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Finding Prince Charming Cast Is Livid; AIDS Death Threats For Spain’s Gay Football Referee; Peter Thiel, Donald Trump, and Supreme Court Nomination

Finding Prince Charming Cast Is Livid

I posted about Finding Prince Charming series star Robert Sepulveda Jr. being a former male escort here. Well here’s a story about how the rest of the cast feels about his past. And as is typical of these PC judgmental times in which we are living, none of them were willing to speak openly about it.

 Another contestant echoed this sentiment, as well as the insistence that their name not be used: “There are videos of Robert out there that are quite disgusting,” said Mr. Mysterioso. “Now I’m associated with him. Try explaining that your mother.”

“Quite disgusting.”


I guess I don’t understand why they’re so “livid.” It’s a reality show, not a live broadcast from the Vatican. 

You can check this out here.

AIDS Death Threats For Spain’s Openly Gay Football Referee

The only openly gay football referee in Spain, Jesús Tomillero, received tons of death threats in May so he took a short hiatus, understandably. Now that he’s returned to work, it’s grown even worse.

Shortly after the match, the death threats on social media began pouring in.

“You son of a bitch,” read one. “You messed with the wrong club. We’ll kill you with Aids, you faggot.”

Here’s the rest. Tomillero is scared, but he’s quoted saying that he will continue doing what he loves to do in spite of these homophobic attacks. There’s a photo of him with the link. He’s very nice looking guy, and it just guts me when I see things like this happening to other gay men.

Peter Thiel, Donald Trump, and Supreme Court Nomination

I saw this trending earlier this week but I didn’t see any details about it. According to this article, there’s “absolutely no truth” to the rumors that Donald Trump will offer Peter Thiel a seat on the Supreme Court.

However, this is what has been trending.

A source close to the Trump campaign says the Republican nominee for President “deeply loves Peter Thiel” and thinks that he would make an excellent Supreme Court justice. So much so that he may have already offered him a spot, should he be elected to the oval office.

There’s more here.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


Nick Denton, Peter Thiel, Gawker, and Hulk Hogan; Gay Guys and Straight Guy Arm Pits; Girls In Gay Bars

Nick Denton, Peter Thiel, Gawker, and Hulk Hogan

There was a new twist to the Hulk Hogan/Gawker lawsuit that I posted about last month. Peter Thiel, billionaire and paypal co-founder, has been funding Hogan’s lawyers behind the scenes…and for alleged reasons that date back.  I’m not getting into the legalities, allegations, or the opinions here. But I am linking.

Denton wants this to happen:

I’m going to suggest an alternative approach. The best regulation for speech, in a free society, is more speech. We each claim to respect independent journalism, and liberty. We each have criticisms of the other’s methods and objectives. Now you have revealed yourself, let us have an open and public debate. The court cases will proceed as long as you fund them. And I am sure the war of headlines will continue. But, even if we put down weapons just for a brief truce, let us have a more constructive exchange.

This one really gets into a lot of issues, including free speech and outing. You can read more about it all here.

Once again, with free speech there are always consequences…and opinions.

Someone in the comments said this…

Freedom of the press does not give the press license to cross boundaries involving private behavior. The same principle is at stake when women complain about the posting of nude selfies that were stolen from their cell phones.

I’ve posted my thoughts a few times on Gawker stories over the years. 

Gay Guys and Straight Guy Arm Pits

I doubt it’s a secret to anyone that gay men love arm pits, and this only makes things a little more intense.

Someone posted this on reddit…

“I want to bury my face in a straight guy’s armpit,” the man confesses. “I want to worship a part of his body that he’s been trained to think of as dirty or undesirable. I want to inhale his scent and make him feel pleasure in a way he’s never thought about before.”

And then straight men responded to it in various ways.

You can check that out here.

I actually believe this is part of gay culture…a small part, but it’s still there.

Girls In Gay Bars

Here’s more about the topic of girls going to gay bars…and how they behave there.

This week’s entry from Johnny Sibilly (which, OK, is also technically not a meme but if you can’t tell, we’re going to be very loose with that definition) falls in the “funny because it’s true” camp.

Look, we love that queer spaces are inclusive spaces, and we would never, ever tell someone they can’t or shouldn’t enjoy a night out at a fabulous gay venue. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to raise our eyebrows any less when we bump into this kind of behavior head-on in the wild.

You can check that out here, where there is a video that parodies how some of these women act in a gay bar. And I use parody loosely because I have seen this before in gay bars.

The comments get even more honest…and a little bit mean.

Then again, not all women do behave this way in gay bars…I have seen that before, too.


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