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Juilan Fantechi

This is a pg rated blog, so this is going to be a pg rated post about a great guy I recently exchanged a few e-mails with, Julian Fantechi. He’s posed in Playgirl and other magazines, and he has a few TV and film credits as well. I honestly hadn’t heard of him until we started talking about this work, his photos, and his career in TV and film. Because of the kind of romance novels I write, usually dealing with TV, Film, or Fashion, I was intrigued by his first e-mail and replied to him with just a basic compliment. And now I’m a huge fan.

Meeting Julian is also coincidental in the sense that I’ve just finished my latest book, ALL ABOUT YVES, which is a romance based on the old movie, “All About Eve.” But my book revolves around the fashion industry and the modeling industry instead of the theater industry, as it did in the film. It’s coincidental because I didn’t plan on meeting any male models, especially not one like Julian who seems to be so much like the main character in my book it’s scary. I love when this happens, because it gives me the feeling that I’m on the right track with the theme of a book. It’s happened before with other novels, but it’s never been quite this obvious.

And, aside from all this coincidence, I have to say that I haven’t met a nicer guy in a long time. Julian is smart, funny, and extremely professional. I was so impressed I even sent of an e-mail to a publisher, suggesting it might be a nice idea to get Julian for a few book covers. And I never do this. I don’t like getting involved with book covers. I don’t know if Julian will actually ever be on one of my book covers. But either way, it was nice making a new friend who is such a decent guy.
If you’re interested in finding out more about Julian, take the time to check out his web pages. His sites are smart, friendly, and easy to use. Here’s his official web site:
And, for a limited time only, Julian is offering a special promotion right now. For 19.99 he will send you an autographed copy of his Playgirl centerfold, and he’s donating five dollars from each request to the Humane Society. (Told you he was a nice guy.)He told me you can feel free to contact him here: