Is the B&N Nook Doomed?

Earlier today I read an article about ten things that will disappear within a year, and one of them was the B&N Nook. The others were interesting, too, like Volvo and Martha Stewart’s magazine. In fact two of the products on the doomed list were print magazines.

In any even, this article about the Nook is interesting. It’s doesn’t say the Nook will disappear within a year, but it doesn’t have very high hopes for it either.

The Nook, which is currently having some modicum of success and showing nice growth but is far from profitable, is based on the Android operating system. Google’s Android operating system. I predict that over the course of the next two years that we’ll see Microsoft .bgChannel, .bgRealtimeChannel, .bgRevision { display: none; } /quotes/zigman/20493/quotes/nls/msftMSFT-0.09% convince the Nook guys to try a hybrid Android/Windows operating system or that they’ll convince the Nook guys to ditch Android entirely for Microsoft’s Windows 8 for tablets.

I used to post a lot more about my e-readers (Kobo products). But I’ve stopped posting about dedicated e-readers now basically because I don’t use them much anymore. They’ve been sitting on top of the hutch in my dining room for months now and I’m not even sure if they have a charge.

I use my mini iPad and my iPhone to read almost everything now. It’s more convenient, and that’s the only reason why.  It’s interesting how it seems like only yesterday everyone was talking about their e-readers.

You can read more here about the Nook.

Barnes & Noble List

This afternoon someone e-mailed me a promotion about Barnes & Noble and I clicked the link and was surprised to find a lot of my books there. I knew my loveyoudivine books were there. But I didn’t know I was there with other publishers. Although I’ve had a B&N account for years, I don’t own a Nook and rarely go there since I bought my Kobos.

I have to say it’s a great site to navigate and all the product information seems to be spot on. In fact, the one thing that really *amazed* me was how the reviews differ from places like Amazon and Goodreads. And I’m not talking about slightly. I’m talking about big time differences. What this is all about I haven’t a clue. That’s all I’m going to say on that topic…just that it’s different.

Here’s the link to my page. And a huge thanks to those who’ve purchased my books on B&N and have taken the time to leave reviews. I really do appreciate it.

Christmas Gift Ideas…

I love Amazon, but I don’t get paid by them…or anyone else…to endorse products, so I’m linking to the Barnes & Noble web site right now so people can check out the Nook e-readers. I’m doing this because some people are still curious about e-readers and don’t know where to find basic advice.

I don’t own any Nook/Sony products. I have two Kobo e-readers, which I recommend highly. And I have a Kindle and a NextBook tablet, which I recommend highly.

But I have heard good things from people who do own a Nook. So if you’re wondering what to get someone for Christmas, check them out here.

If you’re just starting out and you’re just getting into e-readers, I would suggest you begin with the simple Nook for 99.00. It’s a “basic e-ink reader,” and you’ll find the transition from print books to digital books far more comforting this way. I have a color reader, an Iphone, and a tablet now. But I still find the reading experience more comfortable…intimate…with a basic e-ink reader. It’s just reading; there are no distractions. And in a weird way, there’s actually something old fashioned about it that’s hard to explain.

Let’s face it, some day, 50 years from now, when most of us are gone, these e-ink readers are going to be historic, nostalgic, and as collectable as old radios from the 1920’s. By then, I can only imagine what people will be reading on…but I doubt it will be something in print they bought at a “brick and mortar” bookstore.