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Blurb Preview: The Arrangement

I’ve been hinting at a project I’ve been working on with another m/m author. I can’t give out his name yet, but I can say that we’re both writing separate novellas that will be one book. The theme of the book is “bosses.” And each novella is around twenty-five thousand words.

The title of mine is THE ARRANGEMENT, and I’ve been working on a blurb all weekend so I can submit it to the publisher before Thanksgiving. This one is rough, and is subject to change, but seeing it in print on the blog gives me a different perspective. And this time the basic idea is to keep it as short and sweet and neat as possible.

The Arrangement:

It’s 1962 and handsome young Toby MacFarlane has just moved to New York and started a new job in advertising. He’s hoping to find a social life, too, with other hot men who love men just like himself. But Toby wasn’t expecting his married boss to take advantage of his good nature, or for the over-sexed boss to use his apartment as a love nest so the boss can sneak around with young men behind his wife’s back.

With all the secrets Toby’s boss is keeping from everyone, including a nice young man Toby winds up falling in love with, will Toby be able to live with all these lies for long? Or will Toby find the strength to stand up to his boss and do the right thing for the man he loves?

Discover what it was like for homosexuals living in 1962, trying to figure it all out, in The Arrangement!