10 Romantic Gay Wedding Proposals; Greg Louganis Goes Fully Nude; Who Is Kim Davis One Year Later

10 Romantic Gay Wedding Proposals

I’ve heard there are some gay men who don’t like these wedding proposals, and I’m not exactly sure why. Granted, I would personally tend to be more private. But that’s just me. And I find these public proposals other people are doing inspiring and uplifting for many reasons. One reason in particular is that we can now see gay men and women proposing to each other…and it’s real. It’s not just a metaphor. That’s huge. I think most people feel inspired by these things. And if someone doesn’t like that, they don’t have to read what I post. Plain and simple.

In any event, here’s one unusual proposal…

Well, here’s one we’ve never seen before. In Connecticut, Joyride Cycle instructor Adam Keller made sure his spin instructor boyfriend Jared Marinelli would never forget this particular class, setting up a joy-filled wedding proposal guaranteed to melt even the most hardened of gay hearts.

You can check the rest out here, with videos. I think they’re adorable.

Greg Louganis Goes Fully Nude

Speaking of inspiring, this is amazing because Greg Louganis is 56 years old. And he recently posed fully nude.

The Olympic diving dynamo just doffed his speedo for ESPN‘s annual “Body” issue, and we’re way down. 

“When I look around at my contemporaries,” he says, “I’d say I’m probably in better shape than most of them. It’s all about making healthy choices.”

This is why I don’t eat carbs and I run daily. It is really is a matter of choices, not excuses.

You can check this out here.

Who Is Kim Davis One Year Later?

I think this is interesting. It’s a look back at that shouty anti-gay marriage lady, Kim Davis, one year later.

The 50-year-old, thrice-divorced Rowan County clerk has fallen into obscurity after she she made a national spectacle of illegally refused marriage licenses to same-sex couples on religious grounds even after the Supreme Court ruled to make marriage equality the law of the land last June. 

So far legalized same sex marriage hasn’t changed all the much for the straight people in this country. It’s been a huge change for gay people, though, and I wonder if people like Kim Davis have evolved even slightly. Somehow, I’d doubt it.

You can check this out here.


The Arrangement 

Tea Bagging Facts; Dating Someone Disabled; Olly Murs Is Nude

Tea Bagging Facts

This is actually pretty informative, especially if you’re a tea drinker. It gets into the history of tea bags and how they were originally intended.

Thomas Sullivan, a New York tea merchant who may or may not have been homosexual, began sending samples of his loose leaf teas in silk sachets. Customers mistakenly thought the sachets were supposed to be used in the same way as metal tea infusers, by dropping the entire bag into a cup of boiling water.

You can read the rest here, and see a few amusing photos.

One person who commented didn’t think this was serious enough. And even that butthurt will make you smile a little. 

Dating Someone Disabled

At first this story bothered me a little, but after I read it I changed my mind. I kept wondering why should this even matter. I would never ask a question like the one below, but I guess there  are a lot of people who would ask it.

What’s it like to be with someone who is gay and disabled and an occasional hot mess?

As a gay man living with Cerebral Palsy, I get asked this question a lot–in one form or another. I could tell you all about it. But what’s the fun in that? Instead, in a moment or sheer genius (or sheer stupidity, depending on who you ask), I decided to ask my non-disabled former flames what it’s like to be with someone who is gay and disabled.
You can read the answers here. I especially liked the one about sex.
And for more insight, you’ll want to read the comments. 
Olly Murs Is Nude
This is about as light-hearted as it gets this week. Because who doesn’t want to see a cute young guy in his twenties celebrating in the nude, in a locker room?  And, It’s SFW. 

Look no further than performer Olly Murs for proof.

The “Troublemaker” singer recently took to Twitter to celebrate his soccer team, the Coggeshall Town Football Club, winning their division championship. Naked, of course.

You can read the rest here and check out his cute little hairy legs. 



