More Glendale E-Pub; Viral Gay Kiss Leads to Marriage; How Hillary Clinton "Evolved" on Gay Marriage

More Glendale E-Pub

After I posted about starting up Glendale E-pub Services, I received more than a few e-mails with questions about just what the service offers.

Here’s one response I sent to someone who e-mailed me, an author I’ve been corresponding with for quite a while. His e-publisher is shuttering in a few months he’s looking into what it might take to indie publish his books when he gets the rights back. This was something that happened to me, and it’s happening to a lot of other authors right now.

Please take into consideration that nothing about this is written in stone. The whole concept behind this service is to work with each individual author, at affordable fees, so they can publish their own work and retain their own rights. 

Glendale e-pub is more like a service where authors can publish than an actual publishing house. In other words, authors retain their own rights and control their own royalty payments, in full. Glendale works in partnership with the author to help the author get the book published either on Amazon or as many venues as they can.


There are flat fees that are affordable and each author gets what works best for them. Everyone is different and some people prefer to only publish on Amazon. Others prefer to distribute widely. The most important thing is that the author gets complete control of his/her own work and Glendale manages that for them in the initial stages.


The reason we started Glendale is because I’ve seen so many “services” that promise the world, charge far too much, and basically rip authors off. I’ve done a lot of indie publishing myself in the past four years and I’ve learned everything through trial and error. Glendale is an alternative for new authors, authors who have lost their publishers for whatever reason, or authors with back list books who want them published again. Every author is an individual.


Most of all, Glendale welcomes all authors of all genres. It’s not like querying and there is no bias. It’s more of a first come first serve basis. We don’t like to rush things and we don’t judge anyone’s content. We believe the readers can do that. It’s not our job to do that 🙂 
If you have questions you can submit them through the web site here, or e-mail me with “Glendale E-publishing Services” in the subject line, here…
Viral Gay Kiss Leads to Marriage
A few years ago a gay kiss with a marine went viral,  and these two guys recently got married. I remember thinking, at the time, what a novelty it was to see something like this go viral.
Marine Sergeant Brandon Morgan tied the knot with Dalan Wells last week — a milestone they couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.
 In 2012, just four months after the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell went into effect, Morgan and Wells became a viral sensation and symbol of a new era when a photo of the two embracing made the rounds.

You can check this out here, with photos. When you see the photo that went viral I’m sure most of you will remember it. I think it surfaced on Facebook for weeks because people couldn’t get enough of it. It’s nice to see a RL happy ending for a change. 

How Hillary Clinton “Evolved” On Gay Marriage

I remember this one, too. There was an article out a few years ago about how Chelsea Clinton helped Hillary Clinton “evolve” on gay marriage. I can’t find it, but I do remember reading it somewhere. At the time, I rolled my eyes. 

You see, this really bothers me. The world “evolve.” So you’re telling me that you had to come to the conclusion that I deserved the same equal rights you have had all your life? It was that hard for you to do? And you’re not even hesitating when you say this?

The former (and possibly future) first child sat down with Ellen, and wouldn’t you know it, Hillary’s much-discussed stance on gay rights came up. Chelsea told Ellen that she “absolutely” pushed her mom to support gay marriage.

She had to PUSH her? 

“When I got married in 2010 to my best friend it just crystallized so fundamentally to me that everyone should be allowed to marry their best friend,” Clinton said. “And so I joined the equal marriage fight in New York and we got equal marriage in New York in 2011.”

Sometimes I think it’s better not to say anything at all. This is one of those times.

As usual, I read the comments with this link after I wrote the post. I’m always curious about whether or not I’m the only one who feels a certain way. Most seem to feel the same way I do on this one. 
To be fair, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are not the only people coming from places of privilege who have made statements about “evolving.” Others have done it, too, and I think someone should tell them. 
No matter how you look at this, it’s a form of passive aggressive homophobia. 
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Video of Chelsea Gay Bashing; Chris Hemsworth’s Fake Penis; Presumed Top, Andy Cohen; Don’t Insult the Amish

Video of Chelsea Gay Bashing

This amazes me. I know Chelsea, I have friends in Chelsea, and my own brother lives in Chelsea. I spent Mother’s Day last year in Chelsea when my mom had cancer surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering. For all intents and purposes, it’s one of the few places in the US where gay people usually feel completely safe. Think WeHo on the other coast.

Until now.

You’d never expect for this kind of thing to go down in the very gay-friendly (if not gay dominant) Chelsea neighborhood in New York City, but at 11:10 pm on Tuesday, May 6th, a gay couple was viciously attacked inside of Dallas BBQ.

Jonathan Snipes, 32, says that he and his boyfriend, Ethan York-Adams, 25, were targeted specifically because they’re gay.

They were bashed over the head with a wooden chair, thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked by two men shouting anti-gay slurs.

You can check out the video footage here and there’s more about the story.  

I’ve been noticing something interesting in the gay community lately. We’re not so willing to take it anymore.  There’s a hashtag on Twitter that says #thatssostraight, in reply to whenever someone tweets “that’s so gay.” So you never really know who you’re fucking with nowadays 🙂

As for those of you  who think everything is so wonderful now for gays, maybe this will give you something to really think about.

Chris Hemsworth’s Fake Penis

You know how all the gay presses are talking about the trailer for the remake of Vacation because there’s a scene where Chris Hemsworth shows off this huge penis in a pair of gray underwear?  Well I think it’s safe to say they are all promotional advertorials and this is all parody. Hollywood knows better than anyone how to attract and pander to gays.

Of course I could be wrong, but I have never once seen a straight actor who was THAT well endowed show it off in quite that way. There are, indeed, some straight male actors who take more selfies before nine in the morning each day than most of us take in a lifetime, but rarely will you ever see penis like that exposed so openly. 

OK, so they’re remaking Vacation and Chevy Chase Wally World blah blah, can’t wait it’s gonna be a hoot.

But let’s talk about what’s really important — Chris Hemsworth at the end of this trailer giving us a hell of a lot more than an angry inch.

Yes. There you go. The “angry inch.” Advertorial at its best.

