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Christopher Rice Pays Tribute To Orlando Victims; Nick Jonas Heckled At NY Orlando Vigil; Orlando Gay Couple Who Hoped To Marry; Donald Trump On Gays and Hillary

Christopher Rice Pays Tribute To Orlando Victims

Chris Rice is a well known author I’m sure you all know about. And he’s been dedicating individual status updates for each victim in the Orlando massacre. It’s touching, gutting, and one of the most respectful things I’ve seen all week.


I believe I’ve made individual posts for all the victims. If I have left anyone out, please let me know. I also just read doctors expect the death toll to rise. 

You can, and should, check that out here at Rice’s Facebook Timeline

Nick Jonas Heckled At NY Orlando Vigil

Last night I tuned into a live broadcast of the vigil for the Orlando massacre that was being held in NY. So I actually saw Nick Jonas getting heckled by the crowd…and people were tweeting it.

A handful of editorials published today pointedly suggest Nick Jonas‘ “queer-baiting” hit a fever pitch with his speech at New York’s vigil for the victims of Orlando on Monday night.

Op-eds from the likes of Huffington Post and Bullett claim his very appearance at the event was nothing but part of a publicity blitz for his new album Last Year Was Complicated, which dropped three days ago.

I don’t know about this Nick Jonas thing, and I would never comment on something I don’t know anything about. Lately, ironically, Jonas sounded more sincere to me than ever. And after seeing Colton Haynes come out the way he did, I hesitate to judge anyone.

However, I have followed several people in Hollywood who are nowhere nearly as well known as Nick Jonas who are constantly jumping around all over the place to see what will get them the most attention on social media. I can’t mention names, but it’s actually creepy to watch. I’m on social media a lot and it’s hard to miss. One day these D-listers are hating and throwing shade at Al Sharpton and Michael Moore because Sharpton and Moore are left wing liberals, and the next day these same Hollywood climbers are hating Donald Trump and other conservatives…while praising people like Al Sharpton and Michael Moore. They switch their opinions to suit their agenda faster than most people can sign on to social media. They gay bait all the time. But even more, they all have multiple sock puppet accounts on Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves. So nothing would surprise me anymore when it comes to the lengths a lesser known celebrity will go to get more attention. Of course they don’t all do this. Many are sincere, but that one handful of D-listers can get as creepy as clown hiding under your bed. In fact, I very loosely based one of my characters in my Rainbow Detective Series, The Guy With Two Penises, on a D-lister like this.

But I digress, and you can read more about Nick Jonas getting heckled here. Many of the comments are not kind.

 Orlando Gay Couple Who Hoped To Marry

Whenever something as devastating as the Orlando massacre happens, I tend to veer off track with my regular posts about male full frontal nudity and penis news. I can’t help it. This was just too horrendous and painfully sad to ignore. Every time I think I’ve been gutted the most, I see something else and it gets even worse.


 Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22, and his 32-year-old boyfriend, Christopher “Drew” Leinonen, were two of the 49 who were gunned down late in the night by a lone attacker, and while services have not been finalized, Guerrero’s father, who has the same name as his son, confirmed the two will be paid tribute to side-by-side in death, as they were in life.

 The couple had been dating for two years and lived together. They were just in the early stages of building a life together when their future was taken from them without warning.

That’s just another of many sad things I’ve read this week so far. You can find out more about this beautiful couple, here.

Donald Trump On Gays and Hillary

I have promised that I would always remain objective about politics here on this blog and I’m going to continue this…forever.

With that said, here’s an article from a gay press about how Donald Trump allegedly cares more about gays than Hillary Clinton does. Keep in mind, once again, this isn’t my broad generalization, this is coming directly from the web site to which I’m linking.

This is the quote…

This shooter, and amazingly, in Orlando, was the child of an immigrant father who supported one of the most repressive regimes on earth. Why would we admit people who support violent hatred? Hillary Clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she supports immigration policies that bring Islamic extremists to our country and who suppress women, gays, and anyone else who doesn’t share their views or values.”

“Ask yourself who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community. Donald Trump with actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words? I will tell you who the better friend is and someday I believe that will be proven out bigly.”

As soon as Hillary Clinton replies…or makes her own quote about the LGBT community…I will post about that, too, in all fairness to my readers.

I write fiction…erotic gay romances…and I think I would be doing you all a huge disservice if I started harping about politics. Besides, my only fight in this life is all about LGBT rights and issues.

You can read this article here.

