Self-Pubbed Author Unusual Book Deal

I’ve been reading a lot about John Locke’s new book deal, mainly because I’m so interested in the concept of self-publishing these days. I’m not taking the plunge yet myself, mainly because I think working with e-publishers is a more realistic move for someone who writes what I write. In other words, I’m not expecting any big blockbuster books with m/m romance. I never did expect one. I’ve always been extremely realistic about what I do and the genre in which I write and I’ve always been happy to have enough projects that keep me busy and working all the time. For a career author, this is like finding a pot of gold. We all want that big book and we all want to win the lottery and we all want to find the fountain of youth. But we all eventually have to face the facts and be realistic.

But I’m always curious about new things in publishing, and this new book deal Locke landed is fascinating.

NEW YORK — Self-publishing author John Locke has a made an untraditional deal with a traditional publisher.

Simon & Schuster announced Monday that beginning early next year it will distribute physical editions of Locke’s Donovan Creed thrillers, which have sold more than 1 million copies as e-books.

Locke will continue to publish and edit his work, through his own John Locke Books, and the author will maintain full control over the digital versions. His novels include “Lethal People” and “The Love You Crave.”

In a statement issued by Simon & Schuster, Locke called the agreement an “exciting departure from the norm” of giving the same publisher rights to both e-books and traditional books.


Over the years, I’ve had so many short stories published in books by Alyson Publications I can’t even remember the exact titles. I’m also a fan of their books in general, as a reader. So I was excited to find out that they recently bought my book, AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN, as one of their 2010 releases. Below is an excerpt from Lori Perkins ravenousromance blog about the details. Congrats to EM Lynley on the sale of SEX LIES AND WEDDING BELLS to Alyson, too.

We are thrilled to announce that Alyson Publishing will publish two RR titles in 2010 as what we all hope will be their new foray into gay romance publishing. They will publish our best-selling titles AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN by Ryan Field and SEX, LIES AND WEDDING BELLS by EM Lynley. Don Weise, the publisher of Alyson, and someone who has been reading gay erotica for at least two decades, said our books were as good, if not better, than anything he’s ever read. And, that if this is the direction romance novels have gone in since he last read them, then he better start reading romance novels again!