You can view the trailer here. Actually, I probably will see this movie because it does look funny. But in spite of this advertorial, not because of it.

Don’t forget about the comments.

Presumed Top, Andy Cohen

The only reason I’m posting about this right now is because I’m hoping to show people how ridiculous it is. This is not the way it works in the gay world. I’m not even sure this is an advertorial, but it should be if it isn’t. It has that cheesy advertorial quality…even though Andy Cohen is far more ham than cheese.

That’s right, the former boy band member and the Bravo TV personality once took off all their clothes, got into bed, and achieved orgasms together. And since it’s already been confirmed by Anderson Cooper that Cohen is a total top, we can pretty much imagine precisely how the whole thing played out.

In a special one-on-one interview with Real Housewives of New York City cast member Sonja Morgan, Cohen dishes on all sorts of stuff, including his hookup with Bass, as well as his favorite celebrity crush (Zac Efron), the craziest place he ever had sex (under the stands at Hollywood High School), and the last time he had sex (Sunday morning).
If Andy Cohen is a “total” top chocolate is a food group, and that really shouldn’t even matter. There’s really no way to know whether or not any gay man is a top or a bottom. It’s just not that simple. I know this is all supposed to be light and funny, but try joking around about African Americans this way, or any minority, in this highly racial climate, and see how far that gets you. When do gay people get the same respect, and when do some gay people focus on self-respect?!?

This comment says it all:
I’m surprised he didn’t bend over and show his assshole. He revealed just about everything else.

And then there’s this:

Am I the only one who thinks Queerty’s obsession with “he’s a top”, “he’s a bottom”, is more than a little strange? Isn’t it enough to say (if Queerty has to gossip) “Andy Cohen and Lance Bass hooked up”?

The interesting thing about the comment section is that it seems to be mostly gay men leaving opinions. And it’s only interesting because I’m certain that segment with Andy Cohen was not geared toward gay men, but toward a heteronormative audience who find gay people “amusing.”

Don’t Insult the Amish

I have only one link to this part of this post. It’s to a previous post I wrote a while back about Amish culture and thoughts from a gay Amish man. Since the time I posted that guest post, I’ve remained in constant contact with the author, to the point where we e-mail each other at least four times a week. It’s a friendship I didn’t expect, but one that I treasure and handle with absolute discretion. We talk about everything from the more serious aspects of gay culture, to normal family issues we’re both dealing with, to how the “English” always misrepresent Amish people in such insulting ways.

One issue my Amish friend has is with Amish romance. He tells me that Amish people laugh when they hear about Amish romance, or they get insulted when someone who is “English” tries to appropriate their culture in a frivolous way. Mostly, because it’s never done well. It’s always twisted and dramatized for the sake of exploitation and monetary gain.  

Of course there are other issues we discuss, but the main point I’m trying to make is that I knew very little about Amish culture until I met this person. And what I’ve learned in the past few years is that there are several different communities of Amish people, some more conservative than others. Although I can’t go into detail about anything we discuss because it would be a violation of confidence, there are Amish people who have access to technology at certain times and they use it wisely.

So the only thing you really need to know is that you don’t know everything about Amish culture, and when you think you do you’re probably insulting someone who is Amish. I’m still learning, and still trying not to insult Amish people with posts like this.  

 Five Star Amazon Review!!
I loved this book and found the plot to be very exciting! This book is full of twists and turns along with being a romance. Proctor and Blair are a great duo. They own a detective agency and are called to duty in their next big case. Issac went missing and he is a celebrity and model. Nobody really knows what happened and Proctor and Blair are called in to complete the case. Issac had something special about him that makes Proctor and Blair wonder. While they try to solve the case, they get more intimately involved with each other. I loved how fast moving the pace was and the story grabbed my attention! This is quite the romance and it’s a mystery that will keep you on your toes. I hope that the author will continue the series. 


Gay Tricking and Leaving Gracefully; Gay Men And Straight Women Debacle; Top Jock This Year

Gay Tricking and Leaving Gracefully

I’ll admit a lot has changed for gay men in the past decade. There’s been a great deal of assimilation thanks to TV shows like Modern Family and aggressive gay personalities like Neil Patrick Harris who will do anything for attention and money. The gay bar is practically dead, and the gay ghetto is a place where only people over a certain age go to live…and that’s even changing. And there’s nothing wrong with all of this, not by a long shot. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that gay men cruise, they still pick up tricks, they still have one night stands, and they take off as soon as the sex is over. Thank you very much; I’ll call you sometime.

This article talks about how to make a graceful exit after one of those one night stands with a trick you hardly remember. In some cases I would imagine it’s the old one hour stand.

Ah, the blacked-out one night stand — a rite of passage for any self-disrespecting gay man with a penchant for destructive behavior. It’s the kind of story that kills it in the dorm cafeteria between rounds of everlasting pizza dipped in ranch, but as you get older and the story stays the same, it starts to sound a lot less cute.

There’s more here, with a video from Go-Go Boy Interrupted. I thought it was funny and it’s refreshing to see things like this that break the stereotypes everyone’s always seen on TV shows like Sex and the City. It’s also refreshing to see more gay men being represented in different ways.

Gay Men and Straight Women Friends Debacle

I want to begin this part of the post by stating I’ve always had many different types of friends. Straight women and straight men, lesbians and gay men. My friends vary in age, too. And to be honest, like most gay men, I never gave this next topic much thought. But when I saw this post today I couldn’t just ignore it. I even left my own comment at the bottom and I rarely ever do that. It just bothered me so much because it’s so wrong on so many levels. It’s not only insulting to women and gay men, it perpetuates the worst stereotypes for both.

First, the title of the post reads this way:  Why Gay Men and Straight Women Make The Best of Friends: 4 Great Reasons. The title alone screams UGH! And then the article goes into why, according to this guy, gay men and straight women are best friends.

