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When The Gay Presses Go After Alex Trebek; The Studly, Naked Brittany Spears Fan, Racial Tensions In Philly Gay Neighborhood

When The Gay Presses Go After Alex Trebek

I saw this story in several gay presses and didn’t pay much attention to it. I don’t watch game shows on TV. But when I finally did read it, I have to admit that I’m not sure why they’re going after Alex Trebek. If you watch the video he’s clearly joking around. He even says he’s teasing. So it’s hard to put a spin in this one.

Alex Trebek is not here to play — that’s a job for contestants on Jeapordy, the show beloved by all grandparents that he has has helmed for an impressive 32 years, though sadly sans mustache for the last 15.

One contestant recently went face-to-face with Trebek’s cutthroat realness, and man, we wouldn’t want to cross this guy in a dark alleyway.

You can check this out for yourselves, here. Maybe I’m just missing something important…something that’s PC that hasn’t been explained to me yet.

It is interesting to watch the gay presses go after certain people. They went after Judge Judy this week, too. I guess, in their quest to remain objective and impartial and fight discrimination, everything is fair game, as they say. 

The Studly, Naked, Brittany Spears Fan

I hate to sound like a prude. And I do love a balance between clickbait and serious news. But this is what the gay presses do best lately. Instead of portraying us all, in all of our wonderful diversity, with stories that could actually be interesting, they give us this…

You probably remember that buff guy who was seen dancing around to Britney Spears’ “Do You Want To Come Over?” while doing his ironing.

In fact, you’ve probably been wondering what the hell he’s been up to since he danced into all our hearts in mid-September and flatly refused to leave.

In case you’ve been wondering what studly is up to, you can check it out here. 

I think I would be more forgiving if they didn’t make these stories sound so stupid. It’s embarrassing because the rest of the world thinks we’re all like this.

And we’re not. 

Racial Tensions In Philly Gay Neighborhood

On a far more serious note, not too long ago I posted about the owner of a gay nightclub in Philly who was caught using some pretty serious racial slurs. Even though it happened a while ago, and even though he apologized for what he said, the video has sparked racial tensions in this gay neighborhood that don’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Black gays and lesbians in the city say they are carded at clubs in the area known as the Gayborhood while they watch white patrons stroll in. At bars, they say, they wait longer for drinks and are subjected to dress codes that ban athletic gear, Timberland boots and hooded sweatshirts, rules they say are meant to exclude them.

You can check the rest of this out here.  

Frankly, I think there is a problem and it’s about time these racial issues are addressed. I’ve seen the discrimination within the gay community myself and I’m sick and tired of it.

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