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Freedom to Marry: Military Spouse Appreciation Day

I’m a day or two late to the forum with this, but I wanted to post something I received from Freedom to Marry about Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I think it’s important to share anything like this nowadays, with the impending decision SCOTUS will make this June on same sex marriage.

From my inbox:

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Ryan.

On this day, we thank all the husbands and wives around the world for the sacrifices they’ve made, for their undying support that allows their spouse to serve our country so bravely.

While we celebrate, we should also remember that not all military spouses are treated equally. The so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) prohibits the federal government from respecting the marriages of same-sex couples and prevents the military from treating those families equally. Major Shannon McLaughlin, her wife Casey and their twins Grace and Grant, are just one military family that has been harmed by DOMA.

Watch Shannon and Casey’s story to see how DOMA is harming their family:

As the wife of a service member, Casey should be treated the same way other military spouses are treated. As Shannon puts it:

“A military spouse is someone who holds the family together, holds together that military family and allows the military member to go out to be able to do their mission or training that is necessary.”

What Casey and Shannon want for their family is simple: to be recognized and treated as equal to every other military family. They want their children to know that their marriage and their family is no different than any other military family.

To end this federal discrimination against military families, we need your help.

Show your support of all military spouses — including Casey — this Military Spouse Appreciation Day by watching their story and sharing it with family and friends:

Thank you,

Michael Crawford
Director of Online Programs, Freedom to Marry