Get this crap:

You see, the trusted “gay best friend” helps offset the frustration of navigating a world of bitchy girls and bozo boys, and of course we empathize with your raging, mood-swingy hormones, too. (Well, everything except those menstrual cycles. We’re not quite sure what to do with those even though we have our own version of them). So, why is a gay guy a great friend to have around? For several reasons: 

We Admire and Adore You
Let’s start with a confession … we gay men/boys dig you girls way more then we let on. We’re actually kind of jealous of you. Not because you get all the great fashion. Our jealousy comes from the fact that your feminine energy has a way of making the male species become putty in your hands. True, we can do that, too, just not as well as you can. And, we watch you a lot. We’re dying to learn all your tricks for manipulating guys into doing anything you want. (Of course, let’s be truthful girls, manipulation shouldn’t be something we’re proud of unless it means manipulating a better deal on a pair of shoes … right?)

I’ve read a lot of douchebaggery and WTF-ery in my day. I’ve seen more than my fair share of insulting discussions about gay men on book blogs that focus on romance. But this one makes the top ten of all time. “Raging, mood-swingy hormones?” “We’re dying to learn all your tricks” And that’s just a tip of what this douchecanoe, Rick Clemons, wrote on the topic of gay men and straight women.

I suggest you read it all just for the sake of seeing how the wrong people get pubbed over at Huff Po sometimes. I just hope younger gay men don’t take any of this seriously. They make us all look like a freak show. I could post pages about how wrong this is, and talk about how it insults women and promotes passive aggressive homophobia by objectifying gay men and turning them into pet poodles. But when I read the other comments I could see that sometimes it’s just best to keep it all plain and simple…here’s one comment:
 Wrong. Sorry, just wrong on so many levels.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to run over to my best girlfriend’s house to braid her hair while we talk about Debbie Macomber books and cry. NOT

Top Jock This Year

This article is commenting on how gays are making headway in sports and equality…even though Michael Sam is still having his issues. There’s a list of the most popular who made headlines. And you can vote for whomever your personal favorite might be. I’m leaning toward a few I won’t mention aloud. But one of them has always been someone I admired…Billy Bean.

Is it former major league outfielder Billy Bean, who was appointed by Major League Baseball this year to level the playing field for gay players, baseball personnel and fans?

Is it Chris Kluwe, the non-gay punter and advocate who exposed the homophobia of his former team, the Minnesota Vikings?

The courageous Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL?

Here’s a link to the article, where there’s another link to vote. I think you can vote every day until 11/2/14.

Ring My Bells by Ryan Field

.99 Gay E-book

Free Gay Excerpt: Too Hard to Handle; Gay Republican Accused in Sex Assault; Zach Rance Gay For You Story

Gay Republican Accused in Sex Assault

I’ve posted about this guy before as an openly gay Republican running for congress. In spite of the reality, this is still something of a novelty to most people. People automatically assume all LGBTI people in the US are Democrats, which isn’t always the case. In fact, I’m seeing a lot of younger gay men “come out” as Republicans who are liberal on social issues and more conservative fiscally.

In any event, this isn’t about politics, at least not in a literal, debatable sense. A gay Republican, Carl DeMaio, is running for congress and he’s been accused of sexual assault by a former staff member, Todd Bosnich. 

Todd Bosnich
Todd Bosnich

Bosnich, who is also gay, claimed in a CNN interview that DeMaio called him into his office and masturbated in front of him, made inappropriate advances, massaging and kissing his neck, and groping him. 

On one occasion last April, Bosnich said he arrived early at campaign headquarters and was called by DeMaio to go to his office. 

When he got there, he found the door open and saw DeMaio masturbating. ‘I saw his hand, his penis in his hand and he had a smile on his face. And as soon as I came over he was looking at me,’ he was quoted as saying by CNN.

You can read the rest here.   There’s a photo of DeMaio and he’s a nice looking guy in that cub sort of way.

Zach Rance Gay For You Story

This is the guy I’ve posted about before who was having an interesting relationship with an openly gay guy in the Big Brother house this summer. The cute sickening name for this is “Bromance.” His name is Zach Rance and he’s speaking about the bromance experience he shared with Frankie Grande, the gay houseguest. Notice how he makes a point of telling us he’s “obviously straight.” I don’t really get that. Why is it so obvious? Rock Hudson was “obviously straight” for years, and I could name hundreds more like that.

‘I’m obviously straight, I’ve made that clear millions of times,’ Rance tells 

Good for you, Zach. We’re all thrilled. 

‘The fact that I was cuddling with a gay guy, giving him a massage . . . you know, let’s be real – guys give other guys massages. It’s not a big deal. I don’t care that he was gay. I was never afraid that he would try to kiss me. If he tried to kiss me, I would have said, “no, it’s not like that,” and I would have continued to be friends with him.’ 

Good for you again, Zach. We all thank you for your support. 

Rance thinks their affection for each other might inspire more such bromances.

Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard Zach, it’s bad for the shoulder. I’ve had straight male friends long before Zach Rance came around and so have most of the gay men I know.

‘I feel like I was kind of a role model for some people on the show who might look at me and say, “Wow, Zach’s a really cool guy and he’s best friends with a gay guy, so why can’t I be best friends with a gay guy?” We don’t know the impact it’s going to have on the world, but it’ll definitely be a positive one.’

It’s only going to be positive to those who don’t understand the meaning of passive aggressive homophobia. The rest of the world is wondering WTF, dude! 

For his part, Grande told Out last week said of the relationship: ‘…There’s definitely an attraction. Absolutely. … Both ways. For sure. Zach kept saying, “I wish I were gay so I could be with you,” and I was eventually like, “Yeah, I wish you were gay, too.”’

I could probably rant on this topic and these comments until the middle of next week. But I’m not going to do that. Even though I don’t think he knows it, every comment Rance made is an example of passive aggressive homophobia and an insult to all LGBTI people. If you have to ask why, does it matter?

You can read more here.  Guys like Rance need to learn a lot more about this passive aggressive homophobia. The kind that still promotes shame, and treats us as if we’re not as good as they are…at least if he’s going to consider himself a role model.

The saddest part of it all is that there will still be people who don’t realize why I commented the way I just did. Look at it this way. How would it sound if Rance was gay and Grande was straight and Rance made those exact same comments?