 The Arrangement


Naked NY Actor; Johnny Weir On Russia; Amazon On Hachette; Hachette Sales Drop

Naked NY Actor

An actor working in West Side Story recently released a book, RM XIV, where he poses without his clothes to show his fans what life’s like while he’s on the road. His name is Mark MacKillop and he also performed in Broadway Cares, plus he’s donating a portion of this nude photo image book to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

“It’s interesting looking back at these pictures and seeing where I was and where I’ve come,” he said. Touring in a musical, he noted, “helped to break down a lot of walls I had built up, and really opened [me] up as a person.”

It’s very tastefully done, and I’m actually thinking of buying this myself. I love these well done coffee table books and I have seen one like this in a while.

You can read more here.

Johnny Weir On Russia

Here’s a link to several posts I wrote about Johnny Weir, the Russian Olympics, and the anti-gay sentiments in Russia. I had a hard time understanding why anyone would support the Russian Olympics strictly based on my own personal beliefs about equality and freedom. And I’m far from being an advocate, activist, or a political person. I just don’t think anything trumps equal rights…for anyone…not even sports.

Evidently, Johnny Weir didn’t agree then, and he’s back in motion once again with a new documentary that’s going to show the more tender moments at the Russian Olympics. Get this, the title will be, To Russia With Love. Ugh! I’m honestly not joking about that and I’ll post the link below.

This is what Weir allegedly claims to be his personal truth:

The openly gay Weir faced a barrage of criticism from some LGBT advocates who felt that he should boycott the Olympics in the wake of Russia’s controversial “gay propaganda” legislation.

Still, he told The New York Times’ Juliet Macur that the Olympics were “not the place to make a political statement.”

I’m not a politician and I don’t really talk about politics,” he said. Noting that he didn’t feel the need to “break any laws or wear a rainbow pin,” he added, “You don’t have to agree with the politics, but you have to respect the culture of a country you are visiting.”

No. Sorry. I don’t have to support anything that is harmful or detrimental to the LGBTI community. Not now, or ever. And I don’t have to respect any culture that promotes gay hate. Not for shits, giggles, or any amount of money I’m offered.

You can read more here. I don’t think I get EPIX with my cable package, so I won’t have to suffer the fresh hells of this documentary.

Amazon on Hachette

I’ve tried to come up with a simple example of what’s been happening between Amazon and big five publisher, Hachette. It’s a much more complicated issue on every level, however, this link sums things up in a more concise way than most things I’ve read.

First, the big statement Amazon recently made is about e-book prices. Instead of charging $14.99 and above, Amazon wants e-books priced at $9.99…or I would imagine lower. Amazon also wants 35% of revenues going to authors, 35% going to publishers, and 30% going to Amazon. Before anyone gets all upset about these numbers, I personally read through one author contract not too long ago with an e-publisher and the author, in that case, was only receiving 28% of the revenues. Yes, this is an e-publisher…a small one. That’s not uncommon, for authors to receive that percentage or less. In fact, this was a well known m/m romance publisher.

In any event, Amazon went right for the throat this time:

“Is 30 percent reasonable? Yes. In fact, the 30 percent share of total revenue is what Hachette forced us to take in 2010 when they illegally colluded with their competitors to raise e-book prices,” Amazon writes, referencing a recently settled anti-trust case against Apple for e-book price-fixing. “We had no problem with the 30 percent— we did have a big problem with the price increases.”

You can read more here. Amazon also makes an interesting comment about how they don’t want to control what the publisher shares with the author. They’re only making a suggestion.

I have no comment other than I know, personally, from my own experience in indie publishing, the cost to produce an e-book is virtually nothing compared to the cost of producing a print book. And as a reader, I have paid $14.99 and higher for e-books from the big five publishers that have left me seething enough to never make that mistake again.

For those of you who really want to get into the details about what’s been happening between Amazon and Hachette, here’s a link to a more complicated piece.

