Another Cleis Press Book Up For a Gaybie Award: COLLEGE BOYS

Yesterday I posted about the SKATER BOYS anthology that’s up for a Gaybie award. And while I was getting links together, I also noticed another Cleis Press book I’m in is up for an award as well.

This book is titled, COLLEGE BOYS, and it was put together and edited by Shane Allison. Once again, I’m thrilled to be part of this. There are a lot of great authors in this book, including Neil Plakcy, who edited SKATER BOYS. Here’s the link where you can see who else has been nominated. I’m honestly not very familiar with this site. But it looks interesting and there’s a long list of categories, filled with lgbt entertainment.
(Update to this post: My short story in this book is titled, “Off Campus, Man.” But I forgot I recently released this short story as a stand alone e-book with another publisher, after several changes and resvises, under the title, “Dirty Little Virgin.” It can be purchased alone, as an e-book, for $2.25 at most large online web sites where e-books are sold…here’s the link to… one of my own personal favorite e-book stores because it’s so easy to use)