Free Excerpt: Too Hard to Handle by Ryan Field

Here’s an unpublished excerpt from the latest book in the Glendora Hill series, Too Hard to Handle. Please keep in mind these excerpts never before published are from the original raw manuscripts because they format better on google blogger.One thing I get into with this book is how “gay” cowboys were treated in the early days of the old wild west. It’s not a history book, but I make a few observations I thought were important.

Too Hard to Handle
by Ryan Field

He threw a pair of shorts on, and then grabbed T-shirt and running shoes. When he reached the back staircase that would lead him to the kitchen, he stopped midway down the steps, took a deep breath to calm down, and put on his shirt and shoes. After that, he headed down the steps with calm even moves so no one would ask him questions.  It was later than usual for him to get up and he knew his dads would both be in the kitchen by then. He wanted to go outside through the side door without being seen by anyone so he could hop in the car and go looking for Cass.
            At that moment, he felt a combination of frustration and anger. Frustration because he didn’t know what to expect next with Cass, and anger because he had a feeling Cass had run out on him and he’d never get a chance to do this TV show. As much as he did like being with Cass in every sense, he’d begun to admit to himself that getting this TV segment could improve his career as a web caster and lead to more opportunities in the future. The only thing about it he didn’t love was that he had to be on camera with Cass. He would have preferred to do something behind the scenes where he felt more comfortable.  
            As he reached the bottom of the staircase, he heard his dads talking in the kitchen. He was about to turn right in the hallway to head toward the library without being seen when he noticed something unusual. His dads weren’t talking the way they normally did in the morning. They were louder and their voices were more animated. He stood and waited to see if he could listen to what they were saying.
            Sebastian laughed at something.
            His other dad, Avery, laughed even louder.
            Then Dan pressed his palm to his chest and leaned back into the wall when he heard Cass say, “That’s only one short story about my life as an openly gay cowboy. I’m just a simple good old gay cowboy who likes to move around a lot to keep things real.” Cass was really laying it on thick, too. He spoke with his most exaggerated Texas cowboy accent, to the point of being the worst south western stereotype. And Dan’s two dads seemed to love every moment of it.
            For a moment, Dan stood there with his mouth open and his eyes wide. He wasn’t sure what to do now. He finally realized he had no choice. He had to go into the kitchen, face them all, and figure out what Cass had told them about being in the house.
            He took a quick breath and turned toward the kitchen. When he entered he found them all sitting at the long harvest table in the dining area of the huge elaborate kitchen and Cass was facing him.
            The moment he entered, Cass pointed and said, “There’s our boy.” He sent Dan a smug smile. “Did you get your beauty sleep, cowboy?”
            Dan sent him a look and said, “I slept just fine, thank you.”
            “Good,” Cass said. He turned toward Sebastian and poked him in the arm with his elbow and laughed again. “I was worried my snoring might keep you all up. I already explained to your dads, Dan, that you were nice enough to let me spend the night in that fantastic guest bedroom next to your bedroom.” He turned to Sebastian, and then to Avery. “And I’d really like to thank you men for letting me crash here last night. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep like that since Clinton was President.”
            For some reason Dan couldn’t fathom, his dads found that comment laughable. In fact, anything Cass said or did made them smile or laugh.
            Sebastian ignored Dan and said, “Don’t think twice about it, Cass. We’re honored to have you as our guest for as long as you want to stay.”
            Avery squared his back and said, “That’s right, Cass. You can stay as long as you want. We love having you here.”
            Dan knew he’d better play along so no one would think he’d been sleeping with Cass. So he jumped into the conversation fast. “I think Cass wants to find a place of his own.”
            Cass sent him an obtuse grin. “Actually, I kind of like it here. I’m in no rush.” He shoved a huge apple muffin into his mouth and gobbled it with a few swallows. “I’ve never had a muffin that tasted this good in my entire life.”
            Dan knew how Sebastian would react to that comment. Sebastian was known in Glendora Hill for his culinary skills, especially his apple muffins. This ability to zoom in on things like this seemed to be a gift with Cass. It was part of his charm and it was what made him so irresistible to everyone. Sebastian and Avery had no idea this compliment had been Cass’s successful attempt in what Dan could see what a campaign of emotional seduction.
            “It’s my own recipe,” Sebastian said. “I make them from scratch. I make everything from scratch. We’re having pot roast and twice baked potatoes tonight for dinner. You have to join us, Cass.”
            Dan shook his head and made a face at Cass. He didn’t want him getting too close to his dads.
            Cass smiled at Dan and said, “I’d love to join you tonight. I just don’t want to be a pest, is all. I’m just a big dumb cowboy.”
            Avery patted Cass on the back. “Nonsense. You’re going to be a big star around here very soon. People are still talking about the web cast you did with Dan and I’m sure this TV segment is going to make you very popular. We’re honored to have you here.” He looked back at Dan. “Aren’t we, son?”
            Dan shrugged. “Yes. Honored.” What else could he say?
            “Did you know that Cass is actually related to the famous Texas Ranger, Kit Acklin?” Sebastian asked, turning in Dan’s direction. “He’s a blood relative on his grandfather’s side.”
            Dan wanted to roll his eyes but he just stood there faking a smile. “Yes, I’ve heard.” He couldn’t believe Cass had already gotten into the Kit Acklin routine that early in the morning. Dan still wasn’t sure Cass was even remotely related to Kit Acklin. At least everyone else believed him. And there was probably no way to prove him wrong.
            Avery looked at Dan and asked, “Why didn’t you tell us Cass was here? We could have planned something better for breakfast. I feel terrible now.”
            “I didn’t know he was going to be here until late last night,” Dan said. It was the first truthful statement he’d made that morning.
            “I’m just fine,” Cass said. He gestured to the large basket of muffins on the table and a bowl of fruit. “This is like a feast compared to what this old cowboy is used to in the morning.”
            “I’ll make my famous eggs benedict tomorrow morning,” Sebastian said. “I have a secret ingredient.”
            Avery leaned toward Cass and spoke in a lower tone. “It’s cayenne. He puts it in the hollandaise sauce. He thinks no one knows, but Dot Hennessy figured it out a while ago.”
            “That’s not it,” Sebastian said. He seemed visibly shaken by this disclosure. “And I’m never telling anyone. Dot Hennessey can try to guess all she wants. She’ll neverknow.”
            Although Dan truly loved his dads and the routine they had when it came to these things, he didn’t want to stand there all day making small talk about eggs. He poured himself a mug of black coffee and said, “I’m going upstairs to phone Serena Dwyer at the TV station to set up an appointment. I’m sure she’ll want to meet Cass this morning.”
            Cass sent him a glance and said, “I already called her. I introduced myself. We’re meeting her at one this afternoon. She’s in meetings all morning.” He smiled at Avery and said, “I hope you don’t mind that I used your telephone.”
            “No problem,” Avery said. “Our home is your home.”
            “Feel free,” Sebastian said.
            It was evident that Dan’s dads didn’t think it was possible that he might have slept with Cass. Maybe they thought there was too much of an age difference. After all, Cass was only a few years younger than Sebastian.
            “Well, then,” Dan said. “I’d better go up and get ready for work.” He was scheduled to work at the saddle shop that morning. “I’m going to have to take some time off this afternoon for the meeting. Hope that’s okay, dad.” He was talking to Sebastian. Avery rarely got involved with anything at the saddle shop.
            “It’s fine,” Sebastian said. “In fact, now that you’ll be doing this TV segment I’ve been thinking about rearranging the hours a little. One of the new tenants in the apartments above the shop asked if anyone around town was hiring part time. He works part time at the Marshall ranch with Judd and he said he’s looking to make extra money. I think I’ll ask him if he’s interested in taking on your morning hours, Dan, since you’ll probably be busy at the TV station from now on.”
            Dan felt a lump in his gut. “Hold on, dad. We haven’t even agreed to do this yet. I don’t know what it will pay either. Don’t hire anyone until everything is set in writing.” The saddle shop had always been Dan’s comfort zone. He loved his work there, he loved the people he saw every day, and he could have spent the rest of his life in that shop without an issue.
            Avery nodded in agreement. “I think he’s right, Sebastian. Let’s see how this TV segment pans out before you do anything.”
            Sebastian frowned, as if he didn’t agree. Dan had seen this expression before and he knew that it meant Sebastian already had big plans for him. Sebastian nodded and said, “Okay. But take the whole day off today and show Cass around town. I’m sure he’d love to see more of Glendora Hill, and you two guys can get to know each other better, too.”
            Dan almost laughed aloud that time. He already knew Cass about as well as a man could know another man. “I don’t want to hold Cass back, dad. I’m sure he has plans of his own this morning and he doesn’t need me tagging along.”
            “Nonsense,” Cass said. He smiled at Dan and folded his big arms across his chest. “I’d love to hang out with you today, buddy. You can start by taking me out to Silver Lining Ranch. I’ve heard a lot about the ranch this morning. We can go for a quick ride before we meet with this TV producer.”
            Before Dan had a chance to reply, his dads jumped into the conversation and they started talking about Silver Lining Ranch again and how much Cass would love it. Dan sat down on a stool at the island in the middle of the kitchen and sipped his coffee. As he watched his dads go into detail about the ranch, he sighed and thought about how deeply involved he’d become with Cass without even trying too hard. He noticed Cass didn’t seem to be thinking about anything in particular. He kept sending Dan quick glances from the table and winking as if he knew a huge secret he couldn’t wait to disclose. That was the part about all this that bothered Dan the most. Cass seemed to have this impression all this was some sort of colossal joke. For Dan it was much more. He was rejoining the world again and he wasn’t sure he wanted to do it this fast. 