Hachette Sales Drop

According to this next link, Hachette sales have dropped by 1% since all this business with Amazon started. Frankly, I’m not sure this drop has anything to do with what’s been happening with Amazon because I’ve heard e-book sales have dropped in other places, too. In my case, it’s only hearsay. But the fact that e-book sales have leveled out all over the place most likely has something to do with this decline. It’s difficult to tell at this point.

In the UK, where Amazon has not deployed the same tactics against publishers, Hachette’s ebook sales continued to grow.

Speaking on a conference call with market analysts, Dominique D’Hinnin, chief financial officer at Lagardère, played down the impact of the Amazon dispute. “Is there an impact in the Amazon’s relationship? Maybe, but it is hard to tell.”

I think there are other factors that come into play, too. The tablet craze is over. Google glass is lagging and it may or may not become the next trend. More and more people are looking for larger smart phones and I think they’ll be reading more on their phones.

I also think people are still excited about e-books. They just don’t want to pay the same price for an e-book they’d pay for a print book.

You can read more here.

Chase of a Holy Ghost
by Ryan Field
The Ghost and Mr. Moore
by Ryan Field

FREE Gay Excerpt; 2013 My Book List; Naked Adore You Parody

Naked Adore You Parody

Author Jon Michaelsen sent me this link earlier this week and I wanted to share. It’s a sensual video parody of Miley Cyrus’s Adore You by model, Brian Hawn. Brian has several Ass-ets worth mentioning. I thought about posting something more solid to welcome in 2014, you know, like good old Joe Konrath did. But then I figured WTF? This naked parody really is a naughty guy with a strong story, my readers don’t really give a damn what my predictions for 2014 will be, and this really is about as good as it gets in life sometimes. So Happy New Year!!

2013: My Book List

Here’s a list of the books I wrote and had published in 2013. I’m putting notes with some to explain things I think are important, and providing links where I can. These little posts actually help keep me organized, because I honestly wouldn’t remember offhand what I did this past year without them. Here’s a link to my full published list.

Pledges  An anthology with Cleis Press edited by Shane Allison
With This Cowboy I Love so Freely A Collection of Western Short stories 50,000 words
Bad Boy Billionaire Books 8 book series:
The Vegas Shark Full length novel
The Wall Street Shark Full length novel
The Actor Learning to Love Full length novel
The Ivy League Rake Full length novel
Silicon Valley Sex Scandal Full length novel
Cowboy in Love Full length novel
Palm Beach Real Estate Scoundrel (not yet published)
Small Town Romance Writer (full length 110,000 word novel not yet published)
Glendora Hill 4 book Series:
Cowboy Christmas Miracle Full length novel
Sheriff and the Outlaw Full length novel (not published yet)
Bruno Gmunder Books German Publisher:
Daddy Knows Best short story in anthology
Straight No More short story in anthology
Cherry Soda Cowboy novella
Fangsters full length novel Riverdaleavebooks.com
Internal Desires novella
Second Chance Series:
Second Chance: Book 1 novella
Second Chance The Littlest Christmas Tree novella
Second Chance Book Three (not yet published)
The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance 50,000 word Anthology edited and published by Ryan Field

I think this is a complete list. It’s been a busy year and I may have missed something, and if I did I’ll update. I’ve also included a few that were published in 2012 to keep each series together in case someone asks me for a link to one particular series. It happens and it’s nice to just give readers one quick link.

FREE Gay Excerpt

This free excerpt is from my newest, yet-to-be-released novella in the Second Chance series. It’s so new I don’t have a title yet. But I will soon. I wanted to post this excerpt to show how this series follows a pattern. Each novella is completely different, with storyline and character development. However, the basic formula is the same, where each character in each story winds up in the same place at one point, and this point is where the main character is offered his second chance to go back and change the events of his life…if he so chooses to do this. I set it up almost like a television series, so readers know there are certain things to expect. At the same time, each novella will have more than a few surprises and a chance for each main character to get his own happy ending…again, if he so chooses.

