What Gay Men Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

While perusing the web this evening I came across an interesting post at the Riverdaleavebooks.com blog. The post is titled, “A Really Important Book,” and it discusses something of huge significance to gay men.

Prostate cancer. I have known more than a few gay men who’ve been diagnosed and those who caught it in time are doing well now. But like all cancer, it needs to be addressed in the earlier stages instead of the later stages.

Riverdale has a new book out titled, “What Every Gay Man Needs to Know About Prostate Cancer.”

Not every book we publish is going to be sexy or hot or even exciting. This is one of those books that is just important.

I did not know that the rate of cancer development was twice s high for gay men, and I honestly hadn’t thought about what it wold be like to be a gay man with prostrate cancer until Don Weise, our Editor in Chief of Magnus, told me about this book. And then I knew we had to publish it.

Every gay man should know that this book exists at an affordable price. Hopefully, he’ll never have to reference it.
You can read more here at the new blog, where you’ll find links on how and where to purchase the book.

Found a Great Blog: "Frost Lord" by TD McFrost

Those who follow me know how I get when I find a new blog I like. It happened late last night while I was web surfing with my tablet. The minute I read one post, and then checked out the blog links, I knew I’d wind up linking to this guy just by checking out the smart tasteful blogs he reads. (You can tell a lot about a person by the blogs he/she reads 🙂

I also like to cover a lot of territory here on this blog. I shy away from things too political and try to keep my posts objective. One of the areas I like to cover is all things publishing related. His blog is, indeed, publishing related. And scoping out fresh, young talented authors like this guy is probably one of the most important publishing related topics I can think of.

T.D. McFrost’s blog, Frost Lord, is not only well written, it’s done with a nice sense of humor. The “voice” is excellent. You can get there from here and check it out yourselves to see what I mean. I’m linking on my sidebar right now. I don’t see that many blogs that make me want to read more all that often, and when I do I zoom in on them as fast as I can.

Here’s his profile, “Secret Identity,” taken verbatim from the blog, so you can see what I’m talking about regarding his sense of humor.

Hi, my name is Tyson Devon McFrost but you may call me Frost Lord. ^_^

I’m 22 years old, I live under the sink and I’m a superhero. Now I know some of you are wondering “Hey, what’s this superhero doing blogging when he should be saving the world?” Well, the thing is: I’m lazy. And it’s not my mom’s fault (’cause the lord knows she sure tried), it’s just that there’s so much “human” stuff to do.

I mean, my goodness, where do I begin?

I love surfing huge, gnarly waves; I love taking my bike up on mountain trails; I love archery (I’m quite good); I love fried chicken, gravy and mashed potatoes; I love girls with a sense of humor, glasses, intelligence and six toes; I love animals, especially dogs, lions, tigers snakes, kinkajous, ferrets and mice; I love my mom, my sisters and my abs; but above all else I lurveeeee VIDEO GAMES!

I’m a nerd, really–a supernerd!–and that’s just how I like it.

There are a lot of things about me that will surprise you. One of the more thrilling details is the fact that I knew Rihanna. Yes, I’m talking about the superstar singer with red hair. We were friends once, but I was foolish enough to mess that up when I pushed her into a river and caused her to bruise her elbows. She taddled, my mom whopped me and we never spoke again.

Ah yes, fond memories they were…