‘I’m obviously straight, I’ve made that clear millions of times,’ Rance tells
‘The fact that I was cuddling with a gay guy, giving him a massage . . . you know, let’s be real – guys give other guys massages. It’s not a big deal. I don’t care that he was gay. I was never afraid that he would try to kiss me. If he tried to kiss me, I would have said, “no, it’s not like that,” and I would have continued to be friends with him.’
Rance thinks their affection for each other might inspire more such bromances.
‘I feel like I was kind of a role model for some people on the show who might look at me and say, “Wow, Zach’s a really cool guy and he’s best friends with a gay guy, so why can’t I be best friends with a gay guy?” We don’t know the impact it’s going to have on the world, but it’ll definitely be a positive one.’
– See more at:

Bosnich, who is also gay, claimed in a CNN interview that DeMaio called him into his office and masturbated in front of him, made inappropriate advances, massaging and kissing his neck, and groping him.
On one occasion last April, Bosnich said he arrived early at campaign headquarters and was called by DeMaio to go to his office. When he got there, he found the door open and saw DeMaio masturbating.
‘I saw his hand, his penis in his hand and he had a smile on his face. And as soon as I came over he was looking at me,’ he was quoted as saying by CNN.
– See more at:

Bosnich, who is also gay, claimed in a CNN interview that DeMaio called him into his office and masturbated in front of him, made inappropriate advances, massaging and kissing his neck, and groping him.
On one occasion last April, Bosnich said he arrived early at campaign headquarters and was called by DeMaio to go to his office. When he got there, he found the door open and saw DeMaio masturbating.
‘I saw his hand, his penis in his hand and he had a smile on his face. And as soon as I came over he was looking at me,’ he was quoted as saying by CNN.
Months before that, after drinks with the staff at a local bar, Bosnich said DeMaio grabbed his crotch when he drove Bosnich back to his car.
– See more at:, who is also gay, claimed in a CNN interview that DeMaio called him into his office and masturbated in front of him, made inappropriate advances, massaging and kissing his neck, and groping him. On one occasion last April, Bosnich said he arrived early at campaign headquarters and was called by DeMaio to go to his office. When he got there, he found the door open and saw DeMaio masturbating. ‘I saw his hand, his penis in his hand and he had a smile on his face. And as soon as I came over he was looking at me,’ he was quoted as saying by CNN. – See more at:
Bosnich, who is also gay, claimed in a CNN interview that DeMaio called him into his office and masturbated in front of him, made inappropriate advances, massaging and kissing his neck, and groping him.
On one occasion last April, Bosnich said he arrived early at campaign headquarters and was called by DeMaio to go to his office. When he got there, he found the door open and saw DeMaio masturbating.
– See more at:

