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Sarah Palin Post

This morning I tried writing a quick post about the Sarah Palin reality show. This post was centered on the recent show where Palin killed the Caribou.

After trying to write a viable post about the show, I decided to shelve it altogether. No matter what I wrote it just didn’t sound right. On the one hand, it sounded as if I were knocking Sarah Palin. And I wasn’t knocking her. On the other hand, I was worried readers might think I’m a Palin fan, which I’m not.

Actually, I’m not a fan of any politician. I despise politics in general and never comment about it.

But I do watch Palin’s show. I’m a writer, not an elitist. I look at these things with an objective eye, not a subjective eye. I’m interested in all pop culture, and that’s exactly what Palin’s show is. And I keep my personal comments to myself so I don’t offend anyone else.