Yes, My Books Are Also Sold in Print

I’ve been receiving a lot of e-mails and personal messages from people on social networks asking if any of my books are sold in print. Some even tell me they’d love to read my books and they are sorry they can’t read them in print.

The answer is yes, they are sold in print. Not all, though. The short stories with are only e-books. You can’t get them in print. But all my books with are also sold as print books. This Amazon link will direct you to print editions. I probably should have mentioned this on the blog a while ago. But I tend to take for granted that most of the people who read my books read them as e-books. And I often forget there are still many people out there reading print books and probably will be reading print books all the time.

I love my kobo e-reader. I take it everywhere I go and I’m usually reading three or four books at the same time. But I also still read print books. And I’ll never stop reading print books. So I fully understand the need to embrace print books even more so in these changing times.