Bosnich, who is also gay, claimed in a CNN interview that DeMaio called him into his office and masturbated in front of him, made inappropriate advances, massaging and kissing his neck, and groping him.
On one occasion last April, Bosnich said he arrived early at campaign headquarters and was called by DeMaio to go to his office. When he got there, he found the door open and saw DeMaio masturbating.
– See more at:

Who Would They Gay Marry; Philly Gay Bash Victims Speak Out; Ellen’s Hot Gardener Nude;

Who Would They Gay Marry

I’m going to tread lightly with this one. I promise I’ll be good. I just have to get one comment out of the way first. Think about this question and its implications. If a white celebrity of privilege were asked who would he or she marry in the African American community because interracial marriage is now legal in many places…but still not all places as of this post…who would it be? Do you see where I’m going here? That would not only sound offensive and racist, it would sound dumb. And you can take any other minority and replace it with gay and it would sound as bad. Now, if they were asked who they would marry in general, no issue.

In any event, there was a grand new book launch in LA for something about gay wedding planning that seemed to have garnered more than a few C-list celebrities who may or may not have been out looking for a good free photo-op. That’s not certain, but it’s not unlikely either. A freebie is a freebie, these people would kill for attention, and PR people go to great lengths to get the word out. During this event someone from the gay press asked several of them who would they “gay marry” if they had a choice and many were quick to reply.

The article is written tongue in cheek.

Aww, straight people, they’re so cute. Look at how they have boyfriends and girlfriends, just like homos, but with the wrong gender!

Through a strange confluence of knowing the right people and being available at the right time, we found ourselves standing on a Los Angeles red carpet a few nights ago, in the presence of a bunch of straight allies who are also television celebrities. The occasion was the book launch for The Gay Groom’s Guide: To Planning Your Perfect Wedding (Without Losing Your Mind). Written by Robert Blackmon, the book is a compilation of brilliant tips and guidelines for getting hitched.

You can read the rest here.

Luke somebody or other on TV said this:

Luke Barnett decided, “well, I’m straight, but I’ve probably got a big man crush on Michael Fassbender.”

Notice how he made a point of telling us he’s straight.

Just so you all know, and just so it’s clear, I’m Ryan and well, I’m gay. There’s nothing wrong with being straight. I really like those straight folks a lot. But it’s just not my thing. I just wanted to add that so no one gives me weird looks.

Philly Gay Bash Victims Speak Out

I’ve been posting updates about the alleged gay bashing incident in Philadelphia in September and so far no one has commented much on it. The article to which I’m linking now has a few recent statements from the alleged victims. No one knows who the gay couple is, but spokespeople for them read a statement at the Bucks County Courthouse this week. (That’s where I go to fill out voter registration forms, and other courtly things.)

The statement is strong:

‘Everyone keeps saying that they are sorry this happened to us. But the truth is, we’re sorry. We feel sorry for our attackers – people who believed it was OK, cool, maybe even funny, to use two innocent individuals as their punching bags and not even have the decency to apologize. Words are powerful. A simple, I’m sorry, would’ve went a long way with us,’ they stated.

The couple’s statement added: ‘You butchered my boyfriend’s beautiful face. You violated our rights. You jeopardized our health and safety in a city that we love and during a time where so much progress around human rights has been made. … We are also determined to do everything in our power to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else again. ‘It stops here. It stops today.

It stops now.’

Unfortunately, I can’t help wondering about the irony here, with respect to the comment in the statement about how so much progress around human rights has been made. This is totally unrelated to the alleged gay bashing. It’s just my opinion about equal rights in general. In many ways I’ve witnessed, first hand, the exact opposite effect from some people. They don’t seem to be happy about this progress. If anything, they are filled with a deeper sense of hate for LGBTI people.

You can read more here.

Ellen’s Hot Gardener Nude

I’ve been trying to avoid posting about Ellen’s “hot” gardener all week because I wasn’t sure it was worth the effort. I think I should trust my instincts more often.

I don’t think this nude photo deal was leaked against anyone’s wishes, at least I hope it wasn’t. You never know these days. Ellen’s gardener, Billy Reiliech, has nude photos on tumblr now. But I’m honestly not sure exactly how they got there and who identified them. Evidently, a few of the photos are not for public viewing.

UPDATE: We’ve removed two of the more revealing photos at the request of Reiliech. He wrote to Queerty to inform us the photos were taken years ago and were meant solely for the eyes of his girlfriend. He cited that the controversy might halt the career momentum he’s building lately and, of equal importance, his mother isn’t currently speaking to him. He said that otherwise he wouldn’t mind the exposure.

Does that make sense to anyone? He’s a nice looking guy and he’s got a great body and I don’t see anyone knocking down his door to hear him sing, dance, or act.

You can read the rest of this here. Once again, the comments made me sane. Everyone else is as confused about  this one as I am.

Glendora Hill: Too Hard to Handle

by Ryan Field

Publisher Purchase Link $4.99 (always cheaper at the publisher)Purchase Link to 

James Franco Plays Gayface; Robin Williams and Gays; Uganda: Prison 4 Gays; Gay PE Abuse

James Franco Plays Gayface

Update: So there’s no confusion I wanted to update this to explain that when I use the term “gayface” I’m not talking about physical features. I’m talking about a straight actor…or anyone else…pretending to be gay for various reasons. There’s an article about playing gayface here. Think of it as an actor playing blackface, or yellowface…when white actors either play Asians or African Americans.

There seems to be something underlying happening between James Franco and some in the media. Although Franco wants as much attention as he can get to self-promote, he seems to want that attention on his own terms and the media doesn’t always play that game. And it is a game. If and when they want to give attention, it’s on their own terms. When the two clash it becomes a circus of sorts and you wind up with Gawker making silly insinuations about James Franco being gay, and Franco pretending to be gay to get even with them. Of course the gay people don’t really matter in this particular game because no one takes into consideration that we’re the targets of this passive aggressive homophobia.

