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Tea Bagging Facts; Dating Someone Disabled; Olly Murs Is Nude

Tea Bagging Facts

This is actually pretty informative, especially if you’re a tea drinker. It gets into the history of tea bags and how they were originally intended.

Thomas Sullivan, a New York tea merchant who may or may not have been homosexual, began sending samples of his loose leaf teas in silk sachets. Customers mistakenly thought the sachets were supposed to be used in the same way as metal tea infusers, by dropping the entire bag into a cup of boiling water.

You can read the rest here, and see a few amusing photos.

One person who commented didn’t think this was serious enough. And even that butthurt will make you smile a little. 

Dating Someone Disabled

At first this story bothered me a little, but after I read it I changed my mind. I kept wondering why should this even matter. I would never ask a question like the one below, but I guess there  are a lot of people who would ask it.

What’s it like to be with someone who is gay and disabled and an occasional hot mess?

As a gay man living with Cerebral Palsy, I get asked this question a lot–in one form or another. I could tell you all about it. But what’s the fun in that? Instead, in a moment or sheer genius (or sheer stupidity, depending on who you ask), I decided to ask my non-disabled former flames what it’s like to be with someone who is gay and disabled.
You can read the answers here. I especially liked the one about sex.
And for more insight, you’ll want to read the comments. 
Olly Murs Is Nude
This is about as light-hearted as it gets this week. Because who doesn’t want to see a cute young guy in his twenties celebrating in the nude, in a locker room?  And, It’s SFW. 

Look no further than performer Olly Murs for proof.

The “Troublemaker” singer recently took to Twitter to celebrate his soccer team, the Coggeshall Town Football Club, winning their division championship. Naked, of course.

You can read the rest here and check out his cute little hairy legs. 



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