Christmas Ideas: Kobo e-ink Reader…Can E-books Be As Personal As Print Books?

Since I posted about the Nook, I figured I’d provide a link for the Kobo e-ink reader.
I do own one of these and I love it. I have no complaints. It’s simple to use and for me it provides a very personalized digital reading experience. In fact, this comfortable, personal “feeling” was the last thing I expected when I bought this e-reader.

The personal aspect is something readers don’t hear about often. We read books, for the most part, for entertainment and comfort. And I think it’s important to mention this part of the experience when making the switch from print books to e-books. I know I hesitated about e-books for a long time because the concept of reading digital books seemed so impersonal. When my first Kobo e-ink reader came in I left it sitting on the desk for almost two weeks.

But when I finally sat down and started reading, I actually found the reading experience itself to be personal and comfortable. I now prefer it to print books because it’s more comfortable, and can’t imagine going back to reading print books unless it is absolutely necessary.