Category: m/m erotic fiction


I just received the ARC for my new stand alone, MISSING JACKSON’S HOLE. For those of you who prefer m/m romances, this might not be the book for you. But if you prefer an erotic story about the old west, with a cast of young, sexy cowboys, you might enjoy this.

I can’t thank Dawne Dominque enough for coming up with this wonderful cover. And I can’t thank Dalia at loveyoudivine enough for doing such a wonderful job on the edits. The release date is set for September 3rd, and the sell copy is below.

Poor young Jackson isn’t thrilled about his new job, working the night shift in the town’s telegraph office. He’s not only terrified of being alone, but panic stricken about being alone in the dark. He misses his old job, where he took care of a ranch full of big strong cowboys, including setting up their baths each week and catering to all their needs. He only took the new job at the telegraph office because the money was good. But when he starts to dread going to work at night, he decides to write a letter of resignation and beg for his old job back.

Then a few of the cowboys who’ve been missing Jackson just as much as he’s been missing them stop by to see how he’s doing. They miss their baths; they miss the way he used to dry them off with gentle strokes. And Jackson is more than willing to take good care of them in the back room of his new office, where he discovers he’s not as lonely as he thought he was and his new job isn’t all that bad after all.