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Straight Guys Going Gay; Christians and Gay Kidnapping; Nick Jonas’ Gay Character; Gay Peter Pan Syndrome;

Straight Guys Going Gay

There’s a certain amount of reality with respect to straight guys going gay for the right gay guy. I think some gay guys might go straight for the right straight woman…Angelina Jolie. Nothing is so black and white it’s set in proverbial stone. That’s what this article is about…which gay men could turn a straight man gay.

We’ve heard that straight men are a lot more bisexual than you might think, and science has even tried to explain why so many straight dudes fantasize about having gay sex, but when it comes to hetero daydreams about a same-sex encounter, who tends to pop up naked?

Reddit user wienerjuice (yes, really) had the same question, and recently queried the horny straight guys of the world wide web with this simple question:

Men of Reddit. Who would you go gay for?

You can check out the answers here. I’m not sure how it happened but Ellen wound up on this list, too. I’d rather sleep with Oprah…or her best friend Gayle, than Ellen. 

Christians and Gay Kidnapping

Before I get into this I’d like to make it clear that when I refer to “Christians” I’m not talking about all Christians. I know this behavior is mostly coming from the most fundamental right, and I don’t like using ableist language which would be so easy to do in cases like this. So when I use the word Christian I’m not making a general statement.The word they use here is “churchgoer,” which is a broad one, too.

Matthew Fenner, a 21-year-old student, says his fellow churchgoers attempted to free him of his “homosexual demons” during a two-day assault that involved slapping, strangling, verbal assault, and threats of confinement. He also claims his story was not initially taken seriously by law enforcement and that it took several attempts to get a formal complaint filed over the incident, which he says occurred in January of 2013.

On Tuesday, a grand jury charged parishioners Justin Brock Covington, Brooke McFadden Covington, Robert Louis Walker Jr., and Adam Christopher Bartley with second degree kidnapping and simple assault charges, along with Sarah Covington Anderson, who was also charged with assault by strangulation.

The rest is here. I don’t think I need to comment on this one. I hope they send these churchgoers to prison and they rot there.

Nick Jonas Reveals His Gay Character

I didn’t even add this to the title of the post. Straight guy Nick Jonas has been gay-baiting this piece of crap for so long I don’t care and I’m not even going to mention it.

No link to this. I hope Jonas and his gay character do well together.

Gay Peter Pan Syndrome

Here’s an interesting discussion about the so-called gay Peter Pan syndrome. I’m not sure I totally agree with it, but there are a few interesting points and this topic seems to be everywhere these days.

He cleverly refers to this “eternal Peter Pan syndrome” as “gaydolescence.”

“For the most part, the gaydolescence comes from being denied a legitimate adolescence in our teenage years,” he theorizes. “The consequence of this is often young gay men don’t partake — and actively distance themselves — from the adolescent experiences of teenage love, sex, even good friendships.”

Maybe for some people. But these days, more and more LGBT youth are coming out at a younger and younger age.

“The fall out effect of this becomes apparent when we accept who we are, at 18, 22, or sometimes 30 or older, and then we become 16 year old boys all over again,” Suckling continues. “Sex drives ramp up. We join a party culture that doesn’t stop for anything. We date around and finally get the sexual education we missed out on (and then some).”

You can read the rest here. Let’s just say the author of the piece isn’t agreeing with this totally either.

I think the point about missing adolescence is valid, but I don’t think it lasts a lifetime. And everything mentioned here could also be applied to certain men and women who are straight. No one is exempt from mid-life crisis either.

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Adam Lambert on Gay-baiting; "Lumbersexual"; Zachary Quinto Comments; The James Franco Review Entitlement?

Adam Lambert on Gay-baiting

Gay-baiting is something I’ve posted about many times. It comes in several forms, but mostly, lately, it’s when good looking straight male pop stars or actors self-exploit and tease gay men with their bodies and/or highly charged sexual innuendo. Finally, openly gay singer Adam Lambert brought the topic up in his twitter feed. Evidently, I’m not the only one who’s been noticing this and wondering about it. 

This week on Twitter, the out singer asked his followers: “Anyone find it interesting how straight male pop stars are pandering to gay audiences lately!? Should we be flattered? Progress or strategy?”

In a followup tweet Lambert insisted he wasn’t throwing shade at anyone, but that he’d rather hear artists talk about their music “not be teased on [whether] someone MIGHT be bi curious or gay or straight. Who cares?”

