Ah Well, Facebook Again?

It’s Sunday night. I started my leaf clean up today, which is a part of my life that will last from now until December. I have trees. A lot of trees: three acres of them. And I love each and everyone and I’m by no means complaining.

But after working outside all day, I wanted to sit down, relax, and go through my news feed on facebook tonight. I haven’t had much time to do much with social networks because of deadlines and new releases. And what did I find? A scathing rant about politics. And it was posted by someone with whom I’ve worked in e-publishing but never actually met in person.

As much as I like the guy on a professional level, I clicked onto his profile, scrolled down, and quickly defriended him from my list.

Facebook is a social network for enjoyment. I love when people post about public services, like my friend Ryan. He’s always posting about animal welfare and lgbt issues. But he does it in a positive way, and I know he works hard dedicating his life to these issues.

But when I read a raging political rant on facebook, by someone I know isn’t doing anything or working to make the cause he’s ranting about any better, I lose patience. Facebook is not a platform, and it’s not a place where people want to read negative posts or political rants. It’s a place where people want to relax, learn a few things, and have fun. If you want to rant, take the time to start a blog and rant away. But don’t do it in my face (smile).