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Fred Karger, Latter Day Saints, Stop Hate

Fred Karger has been in Utah recently, and the ads he’s running seem to be targeting the Latter Day Saints more so than his oponent, Mitt Romney (who happens to be a Mormon). Karger made a video to which I’ll link below. But here are a few things I thought were interesting.

Karger has been waging his crusade against the church’s electioneering since he helped co-found Californians Against Hate in 2008 to battle efforts to repeal California’s amendment allowing same-sex marriage. Keeping an eye on campaign money coming from out of state, Karger first drew attention to large donations coming from the LDS Church and helped a Wall Street Journal reporter break the story of the church’s involvement in the election.

Who could forget that year? I know I can’t. We all took one step forward and two back. And though I’ve posted about Karger running for office many times here on this blog I didn’t know he was this passionate about this topic.

In April 2011, Karger largely self-funded a campaign for the presidency that he acknowledged from the beginning was more about sending a message than winning—or even coming close to winning.

The message Karger sent was twofold: that a gay, Republican candidate could start a dialogue about how the party views gay members, and that the LDS Church and, by proxy, LDS presidential candidate Romney, should be held accountable for campaigning against same-sex marriage.

And that’s what I was waiting to see somewhere in this article. For those who have not been following this, you can read more here. It’s a long article and I believe worth the time.