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RIP, Ginger

I’ve been posting about my publishing friend who is in Key West right now for a couple of weeks. He’s been through hell this past year trying to get his twelve year old little scottie, Ginger, well again.

But I guess this time it was all just too much. She passed away last night, in his arms, after trying to rally back from kidney failure.

This, I swear, is the only hard part about owning a pet. They just don’t live long enough!

Some Good Thoughts for Ginger…

I have a very good friend who works in publishing and divides his time between New Hope, New York, and Key West. And he has an eleven year old Scottish Terrier named Ginger who has been going through a rough time.

First, the poor thing has chronic hepatitis and she’s been living with that for over five years, which means my friend has to cook special meals for her just to keep her alive.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, this summer she was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth and just went through major surgery to have the tumor removed.

The surgery was successful and for the past few months she’s been recovering fine, however, she went into kidney failure last week (for no apparent reason) and she’s been struggling hard to get through it.

And my friend is absolutely devastated. He loves this dog like he’d love his own child if he had one, and he’s been there supporting her all the way. In fact, I’ve never seen such a devoted pet owner in my life. He’s not Donald Trump, but he’s selflessly spent a small fortune on vet bills since last summer. I know. I have two dogs and just going for a check-up is never less than two hundred dollars.

So I’m hoping Ginger goes into a full recovery, for her sake and for the sake of my friend. They’ve been through so much it this past year.