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New Review "Feedback" Feature on Amazon I Love

I honestly don’t know how to describe this completely, and I only found out about it by accident while reading reviews for scented oils I buy on Amazon for my Lampe Berger last night.

It looks as if Amazon has added another feedback feature to their review system that allows customers to comment on reviews if they don’t agree with them.

In other words, I read this review for a one scented oil that I’ve already purchased. I didn’t agree with it, and I clicked “No,” that it wasn’t helpful. And when I clicked “No” a box popped up with comments that read:

Please tell us why this review is not helpful (optional)

  • Offensive content
  • Not about the product
  • Doesn’t seem genuine
  • Not enough information
  • Other

I tried to find out more about this new feedback feature with a simple search, and couldn’t come up with anything. If anyone knows more about it, or you can provide me with a link, feel free to comment or e-mail me in private. I’m curious about this as a consumer. I’ve purchased a lot on Amazon over the years. Most recently, besides oils for my lampe berger, I purchased fake potted shrubbery and it’s the most realistic fake shrubbery I’ve ever owned. I live on a large expanse of property, most of which is a combination of pachysandra and Ivy and Lawn. I have a lot to do around here to maintain things, plus a full work load, and I do it all alone right now. So anything like fake shrubbery that looks real is a blessing to me. I usually put them in urns. And when I read a negative comment about these fake shrubs I wanted to balance it out with my own comments about how wonderful they are so other consumers are not mislead by one bad review that may or may not be authentic…or may have been written by a lunatic.