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Romantic Times: No More Mr. Romance; WTF?

It was announced that the 18 year old tradition of the Mr. Romance contest has been eliminated. I’m really not part of the RT crowd and I don’t want to be. But WTF?

“Over the past few years our attendees have been bringing spouses and have become more interested in spending more time with the authors.”

So I guess that bringing a spouse to a convention, someone with whom you live day in and day out, hear snore every night of your life, and pick up after, is way more fun than watching hot guys compete in a Mr. Romance competition? So much for all that fun. And WTF does bringing a spouse have to do with the Mr. Romance contest? No further comment.

But more than that, is this l950? Gay people don’t have “spouses.” Dah! We have significant others, we have partners, we have life partners, but not spouses. We aren’t allowed to have spouses, by law. I honestly can’t believe they couldn’t even get this right in a public announcement. Talk about show, not tell. Couldn’t they at least f*^king placate us like everyone else does? There have to be some gay authors attending this thing, with a significant other.

What surprises me is that a lot of people in publishing believe book covers are the primary reason why some books sell. And the models on those covers are important. I don’t always believe this. But I know people who do. And frankly, I have, on occasion, bought a few books just because of the model on the cover. Call me superficial; at least I’m honest about it.

But don’t fret none yet Mr. Romance fans!!

There will still be cover models at the convention for those who want to meet them, have pictures taken with them, or dance with them. Cover models, both male and female, have always been extended a special industry rate to encourage them to attend. That has not changed.

Interesting. I wonder if I’ll be allowed to dance with any of the male models if I decide to go next year. Not that I’m much of a dancer. But I’d be curious to see whether or not I’d turn a few heads. Or whether or not any of the male models would actually dance with me. I’ve done a little modeling myself in the past, so I’m not exactly an amateur in this department. I think it would be an interesting test, to see just how open and honest events like this are when it comes to openly gay men dancing with other men. And I wonder how those spouses would feel. And I’m not talking about a campy, funny dance with another guy. You know, ha ha ha, buddy, dude. I’m talking about dancing seriously. This, trust me, is another post for the future.

They are covering their asses, though. They make it clear this is an experiment and they aren’t certain how attendees are going to react. I’m curious, too. This is one example of why I’ve never attended anything like this before, and most likely won’t in the future…unless I can figure out a way to spike things up on my own. You know, something that would make the old sweetie over at one romance blog in particular who thinks she owns romance shudder and cross her legs.

I do feel bad for the models. I’ve met a few and I think they always looked forward to the event. And even though it was mentioned “they” think they are closing the Mr. Romance contest on a high note, I have a feeling a lot of attendees are going to think they are just closing, period. It might even be the end of an era in a larger sense, because when the boring, boring, boring of them all take over, the masses disappear and the genre starts to suffer.

At least offer something as a replacement for those who don’t shudder and cross their legs all the time. And I’m not talking about a goddamn tea party.