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SURFER BOYS…Carmel-by-the-Sea

I just read an e-mail from the well known mystery writer and lambda finalst, Neil Plakcy, about a new review for his anthology, SURFER BOYS. Neil is also Winner of the 2009 Left Coast Crime/Hawaii Five-O Award (best police procedural).

I also have a short story in this book that takes place in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

Carmel is one of my favorite places. It’s calm, quiet, and the most pet friendly town in the world (I have two dogs and love to take them everywhere.) And when I heard there was a new anthology being published about surfers, I decided to submit something about Carmel with a surfing theme.

And, this book, without a doubt, turned out to be one of my own all time favorites. When Neil Plakcy puts together an anthology, he doesn’t just collect stories and arrange them into a book. He takes his time and edits to perfection. We went back and forth more than once about changes and revises to my story, and each time I learned something new. He’s not more than a good editor and writer. He’s a great teacher, too. I follow him on twitter (he may or may not know this) and I even learn from him there while he’s tweeting about his own edits.

Thanks Neil…this review is well deserved. I know how hard you worked on this book.

Surfer Boys…Cleis Press Release

I just received my copy of the new Cleis Press release titled SURFER BOYS. I’m always happy to be in anything published by Cleis Press, because of their high standards in the gay community, and because they know what the LGBT community likes to read.

My short story is titled “It’s All About The Way You Think,” and the storyline follows the life of a young man who is terrified of two things: water and sex. So he spends a full summer away from home, in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, and works hard to conquer both fears.

The book was edited by Neil Plakcy, someone I follow as a reader and someone I admire as an editor. Each time I work with him I learn something new, and I’m sure that when I read the entire book I’ll learn even more.