Just days after Gawker insinuated that James Franco and actor Scott Haze are romantically involved, Franco joked on Instagram that he has moved on – with Zachary Quinto.

Franco posted a photo of he and Quinto on Instagram over the weekend with the caption: ‘My new lover, SPOCK! zacharyquinto.’

Franco and Quinto are playing gayface in a new film called, Michael, because, you know, they’re both so supportive of us simple gay folk.

You can read more here. By now, it’s pointless to even comment on this. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d go back and delete a good review I posted for Franco’s book on Amazon. But it was an honest review.

Robin Williams and Gays

Not every straight actor who plays gay treats the LGBTI community with the kind of careless, privileged attitude James Franco does. And instead of posting the typical RIP note about the late Robin Williams I thought I’d make a comment on how much he did for the LGBTI community. And he did it with humor, with tears, and with such simple good taste I’m not sure anyone will ever be able to duplicate it.

The film, The Birdcage, was only one of the great achievements in his short lifetime. He not only did it well, he promoted it even better. He gave us hope, he made us laugh, and he treated us just like everyone else. If he made a gay joke it was because he was laughing with us, not at us. There’s a difference. And, most important, never once did I see Robin Williams exploit the LGBTI community to gain attention for himself or for anything he was promoting.

Here’s a heartfelt link to an article that I agree with completely. The last line in particular is the most important because the author is referring to his feelings about seeing Robin Williams in The Birdcage when he was terrified of being gay.

For me, I will always remember the man who made it okay for me to be me for the first time in my adolescence.

RIP, Robin Williams.

Uganda: Prison 4 Gays

Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of Parliament in Uganda, is pushing to bring back anti-gay laws making “homosexuality” and “promoting homosexuality” punishable with imprisonment.

David Bahati, the original author of the bill, as said: ‘We shall not get tired of defending the future of our children.’ Lawmaker Latif Ssebaggala said: ‘We want to ensure everybody that we have not backtracked.

We are still on course and in fact we are more energized that our culture, our norms, our religious norms are protected.’

I guess this bunch of fools don’t realize they’re harming their own gay children.

There’s more here.

Gay PE Abuse

This is interesting because I think many gay people can relate to it…of all ages. Or, at least since the late 1950’s when PE started to infiltrate out schools.

A shocking number of LGBTI students suffer discrimination during PE at school, a new report has found.

Four out of five pupils have said they experience casual homophobia in physical education lessons.

Actually, I agree this number is correct, but I also think a lot of other kids suffer discrimination, too. What about overweight kids? Or those who aren’t the best athletes?

Our schools are set up with a system where only the most mainstream and the most average seem to get through unscathed. PE should be an elective, not a requirement. That point is not up for debate with me.

You can read more here.

Cage James
.99 E-BOOK By Ryan Field

FREE Excerpt; Anti-Gay Homophone Boss; Zachary Quinto on Kids; Australia: Passive Aggressive Homophobia

Anti-Gay Homophone Boss

There’s a guy who worked for a language web site in Utah. He was head of their social media department. Unfortunately, he was recently fired because he wrote something about homophones and the boss thought people might take it the wrong way and think the school was promoting homosexuality. I guess the homo was the confusing part.

Speaking to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Torkildson said after the post went public he was called into the office of the company’s owner Clarke Woodger.

Woodger then told him he was fired.

Torkildson posted the conversation between the two on Facebook, with Woodger saying the social media writer ‘could not be trusted’.

You can read more here. Although I don’t agree with what Woodger did, I have a feeling he was probably right about a lot of people not knowing the meaning of the word homophone. That doesn’t make firing Torkildson right, not by any means. It just shows the kind of world we’re still living in and what “homo” still means to many.

The comments are interesting, too. Evidently, some people think spelling and grammar are more important than homophobia.

Zachary Quinto on Kids

Zachary Quinto is an openly gay actor whom I’ve posted about in the past. This is a discussion I’ve had with Tony many times. Like me, Quinto likes kids but isn’t sure he wants them.

‘I’m going to get in so much trouble for saying this, but I’ve always really wanted to have a kid but now all of my friends have kids and I’ll come in from a trip or hang out with my friends and their kids.

‘I’m thrilled to hang out with them, but by the time they’re ready to go home I’m so ready for them to go home. I’m kind of like, “I need to re-evaluate this. I don’t know.”‘

You can read the rest here. I’m forwarding this one to Tony right now.

Australia: Passive Aggressive Homophobia

Here we go again with passive aggressive homophobia, and it’s not James Franco this time. This time it’s happening in Australia. I know some of you think it’s funny and I’m being too PC, but once again, do this with any other minority and see what happens. It won’t be pretty. In the right context, with the right intent, I do think this sort of thing can be funny. But this isn’t an example of humor. This reality show only thought it would be funny to trick straight men into auditioning for a gay reality show without telling the straight men about it. I remember once going to a gay nightclub when I was very young and from my car I watched a group of frat boys blindfold a guy and try to trick him this way, too. Oh, they thought it was hysterical. It was the first time I experienced disgust and chagrin at the same time.

Proving that people will do just about anything to get that fifteen minutes of “me time” in the spotlight, a real Australian prank show called Balls of Steel auditioned a bunch of straight muscle bros for a fake reality show called Summer of Love and slowly cranked up the gay dial to see how they’d react.

You can watch a video clip here and judge for yourselves. Even worse, the straight guys are praised for being such good sports. Clueless.

Imagine how a gay teenager struggling with his or her own identity is going to feel watching this. Or, a closeted adult who only knows what he or she sees on TV about the LGBTI community, for that matter.

We really need to work on this.

Free Gay Excerpt: Cage James

Here’s an excerpt from my newest release, Cage James. I’m going to be posting about one of the topics in this book very soon…exotic meats. I’m not an advocate of eating exotic meats, but one of the more ridiculous characters in the book is. And in the end he gets the most ironic surprise of HIS life.

I’ll be releasing this one soon. I’ll post more about that as I get updates.

