LOVING DAYLIGHT, was thrilled. LOVING DAYLIGHT sold more copies than she’d ever imagined it would sell this soon, and she’s still basking in the glory of getting national exposure on television. Bloggers have started contacting her for interviews and fans have already started writing to her. Malia’s book was one of the few on ravenous that wasn’t edited for television. Her book was originally written as a very tame, PG rated romance, without explicit sex scenes or foul language. It was about love and happiness, and finding true love within, and, with someone else at the same time. And, there were strong gay characters to offset the main plot.

I’d like to congratulate Malia and everyone else who was part of the project. It was a huge national boost for all the writers at ravenousromance.com, and all the hard work they’ve been doing for the past year.