More Glendale E-Pub; Viral Gay Kiss Leads to Marriage; How Hillary Clinton "Evolved" on Gay Marriage

More Glendale E-Pub

After I posted about starting up Glendale E-pub Services, I received more than a few e-mails with questions about just what the service offers.

Here’s one response I sent to someone who e-mailed me, an author I’ve been corresponding with for quite a while. His e-publisher is shuttering in a few months he’s looking into what it might take to indie publish his books when he gets the rights back. This was something that happened to me, and it’s happening to a lot of other authors right now.

Please take into consideration that nothing about this is written in stone. The whole concept behind this service is to work with each individual author, at affordable fees, so they can publish their own work and retain their own rights. 

Glendale e-pub is more like a service where authors can publish than an actual publishing house. In other words, authors retain their own rights and control their own royalty payments, in full. Glendale works in partnership with the author to help the author get the book published either on Amazon or as many venues as they can.


There are flat fees that are affordable and each author gets what works best for them. Everyone is different and some people prefer to only publish on Amazon. Others prefer to distribute widely. The most important thing is that the author gets complete control of his/her own work and Glendale manages that for them in the initial stages.


The reason we started Glendale is because I’ve seen so many “services” that promise the world, charge far too much, and basically rip authors off. I’ve done a lot of indie publishing myself in the past four years and I’ve learned everything through trial and error. Glendale is an alternative for new authors, authors who have lost their publishers for whatever reason, or authors with back list books who want them published again. Every author is an individual.


Most of all, Glendale welcomes all authors of all genres. It’s not like querying and there is no bias. It’s more of a first come first serve basis. We don’t like to rush things and we don’t judge anyone’s content. We believe the readers can do that. It’s not our job to do that 🙂 
If you have questions you can submit them through the web site here, or e-mail me with “Glendale E-publishing Services” in the subject line, here…
Viral Gay Kiss Leads to Marriage
A few years ago a gay kiss with a marine went viral,  and these two guys recently got married. I remember thinking, at the time, what a novelty it was to see something like this go viral.
Marine Sergeant Brandon Morgan tied the knot with Dalan Wells last week — a milestone they couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.
 In 2012, just four months after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell went into effect, Morgan and Wells became a viral sensation and symbol of a new era when a photo of the two embracing made the rounds.

You can check this out here, with photos. When you see the photo that went viral I’m sure most of you will remember it. I think it surfaced on Facebook for weeks because people couldn’t get enough of it. It’s nice to see a RL happy ending for a change. 

How Hillary Clinton “Evolved” On Gay Marriage

I remember this one, too. There was an article out a few years ago about how Chelsea Clinton helped Hillary Clinton “evolve” on gay marriage. I can’t find it, but I do remember reading it somewhere. At the time, I rolled my eyes. 

You see, this really bothers me. The world “evolve.” So you’re telling me that you had to come to the conclusion that I deserved the same equal rights you have had all your life? It was that hard for you to do? And you’re not even hesitating when you say this?

The former (and possibly future) first child sat down with Ellen, and wouldn’t you know it, Hillary’s much-discussed stance on gay rights came up. Chelsea told Ellen that she “absolutely” pushed her mom to support gay marriage.

She had to PUSH her? 

“When I got married in 2010 to my best friend it just crystallized so fundamentally to me that everyone should be allowed to marry their best friend,” Clinton said. “And so I joined the equal marriage fight in New York and we got equal marriage in New York in 2011.”

Sometimes I think it’s better not to say anything at all. This is one of those times.

As usual, I read the comments with this link after I wrote the post. I’m always curious about whether or not I’m the only one who feels a certain way. Most seem to feel the same way I do on this one. 
To be fair, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are not the only people coming from places of privilege who have made statements about “evolving.” Others have done it, too, and I think someone should tell them. 
No matter how you look at this, it’s a form of passive aggressive homophobia. 
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Video of Chelsea Gay Bashing; Chris Hemsworth’s Fake Penis; Presumed Top, Andy Cohen; Don’t Insult the Amish

Video of Chelsea Gay Bashing

This amazes me. I know Chelsea, I have friends in Chelsea, and my own brother lives in Chelsea. I spent Mother’s Day last year in Chelsea when my mom had cancer surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering. For all intents and purposes, it’s one of the few places in the US where gay people usually feel completely safe. Think WeHo on the other coast.

Until now.

You’d never expect for this kind of thing to go down in the very gay-friendly (if not gay dominant) Chelsea neighborhood in New York City, but at 11:10 pm on Tuesday, May 6th, a gay couple was viciously attacked inside of Dallas BBQ.

Jonathan Snipes, 32, says that he and his boyfriend, Ethan York-Adams, 25, were targeted specifically because they’re gay.

They were bashed over the head with a wooden chair, thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked by two men shouting anti-gay slurs.

You can check out the video footage here and there’s more about the story.  

