A Male/Male Erotic Romance TV Show: Truth Slash Fiction; One Direction Singer Louis Blocks Gay "Larry"; Daniel Radcliffe On Homophobic Racist Hollywood

A Male/Male Erotic Romance TV Show: Truth Slash Fiction

They aren’t calling this an erotic m/m romance TV show, but that’s basically what it is. I think it shows how little even the gay news presses know about the m/m romance genre that so many of my blog readers…me included…have known about for years now. It’s a disconnect of sorts between the mainstream and online communities that’s just starting to come together. And, it’s taken years…decades…to reach this point. If you ever watch the TV show Halt and Catch Fire it gives a pretty good example of when online communities began. This is not something new.

To be clear, the premise of this TV show is based on…or inspired by…fanfic communities. That’s not exactly m/m romance, however, a lot of people who read and write m/m romance cross into fanfic. And, I’ve heard it said that m/m romance is a spawn of fanfic from the early days. This article even mentions Fifty Shades of Grey as fanfic of Twilight. Of course that’s not totally accurate either. But I’m not getting into that here.  Here’s a link to a post at the Dear Author web site that pretty much sums all that up much better than I could in a short post. I’m sure most people don’t even know that Fifty Shades of Grey was originally fanfic titled Master of the Universe.

In any event, when I saw this piece about a TV show that’s going to be based on…or inspired by… One Direction fanfic, I couldn’t help but post about it. For those of you who might not know, One Direction is a boy band…with cute young guys and a huge teen following.

Created by Charlie Sohne and directed by Daniel Schloss, Truth Slash Fiction is a teen drama-comedy that features a 16-year-old fan who joins an erotic fiction writing group.
And it involves a lot of ‘recreations’ of the fiction, with the band members ‘playing out’ the scripts.
Sohne and Schloss say they were inspired by the community of straight women writing queer erotica about One Direction.

You can read more about this here. As of this date, according to this piece, no one has picked up the pilot yet, but Twitter fans have allegedly been petitioning NetFlix. I’ll have to check that out myself on Twitter.

Update: Here’s a link to the Twitter page where I found it sort of trending. It has drawn a lot of followers and the videos look interesting. 

One Direction Singer Louis Blocks Gay “Larry”

Speaking of One Direction and gay related topics, this article is amusing.

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has blocked people from using the name ‘Larry’ on his Instagram because people kept suggesting he was in a gay relationship with Harry Styles.

The ‘ship name’ Larry is often used by obsessive teen fans of the band who fantasise about an imaginary relationship between Tomlinson and Styles. 

And there’s this quote…

He told Attitude: “When the [gay marriage] law changed in the US, there were loads of rainbow flags flying at our shows, but I think that was mainly because people think of the Louis and Harry thing, which is absolutely nuts and drives me insane.

Evidently, he’s not too thrilled with the name “Larry.” I have to wonder what he thinks about the possibility of a TV show titled Truth Slash Fiction

In any event, you can check this out here.

Daniel Radcliffe On Homophobic Racist Hollywood

Here’s an interesting piece with Daniel Radcliffe (he’s straight) speaking very candidly about Hollywood and homophobia. I’ve seen it myself. And in many cases it’s not just “Hollywood” as a concept. It’s the closeted gay actors themselves promoting the homophobia. I’m not talking about those who genuinely live in the closet and live tortured lives. That’s a whole different story. I’m talking about the ones who are openly gay in their own circles, but not in public. They mislead younger gay men, and do a huge disservice to every gay man who is out of the closet and faces the daily struggles.

Here’s what Radcliffe said…

When asked why so few actors have come out as gay, he said, “I suppose because then people just want to cast you as gay, I would guess.”

Neil Patrick Harris has made a career as playing the straightest guy on television, which is fantastic. It is sad, but there is a kind of line where people say, ‘Oh no people won’t buy him as straight anymore,’” he added.

You can check that out here.  I just hope for his sake he wasn’t too honest this time.

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