The Gay Twink 4 Trump’s In the White House Now; More Than Half Of Young People Don’t Identify As Straight; Colton Haynes’ New Boyfriend; When Ricky Martin Peed On Stage

The Gay Twink 4 Trump’s In the White House Now

Never thought I’d see THIS happen.

The gay man behind the ‘Twinks 4 Trump’ campaign was given White House press accreditation this week.

As more mainstream respected publications like CNN and New York Times are being referred to as ‘fake news’, an unlikely source is now in the press pool following President Donald Trump.

I don’t know much about this Twink 4 Trump dude, however, I do know a few things about this “respected” publication they call CNN. I was a Hillary Clinton supporter in 2008, and I watched that “respected” publication called CNN tear Hillary Clinton down while they supported Obama. And that’s no reflection on President Obama. He did a good job for 8 years. But it is a reflection on the kind of news CNN reports. I watched the spins and I watched the fake news attacks on Hillary Clinton. I stopped watching CNN news because of that back in 2008, and I never went back, and I didn’t forget about it.

You can read the rest here

More Than Half Of Young People Don’t Identify As Straight

If this is accurate…and I’m not sure it is…it’s interesting.

More than half of young people don’t identify as straight, according to a new survey.

Anti-bullying nonprofit Ditch The Label has found more young people are just foregoing all sexuality labels and dating who they like.

Polling over 1,000 people between the ages of 13 and 26 in the US and UK, it found 57% said they felt like they did not fit into the traditional definition of heterosexuality.

You can read more here. Ditch the Label is an online anti-bullying site that I would imagine most people in the mainstream have never heard of, which is why I doubt the accuracy of the poll.   You can check it out here.

These days I rarely trust any polls.

Colton Haynes’ New Boyfriend

This was nice to see…

Colton Haynes and new boyfriend Jeff Leatham aren’t quite ready for their close-up.

But the couple did go public about their relationship via Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

Haynes posted a rooftop photo of the pair – with their backs to the camera – at sunset standing inside rose petals arranged into a giant heart.

You can read about this one, here.

When Ricky Martin Peed On Stage

Don’t look at me. I’m only linking the story.

The five-time Grammy winner was asked this week by talk show host Kelly Ripa about the craziest thing to ever happen to him onstage while in concert.

The singer said he’s forgotten his songs and once even fell off the stage. Then there was also the time he had an accident of a different kind had a little accident.

‘I did pee-pee once on the stage,’ Martin said on Live With Kelly.

Here you go. There are no photos of him peeing. 

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