This particular article goes on to mention that this form of gay-baiting could just be appreciation. And I’d like to know how dumb do they think we are? Nick Jonas may claim he’s “authentic” and that anyone who questions his motives is “ignorant.” But if you take a look at the photos of him in this article basically anything he says is hard to take seriously. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But here’s something really authentic: he didn’t drop his pants and grab his dick for the sake of great art.

You can read the rest here, where there are screen shots of Lambert’s tweets. I’m just glad a gay man with a voice is finally speaking out about it.


This story has been floating around the Interwebs all week and I just chose a UK publication because I like the way it was written…and there aren’t as many pluggins as Huff Po which makes it possible to actually read something in a relatively decent amount of time.

In any event, the newest thing is that the term Lumbersexual is replacing Metrosexual. Frankly, I haven’t heard anyone use the term Metrosexual since the early part of the century. I guess you could look at it this way. A lumbersexual dresses like a quasi lumberjack, with hipper, hotter clothes that are designed on purpose to give him that “speshul” look.

Put down that moisturiser and remove that man bag from your person boys because metrosexuality is well and truly over. Nowadays it’s all about the ‘lumbersexuals’.
Not literally men who are lumberjacks (because really, where are you going to find one of those?) but men who look like they could be.  
Unlike their metrosexual brothers these men look rugged, unkempt and like they’d be a dab hand at using an axe… even if they’ve never picked one up in their lives. 
Here’s the story. There are photos so you can see what they’re talking about. You really have to love the one with David Beckham, all butched up like a down home lumberjack coming home from a long day of log rolling, AND carrying a four thousand dollar Louis Vuitton bag.
The comments are amusing, too.
Zachary Quinto Comments
The other day when I wrote this post about Zachary Quinto slamming gay men, especially younger gay men, with respect to AIDS, I actually wrote a much longer post but I went back and I edited out some of the comments I made because I didn’t want to come off too hard. But it bothered me, just like the comments Zachary Quinto made slamming gay men, and I’m not the only one who felt this way.
My main complaint with what Quinto said was more about his lack of information and his off the cuff comments that didn’t seem to have any substance. It’s like he made the comments without knowing anything at all about the subject. And I’m tired of privileged celebrities blowing smoke up our asses that way. It happens time and again and no one ever calls them out (Nick Jonas).
But not always. This time someone did call Quinto out. Someone who felt the same way I did about the Quinto comments wrote a much longer piece and he didn’t hold anything back. 
First, Zachary’s use of the parenthetical in “(some of)” is back-handed. Without the parentheses, it’d just be a way of explaining the subset of people Zachary is referring to — “some of the younger generation” — couldn’t be clearer. But that’s not what he’s doing. Instead it’s as if he means to say “all of the younger generation,” but realizes that would land even worse. We’re guessing some of those young people he’s talked to don’t appreciate being stuffed between two parentheses.

Second, it is Zachary’s opinion that using PrEP as a way of drastically reducing your risk of contracting HIV during “unprotected non-monogamous sex” is an “outrage.” And this is where people differ with his characterization.

I highly suggest reading this article in full. And this is the last time I ever self-censor on a topic this important.

The James Franco Review Entitlement?

Before I get into this I’d like to state I’m on the fence about it…even though it might not sound that way at times. And in a way, it goes well with the previous part of this post about celebrities and privilege. Someone in Seattle decided to start a new literary review called The James Franco Review. But it has nothing at all to do with James Franco or his written work. It’s all about his name, privilege, his being a man, and the fact that he allegedly has more doors open to him in the publishing industry because of his overall privilege.

I get that. I’ve been in publishing for over twenty years and I’ve seen people like “Snookie” get book deals and editors make next to nothing each year. The latest outrage was reading that Jonah Lehrer just landed a book deal after his plagiarizing debacle. In other words I get the point behind The James Franco Review, but I still can’t help wonder if it’s disingenuous to writers, to women, and to anyone who has ever worked as a career writer and done well without coming from a place of privilege, like Franco. And there are a lot of writers I know making a decent living thanks to good old fashioned hard work and they didn’t need to use James Franco’s name to get there. Last I heard, James Franco didn’t come from a place of privilege either. He worked hard to get where he is, too.

I know Rose McGowan doesn’t think gay men care about feminism, but I found this part about The James Franco Review hard to read…at the very least, questionable. I’m still trying not to form any opinions with this one. Instead of working actively to break the barriers of gender discrimination, they’re going to pretend they’re men? And they’re going to borrow Franco’s name to get published? I can’t even imagine a professor giving this advice to young women…or even admitting it in print. It’s not something I would have done.

