E-publishers Are Not Self-publishers…

Rather than write a long post about my feelings. I’m keeping this short and sweet.

There are a few people starting new ventures on the Internet for self-publishing and they are calling it e-publishing.

They are wrong. They haven’t been paying attention.

Maybe they are just arrogant. I’m not sure.

But they are misleading authors and readers. And the pioneers of e-publishing take offense to this.

I work with e-publishers, not self-publishers. I started working with e-publishers when everyone was still laughing at e-books. And I’m proud to be associated with them, too.

Don’t get me wrong. I love self-published books and I support them whenever I can. I love the brave authors who had the courage to take the chance to self-publish their own books with their own money. I might even do it myself someday.

But there is a huge difference between an e-publisher and a self-publisher.

And that difference is that an e-publisher will not charge you a dime. With self-publishing you often have to pay. It varies from place to place, especially if you want professional editors. It’s far more complicated and the rules seem to change daily. But e-publishers work just like “traditional” publishers.

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