The one recurring character in each novella is Rory, and he’s part of the excerpt below. He’s the guide each main character meets at the Department of Second Chances. Keep in mind this is still the raw version and there might be a few revises made in the final e-book.


“Not exactly,” Rory said. He grabbed Lance by the waist and lifted him up so he could sit on the table. Then he jumped up and sat beside him. “I haven’t mentioned the real reason you’re here. What just happened was only you getting a chance to live out your fantasy. It’s like a bonus. But it’s not all that important.”

            Lance laughed. “That’s easy for you to say. I just got pumped by more men than I can even count and I need to use a bathroom.” All those men had left him a mess and he wanted to clean up.

            “You don’t need a bathroom,” Rory said. “There won’t be enough time.”

            “What’s next?” He felt a thump in his chest. “I don’t think I can take on any more guys today.”

            Rory turned and sent him a stern look. “The main reason you’re here has nothing to do with sex. You’re here because you’ve been selected to go back to your life and get a second chance.”

            “You’re joking.”

            “I wouldn’t joke about that,” Rory said. “It’s not complicated, so pay attention. You’re going to get a chance, if you want the chance, to return to the most pivotal time in your life. It’s the time when you made a choice, and that choice affected the outcome of your entire life. In most cases, people return to their youths. But your case is a little different because the most pivotal point in your life happened when you were forty-two. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

            Lance didn’t have to think twice. “Of course I know.” He’d led an uneventful life until he was forty-two, and he hadn’t been prepared for what had happened.

            “You don’t have to go,” Rory said.

            “What happens if I don’t go back?”

            Rory shrugged. “I can’t disclose that. I’m sorry. I stick to the rules.”

            “Let me get this straight,” Lance said, “I get a chance to go back and redo my life. I can do things differently if I want to.”

            “Not exactly,” Rory said. “It’s not that simple. If you choose to go back for a second chance there’s no guarantee you won’t make the same choice twice. That’s really up to you. You won’t be aware you’re getting this second chance.”

            “That’s not fair,” Rory said. “Now that I know all the things I know about life I should be able to draw from my experiences.”

            “Nothing in life is fair,” Rory said. “And you’re no exception to the rule. Everyone gets their chances and everyone is treated equally. But sometimes we like to offer second chances where there were unusual circumstances.”

            “I’m not sure I want to do that,” Lance said. “If I do everything the same all over again I’m only repeating myself.”

            “Most people get some kind of sign the second time, so you might not repeat yourself,” Rory said. “It’s not anything obvious, and sometimes people ignore their intuition. But most of the time it works out well. The only risk you run is doing the same thing twice. And if that’s an issue you are by no means forced to take your second chance.”

            “Can I think it over for a day or two?” Lance asked. He knew if he took the second chance he would be returning to the time when he’d first met Sergio. His first partner, Davis, had been away on business so often and he’d been so lonely. He’d always wondered what things would have been like if he hadn’t left Davis for Sergio. Now Rory was offering him a chance to find out.

            “No, there’s no time,” Rory said. “You have to decide now.”

            He thought for a moment. He remembered the passion he’d first experienced when he’d met Sergio. Then he remembered the pain all over Davis’s face when he’d told Davis he was leaving to be with Sergio. He’d never seen a grown man with such a horrified expression since then. And yet, through all the pain, he’d loved Sergio with all his heart.

            “We don’t have much time,” Rory said. “You have to decide.”

            Lance squared his back and said, “What do I have to do?”

            “Close your eyes,” Rory said. “You’ll never remember a thing that happened here.”

            Lance closed his eyes and said, “Wish me luck. I have a feeling I’m going to need it. I’m not even sure what I would choose right now, and I’m aware of everything. I loved both of those men very much, and my life wasn’t easy with either of them.”