Osama Bin Laden…

Here’s a piece from The Huffington Post about Bin Laden…

I still can’t believe it took ten years to get him. In these days of speed and intelligence, it’s almost too hard to comprehend.

But at least they got him. I live in New Hope, PA, not far from the New Jersey border. NYC is only 60 miles from here…most people who communte to work travel to NYC. I did it myself for a long time.

There are people in this area who lost family members during the 911 attacks. Recently, a steel beam from one of the towers was set up as a monument in a local public place. After 911 there were more memorial services between here and NYC than I care to count right now.

On 9-11-2001 I was working in a business I owned in New Jersey. My brother, who lives in NYC and has a business there, was in the air, flying to Nebraska on business when the attacks took place. My best friends were in the city; in-laws who are like family to me were there. And all my publishing friends…editors and agents…were there as well.

I’d just returned from vacation on Cape Cod, and one of the guests in the hotel I met that week was on a plane out Boston that morning. I never saw him again.

One of the pilots who was flying one of the planes that hit a tower lived five miles away from me. Another guy in town who was flying on business went down with the plane in western PA.

In this area, so close to the attacks, we were stunned. The world stopped moving and no one did anything but stare at the TV. I couldn’t reach my brother or his partner because all phone lines were down. I couldn’t reach friends or family. And when the plane went down in western PA, we weren’t sure what to expect next.

And the aftermath didn’t stop. All my business mail from the New Jersey business went thought the Princeton, NJ post office. I stopped getting bills and manscripts because of anthrax scares. We were terrified to open our mail without plastic gloves. And when the mail finally did arrive, months later, it was enclosed in anthrax proof sealed envelopes, which I still have, unopened, to this day.

This is just the tip of what some people I know experienced that day. And it was because of Bin Laden.

All I can say is I’m glad they finally got him. And bittersweet as it is, at least he won’t be causing any more pain to innocent people.