I’ve been noticing something interesting in the gay community lately. We’re not so willing to take it anymore.  There’s a hashtag on Twitter that says #thatssostraight, in reply to whenever someone tweets “that’s so gay.” So you never really know who you’re fucking with nowadays 🙂

As for those of you  who think everything is so wonderful now for gays, maybe this will give you something to really think about.

Chris Hemsworth’s Fake Penis

You know how all the gay presses are talking about the trailer for the remake of Vacation because there’s a scene where Chris Hemsworth shows off this huge penis in a pair of gray underwear?  Well I think it’s safe to say they are all promotional advertorials and this is all parody. Hollywood knows better than anyone how to attract and pander to gays.

Of course I could be wrong, but I have never once seen a straight actor who was THAT well endowed show it off in quite that way. There are, indeed, some straight male actors who take more selfies before nine in the morning each day than most of us take in a lifetime, but rarely will you ever see penis like that exposed so openly. 

OK, so they’re remaking Vacation and Chevy Chase Wally World blah blah, can’t wait it’s gonna be a hoot.

But let’s talk about what’s really important — Chris Hemsworth at the end of this trailer giving us a hell of a lot more than an angry inch.

Yes. There you go. The “angry inch.” Advertorial at its best.

You can view the trailer here. Actually, I probably will see this movie because it does look funny. But in spite of this advertorial, not because of it.

Don’t forget about the comments.

Presumed Top, Andy Cohen

The only reason I’m posting about this right now is because I’m hoping to show people how ridiculous it is. This is not the way it works in the gay world. I’m not even sure this is an advertorial, but it should be if it isn’t. It has that cheesy advertorial quality…even though Andy Cohen is far more ham than cheese.

That’s right, the former boy band member and the Bravo TV personality once took off all their clothes, got into bed, and achieved orgasms together. And since it’s already been confirmed by Anderson Cooper that Cohen is a total top, we can pretty much imagine precisely how the whole thing played out.

In a special one-on-one interview with Real Housewives of New York City cast member Sonja Morgan, Cohen dishes on all sorts of stuff, including his hookup with Bass, as well as his favorite celebrity crush (Zac Efron), the craziest place he ever had sex (under the stands at Hollywood High School), and the last time he had sex (Sunday morning).
If Andy Cohen is a “total” top chocolate is a food group, and that really shouldn’t even matter. There’s really no way to know whether or not any gay man is a top or a bottom. It’s just not that simple. I know this is all supposed to be light and funny, but try joking around about African Americans this way, or any minority, in this highly racial climate, and see how far that gets you. When do gay people get the same respect, and when do some gay people focus on self-respect?!?

This comment says it all:
I’m surprised he didn’t bend over and show his assshole. He revealed just about everything else.

And then there’s this:

Am I the only one who thinks Queerty’s obsession with “he’s a top”, “he’s a bottom”, is more than a little strange? Isn’t it enough to say (if Queerty has to gossip) “Andy Cohen and Lance Bass hooked up”?

The interesting thing about the comment section is that it seems to be mostly gay men leaving opinions. And it’s only interesting because I’m certain that segment with Andy Cohen was not geared toward gay men, but toward a heteronormative audience who find gay people “amusing.”

Don’t Insult the Amish

I have only one link to this part of this post. It’s to a previous post I wrote a while back about Amish culture and thoughts from a gay Amish man. Since the time I posted that guest post, I’ve remained in constant contact with the author, to the point where we e-mail each other at least four times a week. It’s a friendship I didn’t expect, but one that I treasure and handle with absolute discretion. We talk about everything from the more serious aspects of gay culture, to normal family issues we’re both dealing with, to how the “English” always misrepresent Amish people in such insulting ways.

One issue my Amish friend has is with Amish romance. He tells me that Amish people laugh when they hear about Amish romance, or they get insulted when someone who is “English” tries to appropriate their culture in a frivolous way. Mostly, because it’s never done well. It’s always twisted and dramatized for the sake of exploitation and monetary gain.  

Of course there are other issues we discuss, but the main point I’m trying to make is that I knew very little about Amish culture until I met this person. And what I’ve learned in the past few years is that there are several different communities of Amish people, some more conservative than others. Although I can’t go into detail about anything we discuss because it would be a violation of confidence, there are Amish people who have access to technology at certain times and they use it wisely.

So the only thing you really need to know is that you don’t know everything about Amish culture, and when you think you do you’re probably insulting someone who is Amish. I’m still learning, and still trying not to insult Amish people with posts like this.  

 Five Star Amazon Review!!
I loved this book and found the plot to be very exciting! This book is full of twists and turns along with being a romance. Proctor and Blair are a great duo. They own a detective agency and are called to duty in their next big case. Issac went missing and he is a celebrity and model. Nobody really knows what happened and Proctor and Blair are called in to complete the case. Issac had something special about him that makes Proctor and Blair wonder. While they try to solve the case, they get more intimately involved with each other. I loved how fast moving the pace was and the story grabbed my attention! This is quite the romance and it’s a mystery that will keep you on your toes. I hope that the author will continue the series. 


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