“Years ago,” writes founding editor Corinne Manning, “my friend Erin and I joked that we should submit some fiction under a boy’s name. Aaron and Carl. A younger professor told us, solemnly, that wasn’t such a bad idea. Neither of us had the guts to do it. But when we started seeing James Franco’s name in magazines, and then saw his book of poetry from Graywolf, we joked again: Let’s submit some fiction under James Franco’s name and see what happens.”

On Facebook whoever runs The James Franco Review fanpage actually seems proud of this comment. 
The Stranger wrote a great article about the journal. Fiction editor Erin Sroka put it so well: “Instead of being some woman, willing yourself to stay focused for a few hours before or after your job each day…you can just skip ahead and be James Franco.”
“Some woman?” Is that the right approach to take when building a writing career? How do feminists feel about this? If it’s meant to be sarcasm I think it runs the risk of epic failure. But more important, should we be laughing about something this serious?So far, no one’s posted much about it at all and I’m curious to see other reactions. I love the fact that there’s a new literary review out there for all writers, but I think I would have liked to see it done with more sarcasm…or at least make it clear they’re going for sarcasm and trying to empower women at the same time. 

James Franco was clearly on top of this one. He posted this on Facebook earlier yesterday. But that could be sarcasm. You can never be sure with him.
Good luck to the james Franco review
Hope my name helps!

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Is Batman Gay? Gay Jesus; Nick Jonas on Bulges; 25 Awesome Moments American Horror Story

Is Batman Gay?

Do we really care? I’m not sure we’ll ever know for certain, however, this article discusses the topic, in short. I’m not into comics, so I’ll quote more than explain on this one.

Multiversity: The Just #1, by Grant Morrison and Ben Oliver, was released on October 22 and is set in a world where superheroes have become obsolete (sounds a bit boring). Rather than saving the world from evil villains, Batman and Superman and the likes are treated more like celebrities, and where there are celebrities there are bratty children of celebrities.

Find out the rest here, where there’s also a link to another piece on the topic about the overall “gay” interpretation of the batman series. That part is actually interesting.

Gay Jesus

I can only imagine the backlash this piece is going to receive, and I think it might be justified to a certain extent this time. I’m not very religious at all, however, I also don’t like to judge things like this because it’s art and it’s subjective. I owned an art gallery for many years in New Hope, PA, and the most consistent thing I learned is that art is something you have to feel passionate about. I don’t feel that way about this particular art, but others do.

They give an explanation that almost sounds plausible, but to me it looks like click-bait designed to give attention to people who otherwise normally wouldn’t get it. In any event…

“A queer Passion is crucial now even for non-believers because Christianity is being used to justify discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people,” Cherry, a minister and art historian, says in a press release. “The book speaks not only to the LGBT community, but to everyone who is passionate about building a more just world.”

The rest is here. I’m just not into it. But I do think this shows how different the gay community can be.

The comments are candid.

However, there’s a more aggressive article over here. This time they’re claiming Facebook discriminated against them and censored them because of sexual orientation. The comments with this link are even more interesting.

Nick Jonas on Bulges

Now this, I think, is almost funny because it’s so transparent. Gay baiting Nick Jonas who always seems to be the cute little straight guy pandering to gay men is at it again. (If you notice I rarely post anything about Nick Jonas for very concise reasons. I don’t like gay baiting.)  But can we really blame Jonas? This article is in a gay publication. They didn’t have to publish it.

Jonas, currently starring as a possibly gay man in the DirecTV series The Kingdom, also offered a quick tutorial on filming sex scenes. Fun was had by all.

In a video at this link, Jonas plays a game that deals with guessing male celebrity bulges.

And, once again, the comments are more interesting than the article. I would be remiss if I didn’t post this one because it makes me wonder if gay men are finally getting sick and tired of this kind of thing.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. And this Jonas kid REALLY needs to stop with the desperate pandering to gays. He’s trying way too hard. Sorry, he can take his shirt off and play little dumb cutesie games like this and I’m still not buying his lousing music.

25 Awesome Moments American Horror Story

Here’s a link to an article with 25 of the most fascinating moments on American Horror Story. I think it’s the whole series combined…with all seasons.

Obviously we use the word “awesome” with quite a bit of leeway when discussing a show whose stocks-in-trade include disembodied racists, serial killing teen ghosts, and self-administered asylum abortions – but these 25 WTF American Horror Story moments kept us coming back to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk‘s small-screen slaughterhouse season after season for more campy, blood-soaked thrills.

Here’s where you can see them all. 

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