Category: “Mister Sister” Gay Bar In Vermont Causes Firestorm; Openly Gay Tommy Page Commits Suicide; Hollywood Throws Milo Yiannopoulos Shade

"Mister Sister" Gay Bar In Vermont Causes Firestorm; Openly Gay Tommy Page Commits Suicide; Hollywood Throws Milo Yiannopoulos Shade

“Mister Sister” Gay Bar In Vermont Causes Firestorm

It’s no secret that I’m very fond of Vermont. If I could get Tony to agree, I’d live there full time. That’s how much I love it. So I wasn’t too thrilled when I read this…

You’d expect the news of a new LGBTI venue opening in Vermont to be greeted with excitement by the local community. However, it has instead prompted deep division.
The reason? Its name.
Mister Sister is due to be open shortly in Winooski, Burlington. It’s a rebranding of the business currently at the venue: Oak45 wine bar. It will be the first dedicated LGBTI bar in the area in just over a decade.
However, its name has been called out by some as transphobic.

You can read the rest here, The article goes into more details about just exactly who is creating all the trouble, and the way the owner of the bar is defending the name. Without going into a huge rant about how sick and tired I am with the PC crowd, let’s just say that I agree with most of the people who have commented so far.

Openly Gay Tommy Page Commits Suicide

This is a sad one…

Tommy Page commits suicide, age 46.
The gay former US chart topper was found dead on Friday (3 March), reports Billboard.
Billboard Entertainment Group President John Amato said: ‘We are all mourning the loss of our friend and colleague Tommy Page.
‘He was a magnetic soul and a true entertainer.

You can read the rest here. He left behind a husband and 3 kids.

Hollywood Throws Milo Yiannopoulos Shade

We haven’t heard much about Milo Y until this popped up.

From Hedwig and the Angry Inch to Milo Yiannopoulos?
Well, not exactly – but close.
John Cameron Mitchell has been cast as a Yiannopoulos-inspired character on an The Good Fight.
He will appear in an episode of the CBS All-Access drama that begins streaming on 19 March, according to TV Line.

Here’s the rest. I don’t watch old time network TV shows anymore so I can’t comment. I’m more Netflix and Ryan Murphy. I got tired of sitcoms with plots that had a bunch of clever, witty poor people living in New York, wearing designer clothes, renting the most expensive apartments…but they don’t have jobs. Or, the jobs they do have don’t make sense to the way they are living.

I’m no huge fan of Milo, however, it’s interesting that Hollywood is going after a different kind of gay man. Whether or not you agree with Milo isn’t the point. You don’t have to like him. The point is that he’s not the typical Hollywood stereotype of what a gay man is supposed to be…and they clearly don’t like that.

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