Later that same day, Sam climbed into his mother’s fifty-year-old Rolls Royce with Forna and they headed out to Sam’s personal psychic who lived outside the city.  The car was so old and rickety they couldn’t go over forty miles per hour and it took an hour and a half to drive there.  Sam had a standing appointment at seven p.m. once a week, so they didn’t bother to eat dinner together than night.  If there was one thing Sam wouldn’t miss, it was his weekly appointment with this psychic whom he claimed kept him balanced and “earth bound.”

Cage always thought it was more about a privileged, spoiled idiot with too much money to spend.  Forna went along for the ride as Sam’s companion and complained about the old car with each step he took.  Forna was always trying to talk Sam into a new car, but Sam would always reply the same way: “Mother always said there’s no point in being frivolous.  You don’t replace something until it’s not working anymore.”  This is why the harvest gold washer and dryer in the house were over forty years old.

Although Sam asked if Cage wanted to join them that evening, Cage declined and said he preferred to stay home and watch TV alone.  The last thing Cage wanted to do was spend hours in a smelly old car with Forna and that fucking monkey, and then listen to some crack pot psychic fill Sam’s head with all kinds of new age garbage.  The last time Sam went the psychic charged him a thousand dollars for candles that would ward off evil spirits.  But more than that, Cage had received a text message from Rick that afternoon and he wasn’t sure how to reply.  In the text message Rick stated that Jared wanted to know if Cage was still working on getting the money he owed them.  This message from Rick didn’t make Cage wonder.  He knew Jared was the boss and he made Rick do all the dirty work, especially when it came to collecting money.

When Sam and Forna were finally gone, Cage pulled his phone out of his bathrobe pocket and started to text something to Rick.  He stopped mid-sentence and decided to phone him instead.  He’d been thinking about Rick.  There was something about a handsome man with a stocky muscular body and reddish-brown hair that made Cage’s dick come to life before he even realized it.

Cage dialed Rick’s number and the phone rang four times.  On the fifth ring, Rick picked it up and said, “Hello.  Who’s this?”

“It’s me, Cage.  I saw your text this afternoon.  I figured I’d call you back in person.”

“Do you have the money yet?”  Rick asked.

Cage thought fast and said, “I don’t have it all, but I can give you some of it tonight.”  Before Sam took his routine four o’clock afternoon nap earlier that day, he went down to the basement to get two thousand dollars in cash so Cage could adopt a spider monkey.  He asked Cage to wait upstairs in the bedroom, but Cage followed him down to see where he kept the money and snuck back up to the bedroom without Sam noticing him.  He didn’t follow him all the way down to the basement.  That would have been too risky.  He followed him part of the way so he could get a basic idea about where Sam kept all the cash in the house.  Sam had confirmed all the rumors that almost all of his money was cash and he kept it hidden in the house.

“Jared’s not going to be too happy about that,” Rick said.  “I’m not sure what to tell him.”

“You can’t expect me to get it that fast. Why don’t you come over here and I’ll explain it all in more detail,” Cage said.  “I’ll show you that I can get you all the money, and even more.”

Rick hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Where are you?”

Cage gave him the address and made a point of saying, “But you have to come right now.  And don’t bring Jared.  Come alone.”

“I’ll see you in a few minutes,” Rick said.  “Jared’s out of town for a few days, so I’ll be alone.”

After they hung up, Cage went up to the bedroom to shower and change his clothes.  He knew Rick would be there in less than twenty minutes and he didn’t want to waste a moment.  He dried himself off fast and styled his hair.  He decided to leave a little rough stubble on his face and he went right to the closet to choose something to wear.

As he removed a pair of black skinny jeans from the top shelf, the doorbell rang and he stopped and thought for a second.  The doorbell rang again and he tossed the black jeans back on the shelf and reached for the same short silky black robe he’d been wearing all day because it made him feel sexy. The pocket was damp because he’d thrown the raw meat from breakfast away and rinsed the pocket out. By the time the doorbell rang a third time, he was running down the stairs in the front hall.

He rushed to the door and took a few quick breaths.  When he opened it and found Rick standing there in jeans, a tan sport jacket, and a white shirt, he smiled and said, “I’m sorry you had to wait, buddy.  This is a big place. I was upstairs in the bedroom getting ready for you.”

Rick noticed the short black robe and said, “This is where you live?”

Cage stepped aside and said, “Home sweet home, man.  Come in and I’ll show you around.”

Rick stepped into the main hall and looked around slowly.  The floors were black and white marble, the white walls covered with antique paintings in gilded frames, and the chandelier had crystals in some places the size of dessert plates.  It was probably the most formal part of the house, other than the grand ballroom.

Cage tightened the bathrobe and said, “Sorry I didn’t get a chance to get dressed.  I just took a shower and I didn’t want you to wait too long.”  He was starting to get those intense urges he always got around big strong men like Rick.  He walked over to him slowly and ran his fingertips up and down Rick’s bicep.  “Can I get you anything?”

Rick turned and smiled.  “How about the money?”

Cage squeezed his bicep this time and said, “I told you I can give you some tonight, and I’ll get you the rest very soon.  I’m getting married and I’ll have all the money I want then.”

Rick reached out and ran his large hand across a marble top console to his right.  “You’re getting married?”

Cage shrugged.  “I might as well.  Guys like me don’t have that many choices.”  He’d once met a woman who told him he had many options.  He’d been sleeping with her husband on the down low for money and she’d found his address at the time in her husband’s coat pocket. Cage laughed in her face, mentioned her husband had a nice dick, and told her he had as many options as she did.  Last he’d heard, she was still married to the cheating prick and the cheating prick was screwing around with another young guy.

Rick looked at Cage’s legs and said, “Are we alone now?”

“Completely alone.”  He wanted to bite Rick’s arm but didn’t want to appear too eager.

“Interesting,” Rick said, moving closer to him.  “I have a feeling you want to give me more than money tonight.”  He reached down with both hands, lifted Cage’s bathrobe up to his waist slowly, and pulled Cage closer to him.

Cage put his arms around Rick’s shoulders and said, “You’ve got it all wrong, man.  It’s not about what I want to give you.  It’s all about what you’re going to give me right now.”  He caressed the back of Rick’s head with one hand and reached down to grab the bulge between Rick’s legs with the other.  Cage squeezed him and said, “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”